The color of the wedding dress according to the times of the year The traditional color of the wedding dress is white. Therefore, it is the white wedding dress of the bride that is chosen most often. White symbolizes purity and chastity, and it is with these concepts that any bride is associated. But modern wedding fashion has stepped far ahead and is no longer so anxious to observe the old traditions. Modern which you can see above, can beabsolutely any color: pink, red, beige, dairy and even black. If you also belong to the category of extravagant brides and wish to express your individuality with the help of a wedding dress, then safely choose one of the many colors of the palette, but know that the color of the wedding dress is better to choose in accordance with the time in which you were born.

  • Winter girls will wear a white, pale pink, silvery, gray and blue-white wedding dress.
  • The brides born in the spring will look sumptuous in a wedding dress of apricot, beige, golden, golden-gray or snow-white color.
  • Summer also offers an interesting palette of colors: wedding dresses of white and pink, pink, turquoise, greenish and milky.
  • Autumn brides are offered a true autumn color palette of wedding dresses: cream, apricot, cream, golden.

It should be noted that all the proposedshades of wedding dresses are not bright, pastel, very delicate. Such a color is suitable for brides who first go under the crown. The same brides, whose marriage is not the first, can choose and more vivid colors of wedding dresses. For example, there is a sign that the second time should be married in a rich, bright red wedding dress. We advise you to read: