interior for the boy's children's room All parents want their children to be happy. And that not only their childhood, but also adult years turned out to be happy. Naturally, they try to educate their children in the right "key": developing femininity in girls, and masculinity in boys. And if everything is more or less clear with the girls, then the boys are not so clear. How, for example, to educate a boy's masculine character, develop endurance, willpower and other attributes of masculinity, while not forcing him to endure some deprivation and create comfortable living conditions. By the way, psychologists believe that in shaping the character of the boy (and the girls too), it is important not only the right methods and a personal example, but also the space surrounding the child. From this point of view, the design of the children's room in general and for the boy in particular becomes one of the significant moments in the formation of the child's personality. Which design to choose for a boy of teenage age? How to decorate the interior of a junior school room? And on what interior design of the children's room will stop, if the baby still goes to the nursery? Let's try to figure it all out.

Baby features for boy

In many ways the design of a children's room for boys andgirls are similar. So, for example, in both cases the zoning of the room is actual, when the interior of the room is divided into functional zones-territories: for sleeping, for classes and for recreation (games). It is believed that the design of the child should take into account the individual characteristics of children. Universal and the requirements for interior design in terms of room lighting, which must find the main source of lighting, and fixtures in separate functional areas. But the design of the children's room for the boy still has its own characteristics. Still, the male character is very different from the subtle psychic organization of a woman. At the forefront, both psychologists and designers put forward such a demand as laconism (nothing superfluous) and restraint (nothing pretentious). Secondly, the choice of the design concept directly depends on the age of the child: different ages - different needs. Thirdly, a clear functionality is very important: it is not common for men to territorially combine different spheres of their activity. And, of course, already in childhood, any man is guided by the motto "my territory is my rules". Therefore, taking into account the wishes of the child, his interests and hobbies is very important, developing the interior design of the room for the boy. It is the latter factor that becomes decisive when choosing a design concept. That is why the interior of the room for a boy is most often made out not in a stylistic, but in a thematic manner. And especially the male psyche combined with the child's determine the correct color solution of the interior. Let's start with color, perhaps. interior of a children's room for a boy

Room color for a boy

Choosing a color room solution for the boy,consider his age and temperament. If the future owner of the room is still very small and is in a tender infant age, then psychologists advise decorating the interior of the children's room in saturated bright colors. Large figures and geometric shapes will also be appropriate. The maturing boy, who can not yet decide on his own color preferences, completely trusts his parents. Therefore, it is important to consider the advice of a psychologist when choosing the color of a room for a child of this age. Namely:

  • All the shades of blue are relaxing and contribute to the development of creative inclinations.
  • White color is neutral and can be an excellent background for bright colored furniture and interior items.
  • Yellow color is appropriate in the zone of games, since it is considered the color of curiosity.
  • Green color removes irritation, increases efficiency and has a good effect on eyesight.
  • Orange color promotes the appearance of joyful feelings and confidence, but in excess this color is able to act depressingly.
  • Contraindicated (from the point of view of psychologists) for the interior of the children's room red and purple. The first develops aggression, the second apathy.
  • And a few more tips:

  • For quiet children it is desirable to choose bright and expressive colors and patterns.
  • Interior design for an active and mobile child should be addressed in a mature gamut with a minimum variety of colors.
  • For a room located on the shady side, you need to choose warm shades and light colors.
  • Excessively lit children can be "muffled" by decorating the interior with cool shades.
  • And, most importantly - to focus on the age and temperament of the boy.
  • Thematic design of the nursery for the boy

    To satisfy children's ambitions and to some extent realize boyish fantasies the thematic design of the children's room will help. What topics are especially popular among boys?

    • Marine theme

    Sea theme always excited boyishimagination. Pirates and caravels, military submarines and fearless scuba divers, underwater world and sea life - that will make any boy feel like a real man: brave and strong, noble and honest. For the color design of the interior of this room any "marine" colors will suit: blue, blue, azure, turquoise. It is obligatory to use the texture and color of natural wood and, of course, any naval attributes: helmets, anchors, compasses, pirate flags, sails, portholes.

    • Theme of travel

    Very close to the marine theme, and ecologicalsubjects. The interior of the room of a young traveler can be decorated in different styles and choose different "subtopics", from sea voyages to safaris. The color scheme - light shades, beige and sand color in combination with blue and green, brown and white. Accessories - maps and globes, models of ships, trophies from hikes, photos of different continents and countries. However, the topics of travel and the sea are more suitable for a preschooler's room or a junior schoolboy. However, many teenagers will not give up such an interior decoration of their room.

    • Sports subjects

    In the sports theme, you can decorate the interiora young athlete or a passionate fan. Here, too, different options are possible depending on what kind of sport the child is engaged in. Football and hockey, boxing and gymnastics, skiing and swimming, car racing and weightlifting can all become a particular theme of the boy's room design. The main colors of this room should be white, green and red. But it all depends on the specific sport and colors of your favorite team. Attributes must also be athletic, starting from a sporting corner or shells and ending with their own diplomas and medals of the child and posters with photos of sports idols.

    • Japanese theme

    The interior, decorated in Japanese themes,perfect for both boys with a philosophical outlook, and for the samurai boys. The stylistic solution of such a room is minimalism. Preferred quiet, discreet colors (white, silver-gray, lemon-yellow, beige) and light miniature furniture. The main thematic accessories are hieroglyphs, mats, bamboo curtains, samurai swords, Japanese vases and fans. Let's admit and other decor: a garden of stones, bonsai, images of Japanese landscapes.

    • Theme of technology

    Almost all the boys are fond of technology. Do not leave the boys indifferent cars and airplanes, trains and tanks, rockets and ships. Recommendations for the main colors of the interior of such a room there - they can be any. The main thing here is the attributes and thematic accessories. But the stylistic decision of this interior suggests itself - high-tech or military. And, accordingly, in this case it is necessary to create a design and decorate the interior in accordance with the requirements of these styles. children's interior for the boy

    Tips for parents

    Whatever style or theme for your roomthe child you did not choose, no matter how you designed the interior, follow two important rules. First, the children's room should be environmentally friendly and safe, so give preference to natural finishing materials, avoid heavy or unstable furniture, try not to conduct open electrical wiring and put children's electrical outlets. And the boy's room should be easy to clean. If for a very young inhabitant this is not relevant, then teenagers have to cope with cleaning their room very quickly. If the child is cluttered, then even the greatest akuratist can not maintain order in it. And try not to violate the territorial possessions of its inhabitant once again. Even small men consider their territory inviolable, and the rules acting on it are inviolable. Make up the design of the future room together: it's very important for your boy to take part in planning and decorating your room. For a boy it is generally important not only to have his own opinion, but consider this opinion authoritative. And who, if not parents, can teach him not only the expression of his point of view, but also the ability to defend it, in short, be a real man. We advise you to read: