pain with gastritis Gastritis can rightfully be called a real scourgemodernity - doctors say that every third person on the planet suffers from this misfortune. Someone remembers about gastritis extremely rarely, only too heavily loaded stomach with heavy food, and someone has unsweetened almost every day. But nevertheless in most cases gastritis for the time being does not worry too much about its "owner", so the person, unfortunately, does not pay attention to the disease. Why, unfortunately, you ask? Yes, because sooner or later gastritis still declare itself. And declares so loudly that you are confident - you will not seem a little, because the pains with gastritis are usually very, very intense.

What is gastritis and why does it appear?

Before moving on to the issue of pain,I would like to lightly refresh your memory, telling you about what is gastritis in general and where such a misfortune is taken. The entire cavity of the stomach is lined with a mucous membrane on which the glands that produce gastric juice are located. And it is this mucous stomach that takes over the whole blow-fried dishes, smoked products, chips and all the other charm of the modern food industry. And not only food, but also pharmacological - very many drugs are very, very aggressive. For the time being, the resistant stomach resists aggression on it. But sooner or later the mucous membrane becomes inflamed - this is the process doctors call gastritis. And there are a lot of varieties of gastritis - superficial, diffuse, erosive. But the nature of the emergence of all one is inflammation of the mucous membrane. Not so long ago, gastritis mostly affected adults aged 25 years and older. But recently the disease. Alas. is rapidly growing younger. And doctors are no longer surprised, once again diagnosing gastritis, even in preschool children. What, however. and it is not surprising, because the principles of proper nutrition to the modern society have long been alien - at best semi-finished products. severe pain with gastritis

Treatment of gastritis

As already mentioned above, all life is gastritisignore it is unlikely you will succeed - the pain will not allow. Although, of course, there are hotel very patient individuals who manage to endure this pain, but there are only a few. Therefore, gastritis should be treated - you do not want to experience pain regularly? And the pain is far from the only consequence of ignoring gastritis. If treatment is not started in time, the likelihood of developing a stomach ulcer is very high. but this is a completely different story, and very sad. Do not try to treat gastritis yourself, as you can only harm your body. And it is very important to make sure that you are dealing with gastritis, and not with something worse. Therefore, as soon as you suspect a problem with the stomach, immediately go to the doctor-gastroenterologist. The doctor will examine you, clarify the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate course of treatment. The only thing you can do is strictly follow all the doctor's recommendations. And, of course, strictly adjust your diet, excluding from it all fatty, fried foods, foods with preservatives and dyes, alcohol, carbonated drinks. All dishes should have a soft consistency - at least for the duration of treatment of gastritis. unpleasant pain with gastritis

Folk recipes for pain

Since the pain with gastritis is strong enough,tolerate them very difficult. And it is not necessary, because there are a lot of ways to get rid of pain. The doctor, of course, will prescribe pain medication for you, but do not forget about natural remedies. In folk medicine, there are many tools that will relieve you of stomach pain quickly enough. I would like to draw your attention - almost all the means are based on the medicinal properties of plants. Therefore, people who have a tendency to develop allergic reactions, they should be abandoned. Well, or choose those funds that include only those herbs that you are not allergic to exactly.

  • Honey with milk

Honey with milk is a great help not only forcatarrhal diseases, but also with pains in the stomach. Preheat half a glass of warm milk, dissolve in it one teaspoon of natural honey and drink in small sips. Milk perfectly removes even a strong attack - the pain will be gone within 10-15 minutes. And if you drink milk with honey every morning, then the seizures will not be repeated, because you are acting ahead of time. But remember - honey very often causes allergies!

  • Milk with chamomile

If you are allergic to honey, replace it witha camomile. By the way, milk with chamomile not only pain relieves, but also contributes to a speedy recovery. To prepare the product, put half a teaspoon of chamomile into the cup, pour boiling water and leave to infuse for 20 minutes. Do not forget to strain the infusion after this! If you have a painful attack - you will need a whole glass of chamomile milk. And for prevention, enough and half - most importantly, drink milk on an empty stomach.

  • Thyme

Place in a thermos two tablespoons of thyme,pour two cups of boiling water and insist for 24 hours. Then strain the broth and pour into any glass container. A sick person should drink a few sips of infusion every two hours. The taste of the infusion is not very pleasant, but sugar can not be added - it is very irritating to the gastric mucosa. In extreme cases, add a little honey.

  • Aloe

Aloe comes to the rescue in cases where painbecomes almost unbearable. Be ready - the taste of aloe is very specific and can not be reconciled with it by far not every person. the very treatment is extremely simple - take the aloe leaf, wash it, peel it and just eat it. You will feel relief in just five to ten minutes. But too often to resort to this method doctors do not recommend.

  • Banana infusion

Bananas are not only a very useful fruit, but alsoa wonderful anesthetic. If you or your relatives have gastritis, it's good to have the following remedy in the refrigerator - it will relieve the pain in a matter of minutes. So, you need peppermint, banana, soda on the tip of the knife and a little boiling water. Pound the mint thoroughly - you should get one teaspoon. Pour mint with a tablespoon of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. At this time, clean half of the banana, chop it with a fork, mix with the mint and add a third of a teaspoon - this mixture will be enough for you at one time. How much mixture to cook for future use - consider yourself, depending on the frequency of pain attacks. But keep in mind that the mixture can be stored for no more than two weeks. And only in the refrigerator, if you do not want to get into gastritis, you also get food poisoning. And one more important point - this remedy can not be used by pregnant women.

  • Novocaine

This tool is not quite popular, but extremelyeffective. Although, of course, abusing it in any case is not worth it. And it would be nice to consult with your doctor in order to start. And only if the doctor gave good, you can try. Buy Novocain in a pharmacy in ampoules - it is for injection. When you feel pain, mix one teaspoon of novocaine with a teaspoon of sour cream or yogurt and take it. After about 15 minutes, the pain begins to recede. But remember - this remedy can not be used more than once a day, since the medicine itself does not work in the most favorable way on the mucous membrane. All of the above methods relieve the pain in the stomach quite well. But remember that all this is only a temporary measure and in no case can it be made an alternative to normal full treatment. First of all, it is necessary to treat the cause (gastritis), and not just try to eliminate its effect (pain). We advise you to read: