English style in the interior Traditional English style in the interior isa combination of "fragrances" of different historical epochs, called in our time classics. This style is ideal for creating a cozy, elegant and not subject to the changing trends of the fashion of the interior of the house, in which the family with an average level of prosperity will live. For grandiose and pompous country villas and large-area residences, it absolutely does not fit, because for them it is rather modest and calm. The key features of the style are:

  • Solid solid carpets in residential interiors and rich with spectacular patterns - in the living rooms.
  • Wood-burning stoves with wooden carved decor or chimneys made of limestone or marble, and mirrors above them in gilded frames.
  • Maximum natural light in combination with chandeliers, wall sconces, matt lamps and floor lamps.
  • Use in decor and decoration of various interior details of gilding, yellow copper and crystal.
  • Wooden furniture of dark tones - from stained oak or mahogany with curved legs.
  • Application in the design of windows of large draperies with coils and cords with brushes, lambrequins and insert pads for those who like to sit on the windowsill.
  • A large number of colored fabrics with an intricate pattern and rich texture - velvet, chenille, damask, and leather.
  • Use in the finish of the floor of a parquet of wood or patterns on the tile in the kitchens and lobbies.

Is this style right for you?

This style is uniquely suited to you, if youflaming passion for antique shops and love old furniture, and also prefer the warmth of a rich dark wood in the interior. If you are the owner of the construction of the past era and miss the atmosphere and charm of the classics, then the English style is simply created for you and your house. However, if you currently live in a modern apartment, prefer air and light, you can not tolerate variegated fabrics, busting colors, and you consider the socles and friezes to be inadmissible atavism of the past, then you can not in any case choose this style to decorate your habitat . interiors in English style

Color palette of style

The color gamut of the English style isfrom warm, deep and rich shades, capable to fill an interior of the house with a cosiness and comfort. For a room with a small amount of daylight, the color of dark red wine, mustard or deep green is good. For light interiors with a claim to consistency and an ideal order, pale colors - ivory, cream and gold, will suit. In the time of the kings of Georges (1714-1837), the walls were painted only in one color - it could be either white or darker shades. On such a smooth background, the wooden carving in the decoration of the curbs, skirting boards, doors was especially noticeable and clear. The choice of color often depended on the side of the world on which the windows of the room came out. Warm golden or pale pink shades were used in northern rooms, azure and saturated green - in the southern. In the era of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), warm terracotta hues dominated. Most often, three walls were used in accordance with the division of it into three parts: the first level was considered from the floor to the border of the conventional basement, the second was the wall segment from the side to the edge of the frieze, and the third was the section from the edge of the frieze to the ceiling. interior of a country house in the English style

"Little things" in the English style

Interior of a country house in English style inFirst of all, it consists of the decoration of the walls. Heavy wallpaper with embossing, paints of bold colors and wood paneling will come in handy. However, it should always be borne in mind that the walls should be in harmony with the rest of the interior, but not be the main dominant in it. Interiors in the English style are inconceivable without textured floors with a wide variety of patterns and geometric patterns. Particularly appropriate in the interior of this style will be solid and sound carpets, such as rich Persian with a dark border and lighter ornaments in the center. Suitable is also a dense floral ornament in the decor of the carpets, but the shades in this case it is better to choose creamy-cream. Black-and-white tiles in checkerboard pattern is an invariable attribute of the English style and will be especially relevant in kitchens, bathrooms and halls. Another excellent variant of the floor in the spirit of the Victorian era can be floors made of colored terracotta or slate tiles. One of the most important components in the formation of the English style is the drawing. You can arrange the various fabrics of different patterns and tones, for example, the fabric in a strip of another shade will be an excellent companion to the damascus with a plant ornament of two tones. Damascus, due to the three-dimensional effect, generally exceptionally expressive material, created by the contrast of matte and shiny sections of drapery. For curtains, it is better to choose velvet and chenille. For a stylized traditional English interior, the main textile option can be a two-color fabric with wide stripes interspersed with narrow stripes with a color contrasting with the main one. Fabrics with a large packing in the style of Paisley ("cucumbers") of rich brick, golden, blue and green tones will give the interior of the house some oriental shade, and with the help of colorful calico in tones of sage, cream and gold, you can decorate a pale interior.