how to whiten your teeth yourself A smile is a powerful weapon in communicating with others. You can smile at someone who is pleasant to you, or just pretend that you are happy with someone, if you are indifferent to the interlocutor. And in that, and in another case you will find it pleasant in communication. But what if the smile is not flawless? If the yellow plaque on the teeth spoils the whole picture, and does not save even the notorious politeness? Then you have a direct road to the dentist for the procedure of teeth whitening. And while you are setting up morally for this visit, we will teach you how to whiten your teeth yourself and not spoil the enamel.

Why do my teeth get dark?

Perhaps, to the list of endless "why" isAdd a question about the reasons for the yellowing of the enamel. And 90% of the population knows perfectly well why their teeth darken, but continues to pretend that they do not understand why their enamel is far from perfect. So, the enemies of a white-tooth smile are:

  • Coffee The most beloved and tested by mankindthe way to wake up early in the morning helps not only to restore vivacity, but also makes the tooth enamel darker. And the more coffee you drink, the higher the risk that you will smile without opening your lips. How to deal with this - to drink less espresso or after each coffee break to brush your teeth - it's up to you. Just do not forget that caffeine is harmful not only to the teeth, but also to the heart.
  • Black tea Everyone understands that in tea is not at allless, and sometimes even more caffeine than in strong morning coffee. Nevertheless, people continue to drink it and complain about yellowness of teeth. This, at least, strange, because it is enough only to reduce the strength of the drink or the number of tea-parties per day, so that the problem of a "colored" smile was not so acute.
  • Cigarettes Another common enemy of teeth,lungs and human health in general. Look at the fingers of an inveterate smoker, they are yellow, like tooth enamel. And now imagine, in what condition are the light lover snuggled with a cigarette?
  • Red wine Why it? Yes, because our valiant producers like to add to wine not only alcohol, but also a lot of dyes, which give the drink a beautiful ruby ​​color. And all would be nothing, but as a result, the dye settles on your enamel.
  • Genes If many members of your family are "famous"yellow teeth, then you, most likely, will also have problems with the color of the enamel. No, we do not encourage you to put up with the situation. Just be prepared to whiten your teeth (albeit at home), you will be more likely than to adjust your hairstyle in the hairdresser.
  • how to whiten teeth by yourself

    Prevention as a way to whiten your teeth

    Why set yourself up for a trip to the dentist,pay money, undergo a complicated bleaching procedure, or learn to lighten the enamel at home, if simple preventive measures can help to avoid problems? Of course, Russian people like to think with their backs, but we are wiser with you, right? So let's learn to adhere to simple rules so that our smile is white without additional effort?

  • Brush your teeth twice a day. And you need a brushchoose not according to the brand of the manufacturer and not at a price, but based on the recommendation of your dentist (yes, go to him at all the same have to). The same goes for toothpaste (we'll talk more about it later).
  • If you have problems with tooth enamel, you shouldLimit yourself in the use of coffee and strong tea Of course, to drink an espresso in the morning is sacred, but we do not recommend turning into a cofemane.
  • By the way, this is not all drinks thatfall into the banned list You will have to give up the red wine (which we mentioned earlier), carbonated drinks and ... ice in glasses. Of course, the ice faces look through the glass very nicely, but too cold a liquid makes the enamel sensitive and, as a result, susceptible to the influence of any coloring elements.
  • Quit smoking Now our motto is manylike inscriptions on cigarette packs, but believe me, both the Ministry of Health and, in particular, we wish you only good. Why poison yourself with cigarettes, if apart from yellow teeth, lung problems and nicotine addiction, they do not carry anything with them?
  • Do not forget the way to the dentist The beauty of a smile is not only a white enamel, but also healthy teeth. So sort out your fear and sign up, finally, to see a dentist.
  • how to whiten your teeth

    Methods of teeth whitening at home

    How carefully you would not protect your own teethfrom yellowing, from time to time the enamel will "please" you with its unhealthy color. What to do in such cases? First of all, be patient. Further we advise you to rummage in the home medicine cabinet. What to look for? Now tell.

  • Activated charcoal He, as it turned out, helpsnot only with poisoning, but also in case of yellowing of teeth. To do this, crush a couple of tablets and apply the powder to your teeth. For the result to be better, rub the activated carbon properly in the yellow enamel. Rinse with warm water. If your teeth did not immediately begin to spark like sea waves in the sun, do not get discouraged. Dentists say that the effect will be noticeable within a month and a half after the beginning of the use of activated charcoal as a bleach. By the way, the procedure can be repeated no more often than once a week, otherwise damage the enamel, and its color will no longer matter.
  • Baking Soda This is the product for sure there isin every kitchen. And it is suitable not only for baking, but also for teeth. Apply a thin layer of soda to the toothbrush and gently clean the enamel. Try not to hurt the gum, otherwise you risk injuring the delicate skin. Do not repeat the procedure more than once a week, and if the tart taste of soda does not suit you, mix it with toothpaste.
  • Hydrogen peroxide Perhaps, this is the most effective,but at the same time the most dangerous way to whiten your teeth. Effective because hydrogen peroxide instantly returns the enamel whiteness. And the danger of this method of bleaching lies in the fact that careless handling of peroxide can lead to damage to the enamel or inflammation of the gums. In order for your smile to shine, and there was no harm to the teeth, apply peroxide to a cotton swab or a cotton swab. Gently treat the enamel without touching the gums. Then you can rinse the peroxide and put the bottle back for exactly a week. It is this periodicity that dentists offer when using this method of teeth whitening.
  • Lemon Rub your teeth with a slice of lemon, and enamelwill begin to lighten. Of course, this will not happen immediately, and whiteness will not be perfect, but as an emergency method of saving a smile, this method will do fine.
  • Whitening toothpaste. Everything is clear. Habitual since childhood, the paste will not only scrape off the accumulated for a day plaque, but also whiten your teeth. But before buying a whitening agent in a pharmacy, we advise you to consult a dentist or, at the very least, not to save on buying. In cheap pastes, manufacturers put a lot of fluoride, which destroys the tooth enamel. So be careful.
  • By the way, strawberries can also return shine and whiteness to teeth. True, you need a lot to eat it, but you can get pleasure in this simply colossal, right?
  • Finally, I want to warn all readers: Do not pursue the ideal whiteness. Not everyone has white enamel, so do not ask your teeth for the impossible. Well, if everyone firmly decided to smite others around with a smile, and all of the above methods did not help, ask for help from a dentist. Moreover, the professional procedure of teeth whitening is not only the most effective, but also quite painless. We advise you to read: