What kind of wedding dress can be called ideal? This question is asked to themselves by a lot of brides, before whom there is a problem of choosing a wedding dress. A lot of silhouettes, long or short dresses, original non-standard designs, bright additions - lots of options, but what exactly suits your figure and appearance type - that's the real problem. To better prepare for a purchase, you should think carefully about everything and at least approximately decide on popular styles, you can help in this .

Silhouette "Princess" and ball dresses

can be of two types: ballroom and tailoring the "Princess". Both options include a long puffy skirt made of tulle as well as an elegant corset embroidered with rhinestones, laces and sequins. In the ballroom - the corset literally reduces the waist several times, as it was once done by court ladies and maid of honor. This is a very good choice if you suffer from extra pounds: the corset will pull the waist, and the magnificent skirt will hide the full hips. The disadvantage of this style is its complexity in performance: if we take into account the length of the ceremony, then not everyone can survive in such cramped space. As for the "A-silhouette", then the corset is made much easier, there are no tightening tapes, everything can be easily and easily removed. The presence of sleeves and strapless is chosen by each bride at her discretion. svadebnoe-platie

Silhouette of the "Mermaid"

You are the owner of an elegant, thin waist and yourmany can envy the forms? Cut "Mermaid" - exactly what you need. The peculiarity of this outfit is that it covers the waist and hips, creating a sexy and at the same time romantic image. It will be appreciated by both the groom and a lot of guests who know a lot about fashion. svadebnoe-platie2

Silhouette of "Empire"

Style "Empire" - the choice of girls who do not wantpompous ceremony, and who value simplicity and ease in everything. Externally, the style of "Empire" resembles the Greek apparel of women, maybe on or without straps, but most importantly - a skirt with an overstated waist. A feature on which designers are most often accented in this style is a belt or ribbon that emphasizes the breast line. It is decorated with rhinestones, embroideries and various beads, depending on the wishes of the bride. svadebnoe-platie3

Straight classic dress

Direct cut was always in vogue and, probably,will remain at the peak of popularity for many more years. There is nothing better than simplicity, but such simplicity does not suit everyone. Lush girls straight cut can spoil the whole picture, as it will give off extra pounds and unwanted creases on the abdomen. svadebnoe-platie4 Choose a color option or sticktraditional white, give preference to an unordinary, short dress or stay on a classic - the choice is yours, the main thing is that you like it, and you were happy.