interior decoration It is beautiful to live, as you know, you will not forbid. So we try to decorate this life with all possible means and available means. And the first thing we apply our skillful pens and inexhaustible imagination is our home. As soon as we do not decorate our apartments! And we buy expensive accessories, and we monitor various fashion trends, and we improve our own handicraft skills. However, there is an absolutely democratic way and a public means - decorating the interior with flowers. Interestingly, this design is appropriate in almost any room, from a modest apartment in Khrushchev or a multi-room cottage and ending with a banquet hall or a government residence. There are a lot of options, and a little at the same time. First, you can decorate the interior with indoor plants, and secondly, use cut fresh flowers or compositions of artificial or dried flowers. How does it look in practice? Let's find out. interior decoration with flowers

Indoor plants in the interior

Living indoor plants not only decorateinterior, but also share their own energy. To decorate the dwelling with live flowers, people started in times immemorial. First - for mystical reasons, and only then - paying a tribute to fashion or hobby. So such an ancient way of decorating the house is actual today. However, just to grow flowers in pots and pots is not enough. To house flowers have become a decoration of the house, you must adhere to certain rules. So, for example, indoor plants should be in harmony with the situation and the purpose of the room. If you place flowers on the window, it is best to stop on small pots with beautifully flowering plants: violets, cyclamenes, fuchsia, geraniums. Small decorative flowers will also be relevant here. Large plants are more suitable for spacious rooms, office spaces and lobbies. Therefore, palms, croton, ficus and other room giants are no longer in vogue when it comes to small apartments. By the way, spectacular specimens are best placed separately, and for flowers with small or unimpressive leaves to select the appropriate company. For tall indoor plants it is important to choose the right background and provide them with sufficient lighting (however, this applies to all colors). The best background for green plants is considered to be smoothly painted light walls, but the variegated flowers will look great against a dark background. Solid black walls will be a suitable background for flowering specimens, as well as for plants with light foliage. Small leaves of house colors are lost on the background of wallpaper with a large or bright pattern. But large-leaved flowers will effectively look at this background, naturally complementing it. It is also important to consider the shape and size of indoor flowers that will help balance the space. So, for example, spreading flowers can be placed near the walls, covered with wallpaper with a vertical pattern. Ampelnye plants, as well as tall and narrow specimens visually raise the ceilings and push the walls apart. If you decorate the interior with room colors collected in groups, then it will be easier for you to look after them, and the plants themselves will feel more comfortable in this microclimate. It is important only to combine plants according to their requirements to the conditions of their maintenance and to have light-loving or heat-loving flowers, shadow-tolerant or drought-resistant in one group. Plants in groups should not stand very close to each other and it is desirable that their leaves do not come in contact. This will protect flowers from disease and infection by pests. In one composition you can use ampel and tree-like plants, succulents and flowering specimens, but on condition that you can provide them with the proper care and conditions of detention. Decorability of the colors themselves is emphasized and the corresponding accessories. First of all, flower pots, which can already become an ornament of the interior. Floral stands and shelves also help to harmoniously place plants in the interior. And the latest fashion squeak in this area is a special highlight. In addition to decoration, flowers in the interior can perform certain functions. Use of indoor plants is appropriate when zoning the premises, using, for example, a flower rack as an internal partition. And in the kitchen is not superfluous to plant plant filters that can purify the air. Do not forget about the basic rules of hygiene or safety. For a bedroom, some indoor flowers are counter-indicative, for example, diffenbachia or monstera. And in a house where animals or small children live, you should not breed poisonous and potentially dangerous (prickly, for example) plants. beautiful interior decoration with flowers

Bouquets and bouquets

If with indoor plants all more or lessclearly, then cut or dried flowers require a special campaign. By and large, any bouquet of fresh flowers can transform the interior. However, the laws of floral design also apply here. It would seem, which is simpler: I put a bouquet in a vase, put it on a table or on a chest of drawers - and now a bright element of decor is ready. Yes, it's simple, but you can show your imagination and apply an unconventional approach. The same bouquet can be put on a shelf, on the floor, hung on a wall in pots. You can place a flower bouquet not only in the living room or in the bedroom. Flowers will revitalize the interior of the kitchen and the bathroom and transform the hallway. If the bouquet becomes a central composition for interior design, then it should be large (bulky), symmetrical and not too colorful. Ideal flowers for such a bouquet will be lilies, gladioluses or roses. Such a bouquet will perfectly fit into the classic interior. Special charm will be given to the interior of bouquets, decorated in vintage style and made up of blossoming or even slightly wilted roses and any colors of pastel shades. Country style or grunge style will emphasize a pastoral bouquet of garden or field flowers in a white porcelain vase or in a decorative bucket, a topiary made of artificial flowers and small modest bouquets of undersized violets, tagetis and petunias. Glass and metal in combination with exotic flowers will perfectly fit into the interior, decorated in a minimalist or in any modern style. Also suitable for this interior are Japanese ikebans or large single flowers (gerberas, gladioli, feces). Excellent look any flowers on the background of mirrors, placed in the center of the room directly under the chandelier or exposed on the window with the curtains rolled back. A special chic floral composition will give additional decorative details: figurines, napkins or tablecloths. With regard to artificial flowers, the same rules apply to bouquets and compositions from fresh flowers. But do not forget about one important caveat. Artificial flowers in the interior should be either indistinguishable from the living, or stressedly unnatural. There is no third. So do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to decorate your life and your house with flowers. It does not matter, they grow in a pot or stand in a vase, whether they are alive or artificial. It is important that the flowers really decorate the interior, and do not look accidentally trapped in your house. Let the feeling of style does not change you. Good luck! We advise you to read: