facial hair Women have always given their appearancea lot of time. Look beautiful, attract the attention of men, feel the views from the side - this is about every girl, perhaps. And it seems everything is fine: the skin of the face is clean, the make-up is beautiful, the hair is laid, but here something still does not give rest. What is it? And this is the hair growing on the face. Hair on the face is considered an absolutely normal phenomenon from nature. But for the fairer sex, they are a huge problem, preventing you from enjoying your appearance and capable of creating complexes. Hair removal on the face is a problem that worries so many women. Someone was more lucky, the hair on the face either does not grow, or they are not visible at all due to the light color. Why do these hair appear and how to get rid of them? The first thing to do is to determine the exact cause of hair growth on the face. causes of hair growth on the face

Causes of intense hair growth

One of the most common causes ofThe growth of hair on the female face is menopause. This is due to the fact that the function of the ovaries freezes, the active formation of androgen (male hormone) begins. It is the production of this hormone that causes hair growth. During puberty in the girl's body, hormonal changes also occur that directly affect the growth of unwanted hair. And here the reason lies in the same. Girls who have exceeded the production of male hormones tend to suffer from a similar problem. The cause of hair growth can be a disease, which is called hirsutism. This disease is characterized by a high content of male hormones in the female body. And over time, hair appears more and more. Of course, it will be correct to initially diagnose the disease with a doctor, and afterwards seek help from a cosmetologist. Very often the growth of hair on the face is transmitted by hereditary path. So, for example, if your mom or grandmother had a lot of hair, it's likely that you will have the same. Any hormonal failure or dysfunction of the ovaries can cause this problem. There is also an increase in the content of the male hormone, which leads to the growth of unwanted hair, which you want to get rid of. There is a likelihood that the hair on the face appears as a result of using various folk and cosmetic products for hair growth. Wanting to make the head of hear even more attractive and thick, you yourself can provoke hair growth in other places. Before you start to remove facial hair, it is very important to determine the cause of their growth. Only by eliminating it, you can get rid of this problem. Only then it will be rational to visit a cosmetologist. correct facial hair removal

Facial hair removal

Now there is a huge variety ofvarious technologies for removing unwanted hair. Before resorting to any of the methods of removal, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist or endocrinologist. You may need treatment. So, which hair removal method to choose? Electrolysis of hair This technology involves the destruction of the hair from the inside. Absolutely every hair follicle is treated separately with a special needle, which penetrates to the very root of the hair and transmits a weak current to it. Thus, the hair is destroyed and can not grow again. This method of depilation is considered one of the most reliable. It is worth saying that such hair removal can take a lot of time (from several sessions to months of regular procedures). The drawbacks of electrolysis include its high cost, as well as painful sensations during the procedure. For example, it takes up to ten hours to remove the tendrils growing above the upper lip, while removing the hair from the chin can take about fifteen hours. The time of removal can also increase. It depends on the hardness of the hair, the intensity of its growth. Be prepared for the fact that you can give up to 4 thousand rubles per hour of the procedure. Your hormonal background, which affects hair growth, can also affect the cost of this procedure. Photo or laser hair removal This method is not only the fastest method of hair removal for long periods, but also one of the most reliable. The principle of action is the intense impact of light beams on the hair follicles. Thus, the growth of new hair stops. One such session affects a thousand hairs. To completely eliminate the problem, at least three to six sessions of laser therapy will be required. If you compare photoepilation with the previous method, you can see that there are much less painful sensations here, and not much time is spent. So, for example, one procedure of photoepilation on the upper lip will take no more than a minute, and hair removal from the chin - no more than five minutes. Thanks to this method, you will save yourself from the problem of unwanted hair growth and permanent visits to the beautician. Nevertheless, we can not call photoepilation the most convenient and universal method of hair removal. After all, it is he who is the most expensive procedure to combat this problem. The cost for one session can be up to 15 thousand rubles, and after all the number of sessions can reach up to six. This procedure is not suitable for everyone, before making a decision, be sure to consult with a specialist. Depilation with wax or sugar The great advantage of this procedure is its availability. It is not only cheap enough, but also very convenient, because it can be carried out without leaving home. Now this method has become increasingly popular. In any store you can easily purchase special sets for depilation of various manufacturers. Prices for these sets are completely different. Regularly carrying out this procedure at home, you can achieve the best result, no worse than in the cabin. Hair removal on the face with the help of wax is a fairly simple procedure. A thin layer of wax is applied to the skin of the face, then a thin strip of paper is superimposed on top of it, after which the paper is removed from the face with a sharp movement of the hand. All hair remains on a paper strip. A similar procedure can be carried out with the use of sugar. Unlike wax, sugar is considered a more natural product, because it does not add various chemical compounds, which are so many in the composition of wax. Sugar adheres only to the hairs, but not to the skin. Due to this, this method is considered less painful and does not irritate the skin. By the disadvantages of this method can be attributed to the fact that short hairs are unlikely to be removed. The length should be at least 5 mm, so that wax or sugar can grab them. But, nevertheless, the skin after wax and sugar remains smooth from three to six weeks. It all depends on how quickly new hair grows. Tweezers and chemical products for depilation This method is considered the most common among women. It is very convenient, but only if there are not so many unwanted hair. All that is needed is a good and high-quality tweezers, more light and a magnifying mirror. Hair must be removed in the direction of its growth. It is best to conduct this procedure after showering or taking bath procedures. The skin will be steamed, the pores open, and the removal will be quicker and easier. To remove pain during removal, you can use a special balm, which will help remove and irritation from the skin. This method is similar to removal with the help of wax and sugar, and the result is saved for about the same period. Very popular for hair removal chemical depilation means. Their choice is diverse, the price is affordable, but the result may not justify your expectations. It is necessary to apply caution to such funds on the face, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions and conduct a small test for an allergic reaction. If everything is done correctly, then you have the opportunity to get rid of unwanted hair for up to two weeks. Make the hair on the face less visible will help and their discoloration. At first glance, the discoloration procedure seems very simple and cheap. But in fact, only properly selected means can help get rid of the problem. Means for discoloration can cause allergic reactions to the skin, irritation and redness. Hair removal with thread A very old method of solving the problem is hair removal with the help of ordinary thread. This method was popular in ancient times, but in the modern world it has not lost its relevance. Now in many beauty salons use this method. To remove hair, you only need a thread about 20 centimeters long. The ends of the thread must be connected together to obtain a circle. After that, you need to take a thread and twist it four times (make a loop). After this, it is necessary to grasp the edges of the obtained thread, lean it against the face and then with one or the other hand to move the fingers of the hands so that the loop moves left and right, while capturing the hairs. This method of removal is very convenient, because, unlike tweezers, it removes hair much faster, and unlike depilation creams and razors, does not cut hair, but removes it completely. The easiest way is to remove hair with a razor (machine). Using this method, you should be careful. Do not forget that the hair can grow quickly enough, in the event that the male hormone you have in abundance. In the worst case, you have to shave them every day. Be careful not to press hard on the skin, so as not to injure it. Be sure to use special creams and shaving gels to avoid irritation on the skin. Retarders of growth and traditional medicine It should be noted that these remedies will not relieve you of the already existing hairs. They are only able to affect the hair follicle, to slow its growth from the inside. The hair will become thinner and lighter as a result, which will greatly facilitate the subsequent depilation and make it more effective. Similar preparations are issued in the form of creams, which must be rubbed into the skin at least twice a day. It will take about a month or two before you see the result. In choosing such a tool, consult with a specialist who will help you choose exactly what suits you. Means of traditional medicine are considered sufficiently effective in solving the problem. They save not only your time, but also money. Any of the means can be easily prepared independently, without resorting to the help of professionals and cosmetologists. Manganese and iodine are considered the best and most popular means for hair removal. For the first method you need manganese. The procedure is preferably performed before bedtime. Manganese crystals must be filled with hot water. The solution should be sufficiently weak and light, otherwise you can get burns on the skin. With a cotton swab, you need to moisten the hair removal sites, after which they will disappear. The disadvantages of this method include the fact that it is possible to get a burn on the skin, as well as color. A no less effective folk remedy is a solution of iodine. To do this, you need a small amount of iodine mixed with castor oil, ammonia and a tablespoon of medical alcohol. After all, mix thoroughly and leave for a while. The ready solution should be applied to the face twice a day, then rinse thoroughly. There are many other ways to remove unwanted hairs. With this problem is able to cope both traditional medicine and modern cosmetology. The right of choice is always yours. Be sure to consult with a specialist before making any decision and using one of the listed methods to solve the problem. Beauty, good luck and success!