Why is it necessary to participate in the New Year?in contests, dress up in costumes and wait for Santa Claus with Snow Maiden, when you can watch your favorite New Year's cartoons on a cozy sofa. The snow sparkles brighter, the fur-tree branches are fluffy, and the holiday itself is a hundred times more fun and magical with cartoons. And even if in the New Year you get bored with a string of congratulations, cartoons will bring you back to the holiday, and a good mood will not leave after the Christmas holidays.

Collection of domestic New Year's cartoons

So many cartoons good and different, touchingplasticine - "Last year's snow fell", "New Year's song of Santa Claus", "New Year's adventure" and the present films - "The Night Before Christmas", "Snow Maiden". Cartoon "Santa Claus and Summer" children and adults are ready to watch several times during the holidays, and the "Varegka" cartoon is loved for a light New Year's sadness. "Mitten" - a cartoon about a knitted dog went to television screens in 1967 and immediately won the hearts of not only Soviet children, but also earned the "For the high quality of animation" award at the French and Spanish film festivals. Everyone remembers the words from the song "They say that they do not want anything under the New Year, which will always happen ...", but few people remember what cartoon it is from, which means it's time to reconsider "When the Christmas trees turn on". "Winter in Prostokvashino", "Santa Claus and the Gray Wolf", "Snowman-Postman", "Twelve Months", "The Nutcracker" and "Umka", the latter, of course, is not quite about the New Year, but there is more than enough snow. So many cartoons, good and different, that there is enough time to revise them anew. Russian New Year's cartoons The night before Christmas Children's film on motivesworks of N.V. Gogol, filmed in 1951, will be equally interesting for both children and adults. And the game of Alexei Gribov and Mikhail Yashin, make this film one of the best in the collection of Soviet cinema. To give his beloved Oksana beautiful cherevichki, the smith Vakula reached the empress herself, and to St. Petersburg he brought the devil. The Snow Maiden, 1952. The Snow Maiden is the child of Santa Claus and a cheerful spring, but the girl's heart is cold and he does not know human feelings. The meeting with Lehl changes everything: the love of the young man helps the girl to know the warmth and kindness of the world around her and to melt the ice in her heart. When the Christmas trees are lit in 1954. A cheerful Soviet cartoon about the unlucky Santa Claus, who lost gifts for Lucy and her brother Vanya. But the kids are waiting for gifts, and they are sure that Santa Claus will not let them down. Twelve months in 1956. A film-tale about the capricious Princess, who decided to make herself happy in the Christmas cold to make herself snowdrops. She announces a high award for a basket of flowers, and therefore one poor girl will have to go to the forest in search of primroses, since the wicked stepmother really wants to get gold in exchange for snowdrops. Wandering in the forest, the girl meets her brothers for months, who not only gave her flowers, but also taught the princess and the evil stepmother. The snowman-mailman of 1955. Snowman and his friend Bobik puppy on New Year's Eve go to Santa Claus for the Christmas tree. On the forest path they are waiting for funny adventures and difficult obstacles. The cartoon ends with Snowman and Bobik delivering the Christmas tree to the children's matinee. The Snow Queen 1957. A very colorful cartoon based on fairy tales by G.Kh. Andersen. Gerda goes in search of his named brother Kai, who was kidnapped by the cold Snow Queen. And only the girl's sincere love, and her warmth of heart, can dispel the evil charms and melt the frozen heart of Kai. New Year Journey 1959. The boy, with the help of the magic of Santa Claus, decides to give his dad a polar Christmas tree for the New Year. And bringing a Christmas tree from Moscow to Antarctica is not a simple idea. The magic ends, but the boy does not have time to fulfill his desire. How does the pope in Antarctica have a real Christmas tree? Examine the cartoon to the end and learn everything. Domestic New Year's cartoons Umka 1969 year. Bear Umka (which means a male polar bear) walking on ice floes, meets a boy. But people leave from these places, Umka remains alone and sad about his new friend. Umka decides to find him. Of course, the big mother-bear does not even guess about his amusing adventures in the settlement of the polar explorers. And in conclusion Umka is on board the helicopter, as she very much wants to find her little friend. In 2007 Umka is already a grandfather appears in the cartoon "Elka". Look at both cartoons - you will not regret it. Once upon a time there was a dog in 1982. Cartoon based on the stories of N.V. Gogol. Colorful heroes of this Ukrainian village. The directors did not miss a single detail and preserved the peculiar humor of Nikolai Vasilyevich. The musical accompaniment was chosen just perfect, and the multipliers did their best. The dog served faithfully and honestly to its masters, but did not go to court when he grew old. In despair the dog went into the woods, where he was going to hang himself on the first suitable tree. In the forest, he meets the same wolf-wolf, and as a result they decide on a desperate act. The wolf must kidnap the master's child, and the faithful dog show heroism and save the baby. Now the dog is provided with full old age. But the debt is red by the payment, and at the height of wedding fun the wolf comes to the village to refresh himself. An ingenious cartoon that you can watch many times and without losing interest. Last year's snow fell last year. The spouse sent her hapless husband into the woods behind the tree; what came of it - look in the film. The Nutcracker 1994 year. Classics of the Christmas genre; the story of good and evil, of the fact that miracles happen in the ordinary world, that sometimes sincerity goes hand in hand with cunning. The cartoon is based on the fairy tale of Hoffmann and the Tchaikovsky ballet, as a result of which the Nutcracker and the Mouse King became a unique fairy tale with many new characters. A good cartoon and the fact that all the actions take place in St. Petersburg early last century, and therefore almost all of the architecture is easily recognized. The Adventures of Munchausen. A sharp shot of 1973. A cheerful story about the next adventure of the glorious baron, who this time went to the North Pole, to get a polar bear for the royal zoo. Father Frost and summer 2003. Cartoon for the little ones. A very funny story about how children introduce Santa Claus to the summer, showing flowers, butterflies and green grass. Winter in Prostokvashino 1984 year. The third series of the cartoon about the adventures of Uncle Fyodor and his four-legged friends. As always the subtle humor of Matrokin's cat, the carelessness of Sharik and the uncouth judgment of Uncle Fyodor himself. Overseas New Year's cartoons

Overseas New Year's cartoons

In the 30s of last century, Walt Disney froma long journey through Europe brought a huge number of colorful children's books, and this is the material he later used to create his own wonderful cartoons. But in the USSR, Disney cartoons were seen only after the fall of the Iron Curtain; they were in stark contrast to our cartoons, and that's why they fell in love with everyone at once. And until now, many believe that it is the Disney full-length animated films, not animated series, that are true masterpieces and a true cultural heritage. Of course, phrases from these cartoons on the quotes are not stolen, but they are bright, colorful and musical. European cartoons, for the most part, are based on biblical themes, for example, the cartoon "The Very First Christmas Chant". The beauty and the Beast. Enchanted Christmas 1997 year. A beautiful fairy tale that true love works wonders. Belle Bell sincerely fell in love with the Beast and, behold, all the objects in the castle once again took on a human form: the cup Chip became a nice boy, to whom my mother promised to tell what happened last year on Christmas Eve. The Reindeer Rudolph 1998. A new vision of a fairy tale shot in 1964. The atmosphere of Christmas magic is perfectly emphasized by the music of Elom Kash and Michael Lloyd, and the main composition "Magic Christmas" is performed by Paul and Linda McCartney. This tale of a deer Rudolph, who goes to the North Pole to save his girlfriend. She was abducted by the wicked and cold Snow Queen of Stormella; on the way the brave Rudolph meets many obstacles. But he not only coped with Stromella, but also helped Santa Claus save Christmas. Magic Christmas Mickey 2001 year. All Disney cartoon characters together with Mickey decided together to celebrate Christmas, remembering their roles in cartoons and sipping hot chocolate. The Christmas atmosphere changes even the disparaging character of Donald's grumpy - he becomes a real douche. In this cartoon, all the characters who once acted together with Mickey gathered. It would seem that the holiday was a success, but not everything is so simple ... Mickey saves Santo in 2006. Razvozya gifts, Santa and deer stuck at the very top of one of the mountains, Donald and Mickey rush to his rescue, but even the tools that they took with them, are powerless. Yes, it was a difficult task for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck this Christmas - that Christmas and New Year will be saved, they will need our help. New Year's cartoons for children Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of 1937. A very old story based on the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm about Snow White and her stepmother. The stepmother-queen was incredibly beautiful, but once her magic mirror answered that the stepdaughter Snow-white was much more beautiful than the queen. The wicked queen decides to destroy the girl and sends her to the forest. However, Snow White did not die in the forest, but on the contrary, she made new friends-she met seven gnomes. Grumbler, Veselchak, Professor, Modest, Tikhon, Silent and Sonya - that's the name of the dwarves who sheltered the beautiful Snow White. Winter fairy tale 2004 year. It's time to think about gifts, because Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner. "Winter's Tale" is a gift from Walt Disney. All cartoons and music videos that are included in this collection are quite rare and somehow united by a Christmas theme. Looking to the end, kids and parents will learn how to actually spend Christmas Bell and Mickey and plunge into the incredible adventures of deer Bambi, penguin Pablo and other favorite and famous characters of Disney cartoons. After such a winter fairytale, Christmas and New Year will sparkle with bright magic lights. Polar Express 2004 year. Cartoon is a film adaptation of the children's fairy tale "Polar Express" about the magic train that drives the little guests to Santa Claus. Even those who do not believe in Christmas can get on this express to make sure of the existence of a fairy tale. Bernard 2004 year. The polar bear Bernard by nature is very active, curious and stubborn, so any business he turns into a dangerous adventure. The troubles, in which he constantly sticks, do not make his craving for travel less, and the lucky star helps get out of any trouble. Elka 2006 year. On New Year's Eve, Elka's white bear discovers the Magic Friendship Tunnel. He connects the North and South Pole, stepping into it, Elka finds a friend - penguin Tasha. Tasha says that soon there will be no snow in Antarctica, as evil people, having made slaves of penguins, steal it, and as soon as they deprive snow of Antarctica, they will also take over the Arctic. Elka and Tasha decide to save the snow, ice and both poles. They have new friends - the Seagull, which is constantly sad and falls into depression, and the computer genius is Marty's seal, which can enter the World Wide Web from any ice floe. Elke, Taschet and their new friends will first have to find out why people need so much snow, where they take it out and why a terrible and evil robot looks like Mickey Mouse. And they will meet a boy and a girl who, like the characters of the Snow Queen, is called Kai and Gerda, but they are absolutely unlike the heroes of the old fairy tale. We advise you to read: