creative hairstyles for long hair The dream of every girl is luxurious, thick andlong hair. After all, they allow you to play with your images: to try on new hair, haircuts, styling and look always excellent, even when the hair is simply dismissed. Today we will talk about what creative haircuts for long hair are especially popular this season.

Graduated haircuts

Stylists assure that on long hair alwaysthe graded haircuts look great, which, on the one hand, make it possible to add an extra volume (its long hair is often deprived), and from the second - they bring in the image a little bit of daring, making it more dynamic and fashionable. Such haircuts are perfectly complemented by multi-layered bangs. However, always pay attention to the features of your face. If it is round, choose a fringe oblique, if the face is oval, then experiment with straight, short or long bangs - choose the one you like, because the ideal shape of the face allows it. Today in the trend of torn graded haircuts - it is thanks to them that you can do all sorts of hairstyles in the style of "Grunge". However, such hairstyles require an appropriate style, which should manifest itself in a general way: in clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up. Then the haircut will look natural, and not ridiculous. beautiful creative hairstyles for long hair

"Lesenka" haircut

It would seem that the ladder is a classic, traditionalvariant hairstyle. However, it can also be performed in various ways. As in the first case, the ladder gives the hair volume, making them more lush. You can twist the hair, curling them up or down, depending on the situation. Are you going to an evening event and want your hair to be more elegant? There is nothing easier and at the same time more advantageous than to tighten the hair in a tight tight bundle, leaving a few loose curls in front. Despite the fact that such a hairstyle is performed in a couple of minutes, it adequately adorns any image.

"Ragged" haircuts

Continuing to talk about the actual todayhairstyles, it is worth remembering about all sorts of "ragged" haircuts. Today, when hairdressing art amazes with an abundance of creative, unconventional and incredible ideas, it's a sin not to try to create a stylish masterpiece on your long hair! To perform a torn haircut, the master cuts the ends of the hair with a razor, thereby creating the effect that the hair is deliberately gently torn off, thus facilitating them. Of course, this version of the hairstyle is not for fine hair - the haircut will look poor and meager on them, but if you are the owner of a thick head of hair, then this is just your option. You can comb your hair on one side, paint the ends in contrasting bright colors - with such a haircut you will always be in the spotlight.

Slanting haircuts

The oblique haircut for long hair is carried out byLong oblong oblique form, which is especially popular today. Exquisitely decorated bangs, you can make a holistic, elegant image, combining classics and a touch of audacity. By the way, this haircut is suitable for almost all owners of long hair. However, do not forget that long hair with a bang of a similar shape needs special attention. In this case, you need to focus on the shape of the face. As mentioned above, in such haircuts the emphasis is on the bangs. Keep it in harmony with your face. By the way, the classic cascading hairstyle with bangs looks cardinally in a new way, unlike its standard execution. fashionable creative hairstyles for long hair

The long square

A long square is a versatile, stylish andalways a fashionable hairstyle for any hair, regardless of their structure or color. Since the days of Cleopatra, this haircut has become popular with many women. It is always elegant and elegant, also suitable for all occasions: for work and study, for going out into the light or relaxing with friends. Advantages of the quads is that it does not require daily long laying-it's only 10-15 minutes and the hair is ready. Hairdressers recommend this haircut to owners of fine hair, which do not have a good volume. But those girls, whose hair is very curly, will have to work hard to make the quads look really delicious. You can also curl a long square, twisting strands in the form of rings and securing them to the neck. This will allow you to create splendid falling waves. They look great with a long bang, divided into strands. This hairstyle is ideal for an evening out or a walk with friends.

Haircuts with long bangs

If you have long straight hair, then theydelightfully will look with a thick, even and straight bangs. This option is especially suitable for girls whose face has an ideal oval shape. It is desirable that the length of such a bang was approximately to the eyebrows, because it draws attention to the eyes, making the look deeper, softer and more expressive. Another option is a bang with torn strands of different lengths. This contrast allows you to soften the facial features, giving it femininity and tenderness. The bangs of such a form hide the flaws, if any. Choose a slanting or asymmetric, stepped or graduated bangs - your image will be not just feminine, but also playful, youthful and trendy.

Round face: features haircuts

A round face has its own characteristics, whichyou need to consider when choosing a haircut. The first option, which is perfect for a round face, is the hair, combed back. In this case, it is better to comb the bangs on one side or not to leave it at all. Increase the volume of the hairstyle behind, starting from the chin. On the sides leave large curls. Lengthen the round face can and ordinary straight hair in the hairdress of cascades. This is just that multi-layered haircut, which allows you to leave any arbitrary length. If the ears are covered, the bangs can have both a short length and a longer length. Pay attention: if you have a round face, then, choosing a bang, stop the choice on the multi-level options. the most creative hairstyles for long hair

Oval face: features haircuts for long hair

Possessors oval face, perhaps, is worthenvy - such a correct form will suit any hairstyle and any length of bangs. In case the forehead is wide and the chin is long, slightly curly large curls will help to make the face more proportionate. You can wind hair on curlers or put them with a hair dryer and a large comb. Perfectly fit the oval face and voluminous luxurious strands on the sides. A high "horse" tail will further emphasize the correctness and accuracy of the features and lines of your face. But straight lines are not recommended - it is better to choose a parting of an asymmetric shape or oblique, in the form of a zigzag.

Long hair: rules of competent care

Of course, long hair is very demanding incare. They often become tangled, their ends split and break, and the hair is devoid of volume. How can we do so to avoid these problems? It is very important that the hair retain its density and volume. To help you will come masks, rinses, sprays and balms. There is a huge arsenal of folk remedies that will help maintain long hair in a magnificent condition. This will be discussed later. The first rule, which it is important never to forget, is to cut the tips every six weeks. In this way, you let the hair get all the useful ingredients from the caregivers. In addition, cut hair "breathe", due to which their growth is accelerated. The second tip - stop the choice of cosmetic preparations, which are based on oils, extracts and nourishing creams. Several times a week, make oil masks. Acquire macadamia and coconut oil for hair. Shea butter and olive oil are equally useful. You can apply one of them or combine the oils. Applying oil is recommended for several hours, warming hair with a polyethylene hat and towel. Take note of a good folk recipe, which fights with split hair. To do this, you need an egg yolk and lemon juice, literally a few drops. Stir these ingredients and apply the mixture to slightly damp hair. Well work out the ends, then curl the hair with a tourniquet. Leave this mask for thirty minutes, then rinse it and rinse the hair with herbal decoction. Do not always use a hair dryer - use it only when you really have little time, and you hurry. Doing daily hairstyles, you do not need to tighten the hair tightly and tie them with hard rubber bands - it's better that they are covered with textiles. Long hair is a delightful decoration, given by nature. It is not so easy to keep it in excellent condition. To hair has always been healthy, silky and soft, it is important to eat and sleep properly - lack of sleep and vitamins and stresses affect the overall condition of the hair. And properly selected creative hairstyles for long hair and competent care will allow you to always look delicious.