waxing at home Today there are a lot of differentEffective methods that allow you to remove unwanted hair from the body and face. What is the best? It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously. One of the most popular and popular methods is wax epilation. This service is provided almost all modern beauty salons. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford a permanent visit to the beauty salon. Is hair removal possible at home? Undoubtedly, and we are happy to tell you how to do it yourself, how to use wax correctly, and how to better care for the skin after depilation and what waxes to use. To ensure that after the removal of hair your skin remains smooth and silky for a long time, try to adhere to the simple rules with which we will introduce you. But before we move on to this topic, a little bit of history ...

How did depilation in ancient times: a recipe from the past

Let's make a very short digression into the story. It turns out that the problem of undesirable vegetation worried the beautiful half of humanity even in time immemorial. And although the technologies of that time were losing greatly to the modern ones, there were no special problems in order to prepare a mixture for hair removal, the beauties of those days were not there. The representatives of each people had their own recipe. In ancient Greece, for example, used a tincture of the root of Breonia, which made the skin perfectly smooth. Each tincture had a recipe for tincture. His drug prescription was in eastern women. There hair removal was a mandatory procedure. And they cooked for this mixture of sugar, lemon juice and other additives, with which it was easy to remove hair. But the recipe used by the Egyptians, including the beautiful queen Cleopatra, you probably will be surprised. They were wax strips, and the technology of their application was very similar to a film wax, which will be discussed below. And not only about him, but also about other types of waxes, which we all use today. wax epilation at home

The main advantages of wax depilation

  • Wax depilation is the most affordable and relatively inexpensive method of hair removal.
  • This procedure is easy to do at home;
  • Depilation at home does not require significant time, but gives the most lasting effect.
  • This type of depilation is suitable for every type of hair.
  • With regular wax depilation, the hair becomes much softer and thinner, their growth slows down and the amount decreases.
  • Depilation with wax, if carried out correctly, does not cause irritation.

Of course, such depilation has certain drawbacks, which can not be noted.

The main disadvantages of wax depilation

  • Soreness. People with heightened sensitivity experience discomfort, inflammation may appear.
  • In the process of depilation, all hairs, even cannula, are removed from the skin surface. In some cases, they can become more stringent.
  • For a quality hair removal, a certain length of 4-5 millimeters is required, at least, shorter hair is extremely problematic to remove.

As you can see, everything is simple enough. Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of wax depilation, you can try to conduct this procedure at home - we will detail the entire process of hair removal. But first I want to make a reservation. Every business needs skill, and depilation is no exception. From the first time to achieve an ideal result is unlikely to succeed. But with experience it will go much better, and you will easily cope with unnecessary vegetation. And we on our part will show you how to do it.

Varieties of wax for depilation

The modern market offers to womenThe fair sex of a huge number of types of wax, which is recommended to use when depilating. Unfortunately, not all means can be used at home. For example, you can use hot wax only in beauty salons, because it needs to be heated properly, and without special equipment and without observing certain safety rules, this is impossible. Such a wax is produced in briquettes and granules and is best for removing hair in areas with delicate sensitive skin. A few words about the terminology. Hot wax is called not because it is used in this form, but because it melts only at high temperature. By the way, during waxing the wax should be warm enough, but no more, otherwise you can get a serious burn. So, with hot wax sorted out: it is not suitable for home depilation. The most convenient means for hair removal is wax, which is sold in cassettes. To use it, you need a special thermostat, which heats the wax to a certain temperature (it must be liquid so that it can be applied evenly with a thin layer). With the proper use of warm wax, you can achieve a really good result. The procedure for removal is as simple as possible. First you need to cook everything you need. This is, first of all, disinfecting and degreasing agents, napkins, spatulas and, of course, wax. The skin needs to be treated (to wash off fat and disinfect) and only then to start depilation. Thin layer of wax is applied to the growth of hair, we press to this place a special tissue or paper napkin and a sharp movement tear against the growth of hair. In no case should you pull the napkin up - get bruises and bruises. Movement is strictly parallel to the surface being treated. For household use, also strips of paper on which cold wax is applied. Wiping the strips in the palms, you need to warm up the wax, then separate them from each other, paste on the desired area of ​​the skin. After this, the strip must be torn off the skin with a sharp movement. This is the least effective form of depilation and it is better to reduce its use to a minimum. But these strips can be quite useful, for example, on vacation. Of course, before such an important event, you will make a full depilation in all important places, and for the safety you can use stripes: an irregular hair has grown and you immediately deleted it. Recently, the so-called film wax is gaining popularity. It is not inferior in performance to hot wax, but the melting point is much lower, therefore it is safer. The application is simple: apply the film wax very thinly with a wooden spatula, allow it to freeze, and then break the frozen wax strip with a sharp movement. A film wax is ideal for an intimate area, underarms, in short, for a delicate skin. And one more advantage: film wax is very economical. how to do waxing

Epilation wax at home bikini zone

Hair removal in the bikini area is one of the mostpainful and difficult to conduct procedures. The skin on this site does not differ in elasticity, it is easily stretched and, if the procedure is mildly performed, it is easily injured. What can I advise? By and large, depilation bikini still preferable to do in the cabin. Firstly, the hot wax is the best for this. Secondly, a professionally trained person will do depilation. Thirdly, it's very inconvenient to do it yourself. Nevertheless, if for you the salon is excluded for some reason, at first try to make depilation with the help of an assistant: invite a girlfriend, sister, mother ... Now about the technique of the process. Wax should be applied to a small area with a thin layer. Do not pull up, the movement should be very fast and very sharp. Be careful that there are no air voids between the body and the fabric or paper strip applied to the wax. Well, the optimal option for self depilation of the bikini zone is a film wax, which we described above. It is very convenient for them to use, since film wax is both a depilator and a napkin. Of course, practice is required. But the result is worth it - after properly depilated wax effect lasts for three to four weeks. In case you have very sensitive skin, prepare an analgesic for external use just in case. You can also take an analgesic pill 30-40 minutes before the procedure begins. Contraindications: Despite the fact that wax depilation is considered today one of the safest ways to remove unwanted hair from the skin surface, for it there are still some contraindications.

  • Diabetes. In this disease, even the slightest lesions on the skin do not heal very long, as a result, the risk of septic complications increases.
  • Formations on the surface of the skin: warts and papillomas, moles.
  • A pronounced varicose veins.
  • Individual intolerance of the components of the agent used for epilation, in particular, the wax itself.

In order to prevent possible troubles, before the first procedure, conduct a test for sensitivity and tolerability.

How to properly care for the skin after wax depilation

After depilation on the treated skin areasbe sure to apply a special serum that slows hair growth. With this tool, you can significantly increase the gap between hair removal procedures. And in order to maximize the effect of using this tool, apply the serum to the skin surface every day for a week after each shower. If after waxing on your skin was left wax, it can be washed off, using a special oil. This oil has a unique composition, which removes inflammation, and the skin receives the necessary care.

And some more useful information ...

Few know that the procedure waxDepilation not only helps to remove excess hair, it also removes dead skin cells. Thus, along with waxing hair removal at home, you do also peeling. As they say, two in one. By the way, this is a very useful procedure. After such a kind of peeling, the skin becomes surprisingly smooth. The procedure for waxing is incredibly effective. Spending a little time to understand all of its basics is just necessary if you want to have a truly beautiful and smooth skin. We advise you to read: