dry hair what to do Dry hair is a real trouble for them.the owner. They break, split, fray and look untidy and lifeless. The dream of a shiny, lively and silky mane seems unattainable. The laying of very dry strands is complicated by their disobedience and confusion. However, with proper care, any girl, even with a clarified "washcloth" on her head, can return softness and silky softness to her hair.

Why do hair get dry?

Most often, the hair lacks moisturecause of improper care. Regular staining with paints, which contain ammonia and ammonia-like compounds, weaken hair and overdry it. Do not believe the tricks of advertisers who promise you "innovative hair dye without ammonia." In such a dye, ammonium hydroxide is used as a color fixer, which is not inferior to ammonia by its harmfulness. Shampoo designed for oily hair and daily washing will dry even the hair that once suffered from increased activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. No matter how quickly your hair gets dirty, it's better to take a dry shampoo than wash your hair every day. Chlorinated water also does not benefit your locks, it makes hair stiff and thin. Love for styling products based on alcohol, forceps, stylers and ironing affects the condition of the locks not in the best way. High temperatures overdry the core of the hair, increase its porosity and contribute to the appearance of split ends. Often, the hair becomes dry after a trip to a seaside resort. This happens for the same reason as during drying with a hair dryer - the sun "evaporates" all the life-giving moisture from them. Cold is no less dangerous - if you like to flaunt without a hat even in very severe frost, be prepared for the fact that your hair will become dry and brittle. Low temperature narrows the blood vessels supplying follicles with blood - the locks lack elementary nutrients. Dry hair can go to you "by inheritance." If your mom or grandmother suffered from tightness and sensitivity of the scalp, it's no wonder that you will also be very worried because of the dryness. In this case, you will have to constantly maintain the condition of the hair at the proper level, regardless of the frequency of staining, water hardness and other risk factors. Improper nutrition weakens the hair, causing increased fragility. If you like spicy and fatty foods, most likely, in the near future you will become the owner of dandruff. And dandruff is a dangerous fungal disease, threatening you not only with dryness, but with hair loss. very dry hair what to do

Proper washing of weak and overdried hair

Wash your hair with warm water,pre-combing them. Hot water provokes an increase in the activity of the sebaceous glands, due to which the list of your problems will add more and oily scalp. Combing wet strands is impossible, so it is recommended to do this in advance. In a damp hair, all the scales are "raised", it will not be difficult for you to damage the follicles and the skeleton of each. When buying shampoo, pay attention to moisturizers. Its composition should include such components as, for example: aloe juice, glycerin, Shea butter and jojoba, chamomile extract, silk or milk proteins, etc. They saturate the hair with moisture and smooth the damaged scales. Shelves with new-fashioned shampoos-peelings are bypassed: they are intended for deep cleansing of oily scalp. After drenching the locks with water, spread a small amount of shampoo over the hair and skin with massaging movements. Washing your head to quickly achieve the desired result can be combined with a light massage. "Drive" detergent into the skin, pat on it with the pads of fingers, gently pull the hair at the roots and rub them. After 10 minutes, wash the shampoo with plenty of liquid. To moisturize very dry hair, it is not necessary to buy shampoo in the store. It can be done by hand, just before cleaning the scalp. The simplest version is the egg yolk. It saturates the hair with vitamins B6 and B12, makes them soft and docile. The main thing is to remove the thin shell from the yolk before use, so that it does not turn into white lumps that are difficult to comb out. If the yolk badly "washed", add a little shaving "Children's" soap. You can also mix it with an oil solution of vitamin A. If you have cut the ends of the strands, you have to wash your head with a mixture of cognac, kefir and eggs. To make it very simple: take 1 cup of yogurt, add 2 tablespoons. alcohol and 2 egg yolks, peeled from the film. Stir thoroughly and store in the refrigerator for no more than 2 weeks.

Rinsers and masks for dry hair

Rinsers should soften the water andProvide easy combing to your dry hair. Herbal infusions are excellent for this task. Brew 2 tbsp. yarrow, St. John's wort, poplar buds, chamomile or plantain 1 l. boiling water and use to cleanse the scalp from shampoo. You can add a little lemon juice or dry mustard powder into the water. Vinegar will make your hair shiny and obedient, if you pour a couple of tablespoons of 9% solution into the water. Masks are a great way to "nourish" dry hair with useful substances. For dried locks, night rubbing into the scalp is useful, provided that in the morning you wash them. Burdock oil is the best moisturizer for brittle and damaged head of hair. By the way, it will help to cope with dandruff and itching. Burdock oil leaves a thin, indelible film on the skin, which will not cause you to feel tight and will not exfoliate. 4-5 tablespoons. Burdock oil, heat on a water bath or on low heat to about 30 degrees. Add to the oil if desired: tincture of capsicum (if you want the hair to become thicker), almond oil (if the hair is often pricked) or tincture of calendula (if the ends of the strands are cut off). Apply a rich mixture only to the roots and ends of the hair. Collect them in a bundle and hide under the bathing cap. In the morning, rinse with shampoo and plenty of water. To facilitate combing into the scalp, you can rub the pure essential oil, without any additives and flavors. Suitable oil is ylang-ylang, lavender, patchouli and eucalyptus. A few drops of ether apply to damp hair after washing and rub into the skin with small pads of fingers for several minutes. Then dry your head in any convenient way for you. If you have dry hair, use olive oil as a moisturizing mask after washing. It "fills" the damaged pores and the hair looks alive and shiny. Mix ½ cup of orange juice and 3 tablespoons. olive oil, warm slightly over low heat. Distribute the resulting mixture over the entire length of the hair and leave for 5-10 minutes. Wash your hair under a stream of warm water. Take 3 tablespoons. castor oil, add 5 drops of oil extract of vitamin E and ½ cup decoction of chamomile pharmacy. Add a little shampoo, so that the composition is foamed and easily applied. Divide the hair into strands with the help of hairdressing clips and apply "oil shampoo" with a comb with rare teeth. Wash off after 20 minutes. ugly dry hair what to do

General recommendations for the care of weakened hair

If without varnishes, mousses, foams and ironing youunbearable to style your hair, use products with thermal protection properties. They protect your hair from over-drying during contact with a red-hot styler or ceramic iron plates, a jet of hot air from the hair dryer. Thermal protection sprays and fluids moisturize the hair and have easy fixing properties. Alternatively - drying hair with a hair dryer only with a safe distance of 25-30 cm. Replace the hair dye with natural dyes. Henna, for example, strengthens the hair follicles and prevents the appearance of dandruff. Basma smooths the scaly scales and restores the damaged structure of the curls. By mixing these two natural dyes, you can get the hair color from dark-brown to saturated black. The only difficulty - basma and henna, diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream, it is difficult to wash off the scalp. But you will never want to paint your head again with chemical paints. Become an adept of proper nutrition. Eat vegetables and fish, steamed. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day so that your skin and hair do not need moisture. Start each morning with a glass of yogurt, ryazhenka, cream or slice of cheese (these products contain calcium, useful not only for nails). To give hair vitality, it is also useful to cook food not on cream, but on sunflower or sesame oil. As you have already realized, in order for your dry hair to become strong, bright and silky, you will have to work hard. Yes, beauty requires sacrifice - but after you all men will look back! We advise you to read: