hair highlights Every modern woman who wants tolook fashionable and stylish, but does not dare yet to radically change the color of hair, can try to make hair styling. This procedure will retain the same color, but will introduce new shades, give the hair an additional visible volume, and individual strands will beautifully shimmer in the rays of sunlight. There are three main factors that must be taken into account before hair coloring:

  • Primary hair color.
  • The color of future strands.
  • Technology of dyeing strands.

There are quite a lot of methods for melting hair, but the most popular ones were and are: melirovanie using foil and melirovanie hair through the cap.

Highlighting through the cap

When carrying out this method of hair straightening,a special cap with holes is put on the head, through which individual strands are pulled out by hooks. It is best to remove strands in a staggered manner. The width of a single strand should be 3-5 mm, and the distance between them is about 1 centimeter. If it is planned to mill wider strands, the distance between them should be increased accordingly: for a width of 6-8 mm, a distance of 1.5 cm. After all the strands have been removed, one can begin to discolor them. To lighten the strands by 1 tone, it is necessary to apply the paint for 15 minutes. For maximum clarity, the paint is left for 40 minutes. After staining, the strand must be thoroughly rinsed without removing the cap. Then the hat is carefully removed and washed with all the hair with shampoo.

Melting with foil

Another classic, but from this no less thanactual, the way is melirovanie hair with foil. First, you need to prepare the foil, cutting it into the same squares of about 10x15 mm and a lightening paint. Then, starting with the parting, a strand with a width of up to 5 mm is separated and paint is applied to it. The distance between the strands should be about 1 cm. After applying the clarifier to the entire length of the strand, it is wrapped in foil. When all the strands along the parting are wrapped in foil, you can go lower and do the same with the remaining hair. After the necessary time has elapsed, all the foil is carefully removed and the paint is rinsed thoroughly using a shampoo. After melirovaniya hair usually follows the procedure of toning. It is designed to make hair look more natural, and the color of the strands does not contrast too much with the basic color of the hair. Basically, when toning pastel soft colors are used, they can differ in color, but similar shades. melirovanie on fair-haired hair

Types of highlights

  • Baliage

Such hair styling is used for short haircuts. Only the ends of individual strands are lightened, with the use of foil. This highlighting allows you to focus attention on the structure of the haircut.

  • American Highlights

With this hair melting is used, asNormally, from 2 to 4 shades of paint, but possibly more tones. Choosing shades, do not forget about their compatibility with each other. Such melirovanie gives hair a healthy and natural look. To make this marking on dark brown hair, the shades are perfect: caramel, beige, coffee and chocolate.

  • Reverse stripping

This is an ideal highlight for light brown hair. Reverse melirovanie will move from light shades to deeper and more saturated. Selected strands with this melioration of hair are painted in darker colors. Also on fair-haired hair look great honey, wheat, golden.

  • French highlighting

In this kind of hair styling useA special paint containing components that do not damage the hair, brightening them immediately for 3-4 tones. Use this highlights on fair-haired hair to achieve a good glare effect. On the dark hair, the French melting will not be noticeable.

  • California highlights

This is an interesting melirovanie on blonde hair, inthe process of which separately selected strands are not wrapped in foil and they are in free contact with the rest of the hair. As a result, the brightened strands look natural, and transitions between shades are imperceptible. Usually melioration on light-brown hair is done with the use of sparing paints, so as not to harm the hair.

  • Bright highlights

Such melirovanie hair exists for loversbold experiments. Apply it to pre-minced hair. Clarified strands are painted in any most unimaginable color with a gel, which contains sparing ingredients. Such gels are washed off after 4-8 times washing hair. The use of bright colors will add to the image of extravagance, and will give a unique style, especially if the color of the strands will be combined with the items of the wardrobe, nail polish or even the color of the car. At the first carrying out of procedure of bright melioration of hair, it is better to be limited to 2-3 colors of locks not to look vulgar and ridiculous.

  • Partial highlighting

Hair is only measured in the face, the occipital partremains unchanged. Only the upper strands are stained. Such melioration allows to refresh the main color without resorting to a cardinal image change.

  • Contrastive highlighting

For this hair melioration 2-3shade of paint, combined with each other. Strands with this coloring are chosen in different widths. This kind of highlighting is more suitable for brunettes or brown-haired women. On light hair, contrasting strands will look gross and sloppy.

  • Avant-garde highlighting

This is the melioration of the hair, in which only the tips are subjected to staining, and the upper part of the hairstyle remains unchanged. It is not recommended to use highlights in the following cases:

  • if you just dyed your hair or did a perm;
  • if your hair is in poor condition - dry and brittle.

As you can see, there are many kinds of melioration. You can only choose the method and choose the color that seems to be the most suitable for you. Dare! We advise you to read: