diet margaritas queen 9 days The struggle with excess weight is occupied by the mind practicallyevery average girl, regardless of her age, social status and lifestyle. Another thing is that each of us has its own strategy and tactics in this fight. And if a week can get rid of at least a couple of hated kilogrammchikov, then with a victorious shout Comanche, we rush to conquer new heights with tripled enthusiasm. Likewise, the lack of visible results can bring a lot of disappointments right up to real griefs, which are very difficult to survive, not zaev something delicious. The result is a vicious circle - do not lose weight because we eat a lot, and eat a lot because it can not lose weight. Nutritionists claim that keeping their weight in the norm is not a matter of one day, but the result of systematic actions aimed at achieving the goal. That is, the food should be healthy and full, always, and not from time to time. Until the automatic habit of eating food is almost without salt, water without gas, drinks without sugar and alcohol, a salad without mayonnaise, sandwiches without butter and sausages, it will be extremely difficult to achieve perfection in the waist and hips. At least one day a week should be unloading - apples, cottage cheese, kefir or simply still water. But do not forget that the use of kefir is contraindicated with the existing problems of the stomach and duodenum, as it can provoke exacerbations. This drink is also undesirable to those who suffer from urolithiasis. diet 9 days margaritas queen

Optimum diet for stars and not only

One of the most effective dietaryprograms aimed at reducing weight and its further stability, is currently the "Margarita Queen's Diet of 9 Days" or mono-diet. Supporters of this method of losing weight are the stars of Russian show business, who experienced it on themselves. The usual result of its application is the loss of approximately 10% of the original weight. To enhance the effect, do not give up moderate physical exertion at this time. Swimming, running, dancing and just gymnastics will have a beneficial effect on muscle tone and overall skin condition. You can practice massage, including honey massage. Nine-day diet Margarita Queen - the most affordable and most balanced way to lose weight. Thanks to him, the body does not experience stress.

  • For the first three days it is recommended to eat daily until 19:00 only with a glass of rice, soaked in the evening, thoroughly washed and boiled in the morning;
  • The next three days - boiled chicken meat in the amount of 1 kg per day, without fat and skin, also exclusively up to 19 hours;
  • Finally, the remaining three days should be eaten only raw and boiled vegetables, the daily dose of which should fit within 700-900 grams;
  • You can prepare vegetable salads such as vinaigrette, but without pickles - the replacement of fresh vegetables canned or sour is not allowed.

9 day diet margarita queen

Diet Features

Strict 9 day diet Margarita Queensuggests the beginning of a new day with a glass of water. During the mono-diet it is desirable to drink a lot of pure water or green tea (of course, unsweetened) - at least two and a half liters per day. The presence of breakfast is mandatory, since the organism, which is not charged since morning, does not have enough strength to perform the functions assigned to it. He suffers and subsequently tries to stock up on fats "for a rainy day." All food should be eaten in 5-6 receptions in small portions. It is advisable not to allow a feeling of hunger. The weight of a single meal should not exceed 250 grams. The advantage of this method of losing weight is a sharp change in products that allow the human body to use internal reserves of metabolism and serve as a preparatory stage for the main diet. Before you start losing weight according to the technique of Margarita Koroleva, be sure to consult a doctor!

Disadvantages of the monogamy Margarita Queen

The 9-day diet of Margarita Queen enhancesmetabolism and improves the process of intracellular metabolism. And the presence of fiber in the diet helps maintain a sense of satiety throughout the day. Nevertheless, any diet is not devoid of aggression and has certain drawbacks.

  • The amount of microelements in the body is significantly reduced;
  • Significant changes in blood sugar levels - especially in rice days;
  • Chicken days can adversely affect the water-salt metabolism, because during this period there is an increased removal of fluid from the body.

Proper nutrition by the method of Margarita KorolevaOf course, the diet described above is quite strict. Not everyone will be able to endure nine days of monotonous nutrition. In this case, the nutritionist Margarita Korolev suggests not to torture the body with starvation, but simply to try to eat right.

  • Eat at least five meals a day, in small portions;
  • Nothing fried! Cook, bake, steamed;
  • You can afford bread, only in the morning. Preferably rye;
  • Juices, tea, coffee try to eat half an hour before meals or half an hour after it;
  • We replace sugar with honey;
  • A day must drink at least two liters of water;
  • It is better to refuse strong spirits, you can afford a white dry wine;
  • If you want kashki - only on the water;
  • The oil is mainly olive oil;
  • At dinner try to eat vegetables or fruits.

If your genetic heritage or lifecredo - to be a lady with magnificent volumes and forms, do not torture the body with the help of extreme diets. Indeed, in this case, even the 9-day diet of Margarita Koroleva will not bring the expected results. Love yourself with all your heart, always in perfect spirits, learn how to correctly place the accents in the objects of your wardrobe. Emphasize your dignity, avoid sticking out flaws, and you will be the sexiest, most desirable and irresistible in the eyes of people who love you. We advise you to read: