hand epilation Delicate, graceful, affectionate, soft, nervous ... whatOnly epithets do not apply to women's hands! But no one will ever admire to talk about handles - "hairy". This is, perhaps, the very last thing that I would like to hear a woman. Nevertheless, the hair on the hands grow - so the person is arranged. True, they grow in all different ways. Some lucky ones, in general, almost none, others - a weak, barely noticeable light fluff, the third one carries much less - the vegetation is quite thick and very noticeable. For a long time, women have been looking for ways to get rid of unnecessary hairiness. Even in antiquity, waxing was very popular. At present beauties appeared much more variants. Modern cosmetology allows each woman to choose the method that best suits her. However, before deciding on this procedure, you need to find out if you have any contraindications. The main ones are:

  • diabetes;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • pregnancy or lactation period;
  • acute stage of herpes;
  • presence of sunburn, wounds or other damage to the skin;
  • individual intolerance of the components used for the procedure.

This is not a complete list. To prevent possible negative consequences for your health, you should consult your doctor.

"Home" methods of hair removal

Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to removeunnecessary vegetation is shaving. However, for the hands, it absolutely does not fit. Already the next day after the procedure, the hair will begin to germinate. And they will become even stiffer, darker and thicker. And your hands will become prickly to the touch. This is what most of all would like to do! Therefore, shaving should immediately be rejected with indignation. Another popular method is creams-depilatories. They are very simple and easy to use. And they do not hurt at all. True, there are minuses. First, if you have sensitive skin, then the use of such creams may cause irritation. Secondly, the effect, unfortunately, is quite short-lived. Two or three days - and have to repeat the procedure. The next method is hair removal on the hands with the help of a household electro-epilator. The head of the device rotates at a high speed and hair removal occurs mechanically. This is also quite convenient - the operation can be done independently, at home. And the effect is much more stable - two or three weeks. However, this procedure is rather painful. After it often there is irritation, and many complain of a strong itch. In order to soothe the skin, it is recommended to use special lotions. Bleaching. Strictly speaking, this method will not allow you to get rid of unwanted hair. But, if the vegetation on the hands is quite rare and thin, you can disguise it. To do this, you can use a solution of hydrogen peroxide. It will absorb the natural dark pigment of the hair and, as a consequence, will make them invisible. hand waxing


The next very popular method is hand waxing. There are two types of this method:

  • use of special wax strips;
  • epilation with hot wax.

Wax strips are applied to the skin of the hands andare removed by a sharp movement, which is performed against the growth of hair. Epilation with hot wax looks somewhat different. Wax is heated and applied a thin layer on the desired area. Hot composition softens the skin and ensures the penetration of the substance to the hair follicles. After full hardening, strips of heavy paper are laid on the surface, and then they are removed with a sharp movement. Unwanted vegetation on the hands is removed along with the wax. The effect of this procedure is maintained for two to four weeks. The result will depend on your individual characteristics. Epilation with wax - the procedure is rather painful. In addition, in its process, the upper layer of the cutaneous epidermis is damaged. Therefore, after hair removal with wax it is recommended to apply a special gel to the skin, which promotes the regeneration of new cells.

Laser and electrolysis

This is another fairly effective andtime-tested method. Unwanted vegetation is removed under the influence of a current pulse, which penetrates into the hair follicle and forms a small spike. It prevents the supply of nutrients and, as a consequence, hair that has remained without food, dies. The result of epilation persists for two to three weeks. However, the procedure is rather painful and can cause skin irritation. In order to minimize side effects, it is recommended to use special formulations that soothe damaged skin and, in addition, do not allow hair to grow into it. This is a relatively new, but already popular way to get rid of hated vegetation. The procedure is carried out using a special laser installation. Under the influence of radiation, hair changes color and structure, becoming thin and less noticeable. The hair bulb heats up and collapses. And, with time - after several procedures - you can get rid of the hair on your hands completely. hair removal on hands

Rules of behavior after epilation

Regardless of which method you choose, certain rules and precautions should be followed after it has been carried out.

  • For at least two weeks,protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays. It is not recommended to sunbathe, and before going out to the street during the hot season you need to use special sunburn creams.
  • During the first day after the procedure, you should not visit saunas or baths.
  • Hair growing in between the sessions of laser or electro-epilation, can be removed only with depilation cream.

As you can see, hair removal at the present timeceased to be a problem. There would be a desire - and there will be no trace of vegetation. Just select the appropriate method - and everything will be in order. Let your hands always be gentle, affectionate and feminine. We advise you to read: