acupressure The oldest Chinese massage technique has long since becomehabitual for us - point effects on the body are well known, and the effect of such a massage, no one refutes. Acupuncture massage is done on the whole body, but the most popular, which is offered in beauty salons, is a facial massage. When conducting a point massage on the face, it affects all organs and systems of the body. And not only does blood circulation and lymph drainage improve, but nutrients also supply nutrients, toxins and toxins are quickly released, the nervous system calms down, and all thoughts and feelings are balanced. Not only the rejuvenating effect is provided by such a massage, but also very therapeutic - the spasms are removed, headaches are passed, the metabolism and the hormonal background are normalized. In order to properly perform massage, you need to know certain rules and the technique itself - then you can do this massage yourself.

Technique of the procedure

  • First of all, it is necessary to warm up the skin of the face - we rub it with usual movements and heat it;
  • Gradually moving to points, the master uses only three fingers - large, index and medium;
  • On points there is only a pressing influence - any rubbing, rubbing and tweaking are contraindicated;
  • You can use special massage oils (basic) or a hot pebble. But for this it is necessary to pass special courses.

acupressure for the face

Active points of the face

Carefully study and find on yourself all the active points on your face:

  • The "third eye" is a point on the bridge of the nose,the place where the fusion of eyebrows occurs. Massage of this point perfectly removes irritability and fatigue, helps to get rid of stomach pains and normalize the work of the intestines;
  • "Sun" - this point is located on the temples. Only not in the middle, but a little higher. Influence on the point relieves headache, fatigue in the eyes, improves well-being during cold and flu, the immune system is activated;
  • "Pits" - located exactly in the middle of the temples. Massaging them must be done simultaneously, and you can do twisting movements (as in a spiral - first one way, then another). This acupressure removes the headache even with the most severe migraine, helps to get rid of fatigue and even relieves pain attacks with genyantritis;
  • "Clear light" is the point of the innercorner of the eye, just a little back away from it - there will be a small bump. Pressing on this tubercle, you can get rid of fatigue in the eyes, remove the stuffy nose in the cold, get rid of lachrymation with allergies. Even the clarity of the eyes is back!

The main points affectedmasters of acupressure, are indicated above, and only on them it is possible to exert pressure independently. The fact is that if the massage of active points is inadequate, a negative effect is possible - it will be even worse. correct acupressure

How to make acupressure correctly

Remember some points that can be very important when performing acupuncture facial massage:

  • One point can not be affected for more than three minutes. And this is the permissible maximum for several approaches;
  • Just you can not put pressure on the point - you have to do soft rotational movements, just do not rub and do not rub the area of ​​points, but just stretch your fingers, then relax;
  • The first few seconds in general should be very weak - just start the process of activation points;
  • Nine rotational movements are made: clockwise and counter-clockwise. And, precisely by nine - Chinese medicine is accurate and does not tolerate numerical violations;
  • With a massage, you can feel pain, but you need to adjust the pressure so that you feel pain on the verge of pleasure - only you can do it;

Acupressure has some contraindications:

  • Problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • Violation of the vestibular apparatus;
  • Blood pressure jumps;
  • Predisposition to fainting;
  • At pregnancy and in a lactemia it is necessary to consult in advance with the doctor - whether it is possible to spend such procedure to you;
  • In the presence of inflammatory processes, tumors or pustular skin lesions.

Please note that such a massage should be performed intranquil environment - the treatment does not tolerate fuss, so that specially allocate for the procedure a time in which no one and nothing will disturb you. And after massaging all the points, you have to go through the auricles - remember a little earlobes, pinch them. The impact on the ears will give you cheerfulness and even cheer up. Essential oils can be used for facial acupressure - so will the aromatherapy session. After the massage, wash your face with warm water and apply a moisturizing cream - the effect of the massage on the skin will be strengthened. The best option is to go to the massage parlor and see how the experienced and educated master conducts the procedure, learn how to do this massage at home on your own and remember all the techniques. Only after that, you can confidently take on your face and health. In general, acupressure is a universal remedy for wrinkles, from the pale color of the cheeks, from the common cold and headaches, from metabolic disorders and even from dental pain! Your face is your everything: appearance, good mood and smile. So try to take time to care for it and for a massage - the result will definitely make you happy! We advise you to read: