how to become a successful woman Success always, success in everything, success everywhere, - herethe slogan of our time. Just a couple of decades ago, women, confined to the role of keeper of the hearth, were quite happy with their life and nothing more than dreamed about. Now - the pipes! Now almost every girl is thinking hard about how to become a successful woman. And the term "success" means success in the personal and in the public sphere of life. In a word, today's girls are thinking about how to become successful in everything. It would seem that the question of how to become successful in everything is almost undecidable. Well, it does not happen that everything in life goes well and develops! Anyway, somewhere, something will go wrong ... Sometimes it does not happen, but you can still try and try. After all, somehow the millionaires who had never had a penny before their souls were successful? And today they are "owners of factories, newspapers, steamships", they have big and good families, and, judging by the blossoming appearance, they are very satisfied with themselves and with destiny. Well, we are still far from millionaires, however, although it is not too far to move closer to them. That's how? How to become happy and successful? Are there any secrets of women's success? In general, yes. And now we'll talk about them.

Tune in to success and define desires

The main secret of female success is internalintention. Everything begins with him, and all further actions rest on him. The internal intention is the desire of the soul, turning into a readiness to act decisively in order to get what it wants. A woman's soul, which is such a manager of emotions, is stronger than reason. And, if we think that we want something - money, a career, a luxury car, an apartment, etc. - but the soul rejects it completely, nothing will come of it. No, the mind will find ways to achieve the goal, but the soul will oppose, and the reason's arguments will be silenced. And the answer to the question: "How to become happy and successful?" We will not find then. Why does this happen? Because reason, guided by logic, usually wants the success that the outside world traditionally offers to it. He is guided by someone else's luck, which, perhaps, does not need us at all. For example, a girl is essentially an artist. And the mind dictates that success can be achieved only by becoming a businesswoman. After all, that magnificent lady who owns a whole network of shops, is she not successful? And this spectacular lady, who has eight elite beauty salons and is traveling around on a silver Lexus, is she really getting away with success? Of course, they are successful. And they certainly know how to become a successful person in their field. We need to find our own. Perhaps it is also trade or some kind of services, and maybe it's a sphere of creativity that will not bring any special incomes! However, thinking about how to become a successful girl, we associate success with happiness, and not with depression and neuroses, right? Right. We want a happy life, and what it should be for us, we must ask from our inner self, and not the outside world. And that's what this inner "I", or soul, will require, and we base our life priorities on it. In this case, the energy of true desire will turn into intention, intent will cause directed actions, and actions will begin to translate the desired into reality. Conclusion: in order to know exactly how to become a successful girl, you must accurately determine your own inner desires. how to become successful

Prepare for the unexpected

Usually thinking about how to become successfulman, we are all thinking of some kind of plan for progress towards our success. And then, if the events that are happening suddenly start to not correspond to what we planned, we grab at the head and declare that we are pursuing failures. Right? Right. Those who do not really know how they become successful people usually do so. In fact, all the notorious failures are nothing but the fruit of our imagination. Yes Yes exactly! Because the action plan we compose with the help of reason, which builds a logical chain and programs in accordance with it the work of consciousness. But our mind can not foresee everything! Even very high intelligence is limited in its capabilities. And, if there are any deviations from the program created by him, the work of the mechanism of the mind fails, which is perceived by us as a failure. In fact, these are simply unforeseen circumstances, which are always at all. As a rule, when such circumstances arise, many of us panic, fall into depression, drop their hands and put themselves in the ranks of losers. Starting to perceive ourselves negatively, we go from the road to success and deviate from it further and further. But, in fact, nothing special happened! And our only mistake is that we totally relied on the mind, which developed a limited plan of action. Conclusion: in order to know exactly how to become a successful woman, one should remember: on the road to success one can not rely only on the mind and give everything to it for control. He is not able to foresee everything, and believes that the unforeseen scenario of the development of events is a failure. This is not so, because nature is generous, and life always offers many options for action. Therefore, it is most reasonable to have a grasp of the control of the mind over the surrounding reality and above us. And let him not particularly interfere in the process of achieving the goal and helps when it is necessary to immediately solve something.

Get ready to work hard

A woman, who seriously thinks about what,how to become a successful person, you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to work hard and hard. It is this relentless work that has made many famous people successful. Only such work, laborious, persistent, leads to the goal. It is necessary to work, despite the emerging obstacles, despite the fact that something does not work or it turns out, but not so good. Lying on the couch, we will not achieve success. Yes, this is to some extent workaholism. And yes - we will be very tired. But it does not matter - always think up a rare, but high-quality rest! The unequivocal advice in this situation is very difficult to give - it all depends on you, your preferences and desires. Think - what do you like most? For one woman it's a trip to nature, for another - a trip to the pool or to the tennis court, well, and the third lady generally prefers to spend the evening with embroidered cross-stitch or love romance and a warm blanket. The main thing is that you enjoy your holiday. And then - when you work to achieve the desired goal, you do not really feel fatigue. Doubt? And you check! Feel that fatigue is coming? Immediately visualize your goal. And you will be surprised at the surge of strength that you will feel. Of course, if you are not a chronic lazy person. But it's not about you, is it? The rules of a successful life require the application of effort, and often this is a very great effort. This should be known to a girl who wants to achieve success in life. Even if it is financially secured, it will still have to work. Because success implies conquering new peaks, and not freezing into the old. And remember that, Working, you need to rely only on your own strength, not on luck or on other people. Other people can fail, and luck is unpredictable. Even if you catch her by the tail, sooner or later she will break free and fly away to smile to someone else. Therefore, it is necessary to act independently, if possible, by reasonably controlling others. Conclusion: the secret of success in life is persistent and tireless work. Only such work is the key to success. From the sky you will not fall and no one on a silver platter will bring. how to become successful in everything

Learn autosuggestion

One of the rules of a successful life is compulsorycondition of constant self-hypnosis. Self-expression in general plays a very big role in our life. All thoughts and words that we address ourselves are nothing but the self-suggestion with which we mold ourselves and our own view of the world. We begin to scold ourselves and wash off our own bones for shortcomings-we mold an unsure person who has nothing in life. We begin to love ourselves and praise for dignity - and in the mirror a radiant self-sufficient lady looks at us, to whom any mountains are unimportant. We are thinking about how to become happy and successful? We learn autosuggestion, learn daily, stubbornly, enthusiastically. It is really very exciting - to feel how strong and independent personality grows in you, and to feel joy from it. There is nothing complicated in this. It is necessary at least five minutes twice a day to think only of their own merits and completely forget about this period about the shortcomings. At first, perhaps, it will not work very well. But, if such trainings are held daily at the same time, very soon everything will go like clockwork. In principle, autosuggestion in this case we need not so much to gain self-confidence, but to subconsciously find the shortest path to the goal. To do this, you need to regularly imagine that we have already achieved this goal and in no case mentally not to admit that it is still ahead. This way of autosuggestion organizes the work of the subconscious in the right direction, so it will take our success as an event that has already taken place, and begin to formalize it in reality, turning our attention to the necessary things. But do not confuse auto-suggestion with self-deception. It's silly to convince yourself that you are at the pinnacle of success, if in a purse to a salary of only 500 rubles, in a cosmetic bag a Chinese copy of your favorite perfume, and on the pope jeans adorned in the basement are all the same Chinese craftsmen. Of course, no one calls to replace all spiritual values ​​with squat material, but it's not for nothing that psychologists say that the higher you set the bar, the more you will achieve. Conclusion: the secrets of a successful life include the indispensable ability to self-hypnosis and the use of this ability on a daily basis. Self-expression not only helps to gain confidence, but also, influencing the subconscious, contributes to the materialization of the goal.

Learn to plan life

In order to clearly imagine howbecome a successful person, you need to know exactly how to plan your own life. Planning for life has nothing to do with the rational plan of action, of which we have already spoken above. The secrets of a successful life are to constantly set some goals, without thinking about the way they are implemented. That is, we intending to achieve a large-scale goal, select the corresponding small goals and go forward to success, using these goals as benchmarks. When we plan our life with the help of small goals and do not consider the methods for their implementation, we set up our subconscious mind for a concrete variant of the development of events. This process is similar to tuning the radio when we first select a radio station and then find it among others. The main thing is to know exactly what we want to listen to. Otherwise, we will touch the radio stations until we are tired. So in life - before you set small goals, you must accurately determine the main goal. And then we'll jump in search of success. In addition, small goals will serve as good motivation and encouragement for oneself, beloved, for work. The global goal is, of course, great. But it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve it in a very short time. And if you do not see the result of your work for a long time, enthusiasm can go out. And achieving small goals to prevent this trouble. Conclusion: one of the important secrets of success in life is its planning with the help of small, relevant main goals. Choosing ways to achieve these goals, the subconscious will lead us exactly along the path that leads to success. become successful

Start to respect yourself

One of the main rules of a successful life is goodopinion about yourself. It is this that determines the attitude towards the world around us and our own activity. And it does not matter whether we are mistaken in something or not, - we must love and respect ourselves. A bad attitude towards oneself creates a belief: "I do not deserve". Needless to say, with such a conviction, there can be no question of any success in life? In order to get something, we must be ready to have it. Otherwise, we will not receive, but try to keep what we already have. How to treat yourself well and respect yourself, we already said. If we do not appreciate ourselves enough, then we will use self-suggestion, trying to distinguish in ourselves and our actions only good and ignore the bad. Until we create our positive image, nothing significant in relation to success we will receive from life. Even if this significant is very close, we simply will not notice it, since the subconscious mind will not be guided by what we allegedly do not deserve. Conclusion: in order to achieve success, you need to love yourself and increase self-esteem. Each person by nature has considerable potential, but, underestimating his own importance and ability, he will never be able to realize this potential.


And, finally, the seventh secret of a successful life, -constant self-improvement and self-development. Do not assume that if we have two decent higher education, then this is the limit of knowledge. Progress does not stand still, life today is changing rapidly, and what seemed to be the latest achievements in some area yesterday is now hopelessly outdated and is disappearing into the past. We study, read the relevant profession or the moment the literature, listen to audio with teaching materials, attend courses, we study the worldwide network in search of new information necessary for the specialty and so on. Our mind with respect to obtaining knowledge and their subsequent realization is the most valuable asset. Everything that we invest in it, will bring a hundred per cent profit. This, perhaps, is the last of the most important secrets of success. Perhaps, all that is described above, someone will seem to be insignificant to achieve the goal. It is likely that this someone has worked out their methods of building a successful life, and they are working. We talked about proven in practice ways, significantly helping to move forward in the right direction. And if we want to become successful and happy, it will be better to use these methods. And then the lady of fortune will find our door and begin to knock on her aggressively. The main thing is to hear this knock and let her into the house in time. Well, this is another secret of success ... We advise you to read: