• "Your report for the forthcoming negotiations shouldlie on the table at the head the day after tomorrow. Suddenly they announce that the negotiations have been postponed until tomorrow, so everything should be ready by the morning. "Alas, it is necessary to always be prepared for such turns: unexpected workloads occur in every office. It is always better to finish an important document ahead of schedule, about a day before it is required. The main principle is foresight. But, of course, knowing this saying will not solve your problem now, when the report is not completed, and the nurse should be released at 8 pm. What to do? Adapt to the situation. Documents to work with are not labeled "top secret"? Do you work not in a closed enterprise? Then the paper in the bag - and run to the baby! On the way, without wasting time, we call, wherever possible, we are looking for an assistant, ready to feed the baby with dinner and to bathe. It seems that the 15-year-old daughter of her neighbors was looking for ways to earn extra money. Of course, if there are no necessary programs in the computer at home (by the way, why?), Then the situation worsens. A lesson for the future: you and your home computer must be prepared to ensure that you can work at home no less effectively than in the office. In general, if you can not finish the report at home, the plan of action is as follows. Early in the morning we come to the office and, including the maximum speed, we finish everything. But for this it is important to agree with all the "team members": with the husband, that he threw the child in the morning to the grandmother or to the kindergarten, or with the nanny - so that she too came early.
  • "The final meeting on the transaction of the century can not be done in any waymiss, but then they call from the kindergarten: the child has a temperature of 39 C! "We all lose our senses when something is wrong with the child, and we are not around. We urgently need to be there: rush, save - maternal instinct is included. And this reaction is normal, it is inherent in nature. And if there was a sleepless night before, the alarm is aggravated by a general depression - and we are not in a position to adequately assess the situation. What to do? Stop blaming yourself. The kid got sick not because you, heartless mother, go to work, instead of patronizing him round the clock. All children get sick - and at home, with caring mothers, too. The child has a temperature, but in the garden he or at home, it is not so important. By the way, there are professional nurses in the garden, so in a sense the child is even better there. And certainly he will be safe before your arrival. (And if you are not sure about this, then change the kindergarten!). The final meeting will not last forever, in the evening you will definitely be at home. Try to beg for tomorrow, to take care of the sick child and cheer him up. If you can not, in breaks (and they are in any, the most important meetings), grab for a notebook and look for someone who can at least a day to sit with the child: mother, sister, girlfriend.
  • "My colleague fell ill, now all her work will fall downon you. The key client of the firm is very angry and is waiting for the report in 48 hours. "It is not surprising that after the chief expressed his discontent with her negotiations with the key client, the colleague decided to get sick ... Of course, she preferred not to risk working place. After all, there is always someone to insure it - even if you have agreed with the authorities about an incomplete working week and tomorrow you have a day off ... What should I do? Be positive. Yes, you will not spend the day with a child, but, putting your hand on your heart, will it really be a terrible experience? He is only 1 year old and a little bit more, and he does not distinguish the days of the week, so tomorrow tomorrow will be again for him. With a nanny it will be more difficult: she knows the days of the week very well and will not give her a day off just like that! Persuade: promise a reward (reasonable), reciprocal thanks, a week in the Caribbean ... No, the Caribbean islands, this is perhaps superfluous. And here are three tickets for her and her grandchildren for a fifth or a tenth (how many are there in total?) "Pirates of the Caribbean" as a reward will not prevent. Especially if the boss then will thank you for saving the firm a small premium. And maybe, and will raise: then your (and nannies) income can increase ... In general, beg her to save your life (professional). Is the nurse unbending and flatly refusing to rush to help? We get a "magic" notebook, full of phones of nice, intelligent women, ready to earn some money! And yet - the unexpected decision: maybe your husband will call to work and affect the sick? ..
  • "An on-site seminar for your department: 3 days plus flight to Cyprus. All is well, but how to leave the child? "We run to the plane, trying not to think about what the child will do here and how then to shove him into the usual frames. Or we stay at home and "skip the course." As well as the annual award ... What should I do? To choose. But think: you deserve this seminar, more precisely, almost rest with office girl-friends and a full-fledged sleep. You just need to prepare everything for your departure to be as painless as possible for the child - and for the one who stays with him (do not forget to bring a gift to this brave man!). Solemnly we transfer to the husband a "magic" notebook. On the eve of preparing everything that the kid may need: clothes, food, diapers, doctors' phones. And do not worry: even if there is a "program failure" in your absence, this is a great chance for the husband to feel how much you have to shred!
  • "Recently, the work has ceased to please: colleagues are unkind, the boss is too demanding. Go there as a penal servitude ... ". These sensations can be born simply from fatigue. If you work a lot, and the "second front" opens up at home, parental and economic, there is something to sink into depression. What to do? Do not dramatize. It is clear that it's easier said than done: a person is not a machine to switch moods at will. Consolate yourself with the thought that we go to work not to be loved there, but to make money and feel useful and meaningful. Sometimes, of course, not as significant as we would like, but in the future we will probably be able to change it. But for decisive changes, we need forces that are not yet available. Prescribe yourself a recipe: affectionate games with the baby, instead of a supper "picnic" in front of the TV with her husband, a good film.
  • "The enterprise is on the verge of bankruptcy, and soon youyou will find yourself without work. One thought about unpaid loans is horrible. "Of course, a family man in charge of a house, children, a nanny, a dog, and so on, find themselves out of work more frightening than lonely. But a little in the world of those with whom this never happened: a collapsed company, an unexpected dismissal, a delay in wages. So it remains to repeat to myself: "We will survive this unpleasantness!". What to do? View and update your resume without expecting that you will immediately be offered a seat with the same responsibilities, and also better paid. Regardless of the search for work, it is necessary to adjust the family budget, adjust the expenditure items to a new situation: what expenditures can be cut, and which ones can be cut down altogether? To see if a loan can be restructured: the repayment period will be increased, but monthly payments will decrease. We regard the temporary simple as an unexpected vacation: how many cases we have accumulated! In the end, this is the time to analyze your skills and understand what kind of work you would like to have.
  • "At 11 pm the nurse calls and reports that she was ill. And not for one day. "People get sick - it happens. Have to stay at home - what can you do? Everything sounds logical, but not for your boss. What to do? Agree. Explain to the chief that the presence in the office is not all. The main thing is our effectiveness and results of work. Especially when the nurse recovered, we will start working with double energy and catch up! Next time the authorities will react more calmly to the fresh idea of ​​"working at home."
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