how to grow a tea mushroom During the Soviet era, the tea mushroom was practicallyevery kitchen - he lived on the windowsill in a glass jar, but I did not know how to grieve. But then the tea mushroom was replaced by colas, phantas and other benefits of civilization. Gradually, everyone loved the drink from the tea mushroom began to be forgotten. But recently interest in tea has returned. Which, however, is not surprising, because the tea mushroom has a number of very useful properties and, in the end, just a pleasant taste. But the bad luck - earlier, when the tea mushroom was very popular, it was not worth it to find. And today is a rather difficult task. But it is not easy if you do not know how to grow a mushroom at home from scratch. Yes-yes, it is quite possible and nothing complicated in growing a tea mushroom. All that you need for this, there is almost every kitchen. Proper care is all you need to get it right. Well, of course, some knowledge that you can get now.

Growing a mushroom from black tea

If you need a tea mushroom just fora tasty drink with a fortifying effect, you can grow a tea mushroom only from black tea. You will need a three-liter can, gauze, teapot, boiling water, sugar and large-leaf black tea. And the welding should be the most usual, without any additives - the cheaper, the better. The first thing to do is to wash the 3-liter jar very carefully, which will become the residence of your fungus. This is a must, since the mushroom is very fond of cleanliness. Otherwise, he will die, and not having time to grow. And one more very important point: do not use synthetic detergents to wash the jars - enough ordinary baking soda. In the teapot, place five tablespoons of black tea and fill them with half a liter of steep boiling water, leave until the brewing completely cools. Then add 7 tablespoons of sugar to the tea leaves, carefully stir and strain with gauze. Pour the sweet strong brew into a three-liter can, top it with a gauze cloth and put it in a warm place for about a month and a half. Somewhere in a week and a half there will be a strong vinegar smell - it's perfectly normal, you'll have to wait a little. After 5-6 days, the smell will practically disappear, and a thin film will form on the surface of the liquid - this is the tea mushroom. Every day it will become thicker and thicker - the growth of the fungus does not cease all his life. how to grow a tea mushroom

Cultivation of fungus from hips

If the task of your tea mushroom is not onlyremoval of thirst, but also taking care of your health, it is best to give preference to growing from the hips. Such a tea mushroom is a real find in the cold season, during the flu season and colds, and also in the spring when avitaminosis is activated. The principle of growing is the same as that of simple brewing, but there are some nuances about which we now talk. First you need to prepare an extract of dogrose. For this you can use both fresh and dried fruits, which are sold in any pharmacy. Place in a thermos four tablespoons of rose hips, pour half a liter of boiling water and cover, leave for five days. After the briar infusion is ready, you can proceed directly to the cultivation of the fungus. Wash a three-liter jar, pour into it the briar infusion and pre-cooked tea leaves - based on a tablespoon of large-leaf black tea on a glass of boiling water. Add 5 tablespoons of sugar and mix thoroughly, leave for a day. After strain with gauze cloth, rinse the jar and again fling the infusion into the jar. Cover the jar with a gauze cloth, previously folded into several layers and put in a warm dark place. Further the process will develop according to the standard scheme - in about two weeks there will be a strong vinegar smell, which will soon disappear. And the fungus itself is formed after one and a half to two months.

Care of a tea mushroom

Growing of a tea fungus at home withscratch is another half of the matter. The second no less important half is the proper care for the fungus. Otherwise, you risk not get a tasty drink, but something that resembles vinegar. And even worse, a tea mushroom grown with such care will simply perish. By the way, there is an excellent indicator of the health of the mushroom - it should always be on the surface of the water. If your mushroom has sank to the bottom, or after refilling the tea leaves refuses to float again - it is very likely that he is ill. If the tea mushroom is sick, you made a mistake in the care. So, it must be treated, and in all cases, without exception, treatment is one - cleanliness and proper care.

  • Volume of liquid

As you remember, initially in the bank is locateda small amount of liquid - about 0.5 liters. But when the fungus has already grown up, the liquid should be much larger - about three liters. It goes without saying that the tea mushroom is not a decoration item for you and you will drink it. So, do not forget to add liquid regularly. To do this, you can use already spilled tea leaves - pour it with boiling water, cool and add sugar, then pour into the jar. Sugar should not be very much - no more than two tablespoons per liter of liquid. If necessary, it is better to add sugar to the cup with a drink. Very many people do not filter tea leaves - just add it. For the fungus, there is no harm in this, just then you will not be very comfortable drinking a drink. But harm will not be only if all the sugar is completely dissolved - sugar pellets should in no case be in contact with the surface of the fungus.

  • Bath day

Once every two to three weeks, be sure to arrangea tea mushroom bath day. Mushroom itself very carefully remove from the can, put on a wide plate, trying not to deform severely. The liquid in which the mushroom was found is carefully filtered using gauze cloth and poured into a clean three-liter jar. Place a plate of mushroom in the sink and gently wash it with warm (but not hot) water, leave it on air for a couple of minutes. Then also carefully place the tea mushroom in a jar and cover with a gauze cloth. Everything, "chopping" of the tea fungus on this is over. It would seem that an absolutely simple procedure, which is very simple, but thanks to it your tea mushroom will be healthy. Otherwise, the fungus will begin to ache - at first it will acquire a brown tint, and then completely begin to separate. To save such a mushroom is very difficult, and in most cases it's easier to grow a new one. A drink from such a tea mushroom drink is generally not recommended, because it not only loses its benefits, but more than that - it becomes dangerous for health. Remember that the tea mushroom infusion should always be exceptionally transparent.

  • Keeping of a tea mushroom

Another necessary condition for health teafungus - its proper storage. First, the temperature - high enough it should be only when growing a tea mushroom. Then the optimum temperature should not exceed 18 degrees. Secondly - illumination. For normal life of a tea mushroom, light is simply necessary, and the light day should be no less than 8 hours. But direct sunlight should be avoided, so do not repeat a very common mistake - do not put a jar of mushrooms on the windowsill. how to make a tea mushroom

Benefits of a tea mushroom

You can not at least not briefly mention the beneficial properties of the tea fungus - after all, for good reason, in the end, do you fuss with it?

  • Metabolism and immune system

The first thing to say about it is about vitamins. In a drink from a tea fungus is much more useful substances than in the most expensive vitamin and mineral complex. Vitamins, minerals, coal, lactic and other acids, minerals, enzymes - this is not a complete list. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that a drink made from a tea fungus has the most positive effect on the functioning of the immune system and normalizes the metabolism.

  • The digestive tract

You are suffering from gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer diseasestomach and duodenum, dysbiosis? Just one glass of a drink from a tea mushroom, drunk on an empty stomach can improve the situation in just a week. A regular use of it contributes to a complete cure. By the way, the drink very well eliminates even the most severe heartburn. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in growing and caring for a tea mushroom. Therefore, if you set out to grow this miracle mushroom yourself, dare, for the good is obvious! We advise you to read: