how to develop self-confidence You noticed that to radiant self-confidencedo people surround themselves like plants to the sun? Perhaps this is the secret of happiness and success. Confidence is the quality by which you feel the inner core and strength to realize your desires. In our article, we disclose all the secrets, knowledge of which will help any person become self-confident.

Why do we need an "internal core"?

In the world full of people who feelthemselves are uncertain and quite calm with this live. At least that's how it looks from the outside. However, after talking with these people, it turns out that in their lives there are so many problems that turn into anxiety and sadness. What can you give development of self-confidence? If we talk about students and training at the institute, then self-confidence, unquestionably, is a number one quality - even more than a tenacious mind and brilliant memory. Take what is associated with study in the first place - exams. Most likely, you are familiar with the situation when a student who knows everything was "piled up" because of uncertainty in his knowledge, and the impudent and calmly behaving student received an excellent rating without opening a single textbook. The inner core helps you to present yourself better, because other people simply will not be able to think anything bad about you. Study takes in our lives not so much space, compared to work. But self-confidence for her is also useful. It makes no sense to talk about how important it is to be persuasive and resolute in interviewing - thousands of articles in women's magazines have been written about it. The implementation of projects, coordination of directions, negotiations with important business partners, sales, marketing - this is a very small fragment from the list of all those professional spheres in which you need to feel confident. The ability to stand firm on one's own and convince others in their own rightness in the modern world is becoming an increasingly important business quality of a successful person. Although, what we are all about work and study? There is something that much more worried women in all ages - this is love and relationships with men. The confused and notorious girl has little to hope for, because she looks pale among her brighter friends. First and foremost, it affects the sex: this girl simply does not feel sexual, and men feel it and do not feel attracted to it. Accordingly, it is meaningless to dream of a happy marriage - it is also likely, like a prince on a white horse (and we already all know that this happens only in fairy tales). But even if you have already started a family and have given birth to a child, self-confidence will never be superfluous. First, in family conflicts, the rest of the household will have to reckon with your opinion. None of us want to be a gray shadow, which only does what serves the needs of the rest of the family. Secondly, you will be a brilliant example of confident behavior for your children, and this, as you know, will be very useful to them in the future. Speaking of people in general, an uncertain and timid person has all the chances of being left without friends. This is a very sad fact, but it is simply difficult for him to be interested in anything by others. It seems that a person who is insecure does not have an established opinion on fundamental issues, he has no life values, and any detail can be confusing. At the same time self-interested and envious people will be quite comfortable, because they will get from this communication everything they need. self-confidence how to develop

Several ways to "build" complexes

Unfortunately, often we make ourselvesinsecure. It so happened that some habitual for us ways of behavior are "stuck" in thinking, and we use them almost unconsciously, without analyzing what benefits or harm they bring to us. Therefore, sometimes it is so difficult to answer the question of how to gain self-confidence, because it is much more interesting, due to what you achieve the opposite results? The first step towards becoming indecisive and complex is self-centeredness. No, of course, you can think that you are the navel of the Earth, and others around you should rotate, but the probability of disappointment is great when you find out that it is not. Another extreme is to suspect other people that they are only doing what they think of you. Fortunately, in reality they have much more important concerns than evaluating your personality. Most often such behavior from people is expected by those who themselves constantly hang on others negative labels, and think that the others are busy with the same. So it's worth thinking about: maybe the problem is really in you? Another way that helps to quickly turn into a complete neurotic is to always and always compare yourself with the people around you. It is desirable to compare the choice of objects "pozaboristee" to constantly face the fact that you are something worse. Yes, and in all respects! Agree, an excellent opportunity to suffer and savor your own defectiveness. By the way, for some people this behavior brings serious dividends: they only do that they complain about their lives, thereby attracting attention and sympathy. The body is the mirror of the soul (and not at all the eyes, as the proverb says). Therefore, if you want to become the most insecure girl in the world, be sure to support the emotional throwing of bodily experiences. Try to be more stooping, use shuffling approach, "get" shortness of breath - all this will make others look at you as a century old woman. And this is the right way to a "clamped" person. Another way of behavior that reinforces doubts about one's own strengths is the desire to please absolutely everyone without exception. And if suddenly someone unflatteringly expresses about your abilities or just looks obliquely, your task is to remember all your failures and make sure that you are a zero without a wand. If you say without irony, then this way is doomed to failure in advance, because someone will be unhappy with you, so why suffer for what you can not change? The desire to be a "superman" also damages your self-esteem. Everyone has the right to make mistakes, but somehow some people forget about it. Perhaps this is due to the fact that being ideal in their picture of the world is the only worthy way of existence. However, this is impossible, and if you strive for infallibility, it will end in disappointment. how to develop self-confidence

We use psychology!

Surely you are already tormented by the question of how to developself-confidence. Fortunately, psychologists have long been engaged in the creation of psychological techniques that will help you do this. Using one or more of the following techniques, you will undoubtedly be able to achieve excellent results.

  • The best moments Remember and restore in yourmemory of those moments in your life when you felt yourself a real winner, catching the admiring glances of others. Feel the taste of victory again, plunging into that moment, living it again and again. Now you have to fix this image in your mind and transfer it into real life today. Do not forget to repeat to yourself: "It turned out then - then it will work out now."
  • "I'm a Hero" In your imagination, create an imagesuch a hero who for you is the real embodiment of self-confidence. After watching him for a while, get used to this image, imagining that you are he. Before going to sleep, remembering your hero, repeat to yourself that tomorrow you will wake up in the image of a person who is 100% confident. The whole next day behave the way you think your hero would behave. During the week, do this technique every day. You'll see, the results will not keep you waiting.
  • "Floating" gesture This technique allows fora few seconds to change its internal state, so it is very often used by actors, when you need to quickly enter the right role. Stand up straight, raise your head and spread your shoulders, take a deep breath and concentrate your attention in front of you. Stand in this position for a few seconds. In a firm and firm voice, command yourself something (give an installation). Fix this image in yourself. From now on you are the winner! You are self-confident and have a sense of dignity.
  • The symbol of confidence Think about who or what for youis the embodiment of confidence. It can be both a plant and an animal, and any object. In a word, anything: an impregnable fortress or a rock, an age-old oak or a lion is the king of beasts. Now, having formed this image in your imagination, relax and feel how your body is filled with energy and power. Fixing the received feeling, enjoy it to the full.
  • Cloud of Confidence Take a comfortable position,close your eyes and try to relax. Each time, making one of the five slow breaths, repeat: "With every breath I breathe in confidence, energy and strength, with every breath I exhale anxiety, shyness and excitement." Do not open the eyes after this, imagine a color that you associate with confidence. Imagine a cloud of color of this confidence. Surround yourself with it, slowly sink into it, enjoying a sense of security and tranquility. And now add the right music that charges and inspires you. Imagine how you come to the stage for this music, where you are applauded by a huge hall. Do you hear how they applaud you? Imbued with a sense of success, fixing it in your imagination. Then take a deep breath and open your eyes.
  • Thus, self-confidence can beis absolutely useful to any person, regardless of what he does in life and what interests him. The most interesting thing is that any of us can find "our inner core". Perhaps it is what they mean when they say about the mysterious zest inside each of us. That's why you should become more confident as you feel the flow of positive energy into your life. We advise you to read: