striped kefir diet According to the apt remark of the Polish writer JadwigaRutkovskaya: "The diet is a period of a hunger strike, preceding weight gain." It is sad to admit that there is some truth in this. We will not have time to rejoice that - oh, a miracle! - easily climbed into an old dress ... But we will not have time to share the "magic" recipe with a friend, - keep, I do not mind! ... And the hated kilograms with enviable persistence begin to return to their "hard" places. So is there a way to get out of this fight as a winner? Of course have. The main thing is to understand what the problem is. What happens during a diet? Deprived of the usual "fuel," unhappy and hungry, our body yearns to catch up. And as soon as the period of rigid self-restraint ends, he immediately uses this chance. That's where we let ourselves go! Often we start eating even more than usual. And, we do it without any qualms about conscience - we must reward ourselves with the beloved for all the suffering and deprivation! Just think, one small cake ... What will it be? It weighs only a few grams ... It is at this moment and "stick" all the pounds, with such difficulty dropped ... Yes, and "friends" with them lead. Therefore, most diets if they give the desired result, it does not last long. Kefir striped diet is a different approach. Why it is kefir is understandable. Probably, there is no person who would not have heard of his benefits. And all this is the truth. Thanks to its useful properties, this product is included in a huge number of various preventive and health-improving diets. It cleanses our body of toxins, sodium salts, slags and excess fluid, normalizes metabolism and intestinal activity, enhances immunity. And most importantly, the lactic acid bacteria that make up its structure inhibit the growth of the pathogenic microflora of the intestine and prevent putrefactive processes. Therefore, some doctors seriously believe that this product has a rejuvenating effect and is called its cure for old age.

What is the essence of the "striped" diet?

Why is the name of this kefir diet -striped? Where did it come from? Everything is very simple. It is necessary to alternate unloading - "kefir" - days with usual food. One day - kefir, the second - a normal diet. Here and there are original strips. By the way, for any diet is recommended to use low-fat kefir. Best of all - one percent. So, during fasting days you can afford:

  • 1,5-2 liters of kefir;
  • green tea;
  • water without gas;
  • green apple.

Kefir is better to drink in 5-7 receptions. Water - the more and more, the better. If the water is boring, then you can make green tea. Of course, sugar should not be added. Apple - a little indulgence. Eat it only if you feel that you really, really want to. And it is better to do without it. It is these days that the body burns old fat stores. On ordinary days, stick to your usual menu. Of course, if you want the effect of the diet to "manifest" faster, do not "lean" on cakes, biscuits, sweets and fried potatoes. Yes, and alcohol is better to refuse. Try to eat small portions and a little. But there are no hard bans - and if you really wanted something, you can afford it without worrying about remorse. After all, you do not violate anything! What is the striped diet different from all the others? The fact that she deceives the body and breaks this "vicious circle": a period of strict self-restraint - "discharge." For one day you will not have time to miss the normal food, which means your body will not experience stress. Consequently, there will be no breakdowns. Of course, weight will decrease more slowly than on a rigid diet. But in this way, without exhausting hunger strikes, you will accustom your stomach to moderation in food. Therefore, the lost pounds will not return. kefir striped diet

"Advanced" striped diet

This option is much more rigid andimplies significant limitations. You can try it after you have fully mastered the usual striped diet. "Sitting" on such a diet should not be more than two weeks. In the "kefir" days of the menu is the same as in the previous version - kefir and water without gas. But with other days - it's much worse. It is necessary to count calories and make sure that their quantity does not exceed 1500 per day. Yes, and you can not all. Sample menu:

  • For breakfast, you can eat 200 grams of some porridge and 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese.
  • The second breakfast is one green apple and 8-10 almonds. This will somewhat reduce the feeling of hunger.
  • Lunch is a plate of chicken or vegetable soup. Just do not put macaroni in it, and do not make fries. A little boiled meat. For a side dish - vegetable salad or stewed cabbage.
  • For lunch - 100 grams of cottage cheese and any fruit, except banana. You can pamper yourself with cocoa, adding 1-2 spoons of fructose.
  • Dinner - 200 grams of any lean fish and vegetables that do not contain starch. These include salad, zucchini, white cabbage and Brussels sprouts, bell pepper, green beans and some others.

"A spoon of tar"

Despite all the useful properties of yogurt, thisa diet - in any of its variants - unfortunately, not for everyone. A slender figure is, of course, the dream of almost any woman. But in pursuit of it, the main thing is not to hurt your health. For example, such a diet is not suitable for people with high acidity or with an individual intolerance to this product. In general, before you sit down on any diet, you need to consult a doctor. If the doctor has no objections, it is worth a try. Striped kefir diet, most likely, you will like. It is quite effective and easily tolerated. And, despite the fact that the kilograms go a little slower than they wanted - they leave you forever. But this is the most important thing. We advise you to read: