Faith Brezhnev Beauty Secrets Vera Brezhneva is one of the most beautiful starsRussian show business. A slender, elegant blonde with perfect skin and a sexy look is the subject of admiration not only for the male half of the population of our country, but also for the female. Who of us would not want to have the same chic, thick hair, long slender legs and an elegant figure? Looking at her in the clips, where she dances in a white swimsuit on the ocean, her beauty appears to be divine, and that to us, mere mortals, such perfection will never be achieved. However, everything is not as sublime as it seems. Its external attractiveness is the result of daily work on oneself, struggle against temptations and refusals of small, but harmful, "joys of life." Unlike many of us, in her busy schedule, she finds time for sports, skin care, and for proper, balanced nutrition. We present to you the secrets of beauty from Vera Brezhneva - a girl who independently achieved universal recognition and love.

Vera Brezhneva: from the saleswoman in the market to the superstar

Once a student of the Faculty of Economics VeraGalushko (she became Brezhnev after she was in the Via Gra group), who chose accounting for her future specialty, and did not suspect what her fame would be in the near future. A native of Dneprodzerzhinsk, she grew up in a poor family with three sisters, a mother and a disabled father. In order to help the family financially, the young Vera did not hesitate to work as a saleswoman in the market, and in the evenings to wash floors in a small cafe. In addition, to her twenty years, Galushko was a young mother, one raising a little daughter. Her life was not easy, and money was sorely lacking. Fate presented her with a gift in 2002. In her native Dneprodzerzhinsk there was a concert of the popular group "Via Gra". Faith, attending absolutely all the concerts held in her city, happily went to the event. It was at that concert that the participants of the collective announced a comic contest of doubles, to which Vera came out without hesitation. When the main soloist Alena Vinnitskaya asked the contestant to sing something, Galushko enthusiastically played the hit of that time, "Trying Number Five", while dancing gaily. Do not believe it, but to go on stage the future star prompted the promised prize: a box of beer from a local producer and a cap with the logo of their company. The cap was not given to her, but in return she received a much more pleasant prize: the chance to become one of the participants of the famous collective. The thing is that the producer of the band Konstantin Meladze modestly sat in the audience among the spectators, who carefully observed what was happening. He had long wanted to remove from the team twenty-eight-year-old Alena Vinnitskaya, who did not fit into the image of young, crazy and sexy beauties, but she could not find a replacement for her. When he saw Vera, he realized that he had found what he was looking for. Very soon the young student received an offer to send her photos and a voice recording to the production center, but Vera wanted so much to join the band that she appeared before the eyes of Meladze Sr. personally. Provincial Ukrainka with a strong accent, who can neither sing nor dance, set a condition: either within two months she learned everything, or goes home to Dneprodzerzhinsk. A girl who does not know how to take a single note has had a hard time: the teachers for a long time can not get results from her. However, the desire to change their lives was so great that exactly two months later she made a terrific impression on the incredulous producer. So Galushko became Brezhneva, starting her way from a typical student who trades in the market, to a mega-star that millions adore. Someone will say: lucky. But is it luck only to blame? In addition to her creative skills, the beginning singer had to learn a lot: it was the care for her appearance, and the art of make-up. What are the secrets of beauty and attraction of Vera Brezhneva, one of the most beautiful women of the modern show business? Let's figure it out. secrets of beauty from the faith of the Brezhnev

Secret number one: perfect skin

The state of the skin Vera pays simply hugeAttention. But how else, because the constant performances, concerts and interviews make it look fresh and well-groomed. And what is responsible for youth and beauty in the first place? That's right, the ideal condition of the skin. Brezhnev carefully listens to the recommendations of his cosmetologist and gives us the following tips for skin care:

  • There are the following skin types: normal - the one to which we should strive, dry, oily and combined. If you are a happy owner of normal skin, then all you need to do is maintain it in good condition. If you have dry skin, then know that its main enemies are lack of nutrition, sun and cold. In winter, it needs additional protection, and in summer - in creams containing SPF. Oily skin requires constant cleansing and treatment. For combined skin (most often it's dry cheeks and chin, fat T-zone) requires special care. In no case should you use the same cream for the whole face, because if you apply a tool for oily skin on a dry chin, then soon you will have problems in the form of redness and black spots.
  • It is very important to cleanse the skin properly and regularlyface, otherwise your pores will clog and there will be unpleasant consequences in the form of acne. Normal and dry skin is best cleaned with cosmetic milk, only it is not necessary to apply it on a cotton pad: so you risk stretching and injuring the skin, without really cleaning it. It is best to apply milk on your face with your fingers on the massage lines, so that it is well absorbed. And after that, wash it off with water, or with a wet cotton pad. For oily skin of the face during cleansing, it is best to use foam for washing - it penetrates deep into the pores and "pushes out" all the dirt on the surface. After the foam, you can use lotion, applying his cotton disc on the facial massage lines.
  • If you get up in the morning and are unhappy with your ownreflection in the mirror - a crumpled face and swelling on the upper and lower eyelids, - this problem can be solved by contrast washing. We splash on the face alternately hot and then cold water. With edemas on the eyelids, the following method will help to cope: we apply the cream on the skin, from above we put a cotton pad moistened with warm water, and lie down for about two to three minutes. When you rise, there will be no edema any more.

In addition, Vera Brezhneva advises herspectators are less nervous and smile more. Stress very badly affects the skin, making it duller and fainter. Do not live with pain in your soul, try to solve your problems, and then your skin will shine with health and youth for many long, long years.

Secret number two: proper nutrition

At the very beginning of his singing career, VeraBrezhnev understood one simple truth: self-discipline and work can help any person to reach unthinkable heights. These same principles, she adheres to the diet, abandoning such once-loved foods, like fried potatoes, mayonnaise and champagne. And even becoming mega popular and famous, the slender beauty does not allow herself to relax, and at least occasionally try forbidden foods. Of course, the secret of her harmony is not only in the absence of these three foods in the diet. In addition to the above, Brezhnev never eats fat, flour and sweet. Moreover, she completely refused any sauces at all, considering them harmful and heavy food for her stomach. Every morning the star starts with breakfast, it does not miss it either during the tour, or during a home rest. Every morning she eats a small portion of sour-milk products and cereal from any cereals. During the day, Brezhnev tries to consume protein foods - meat, fish or poultry. Sometimes at lunch she can afford some garnish (only not potatoes - we already said). Well, our beauty does not eat desserts at all, because the sweet and flour it has under the ban. Being in great shape, Vera Brezhneva is an opponent of diets, because they, in her opinion, always prohibit something. She regards her diet as a normal balanced diet, which is easy to follow and even pleasant to stick to. Feeding fractally, she tries not to miss a single meal, otherwise there is a chance next time to eat too much. Her last meal takes place no later than four hours before sleep, and she does not eat raw fruits and vegetables at this time. Brezhneva believes that these products, eaten at night, will make her get up in the morning with a "heavy" stomach. In order to cultivate self-discipline, Vera advises all girls and women to write down what they ate during the day. After all, sometimes we do not notice how much harmful and high-calorie food we eat per day. And even if we have a buffet table or a dinner party, we should pay close attention to how many calories we will use at the table. The best way not to overeat at such events is to eat at home before leaving, and on the holiday itself to limit the fish, salad without mayonnaise and a half portion of a light garnish. From drinks, and even more so from sweet sodas and juices, Brezhnev advises and completely refuse. secrets of the creed faith

Board number three: daily exercise

However hard you stick to the right onenutrition, and without sports, according to Vera, you can not achieve beauty and harmony of body. Brezhnev herself exercises daily, dedicating at least forty-five minutes a day. By sharing her beauty recipes, she is advised absolutely to all girls who want to lose weight and give the body a smart look, go to the gym or do sports at home, alone. For beginners athletes Brezhnev advises first of all to pay attention to large groups of muscles - the press, back, legs and buttocks. And only then go to the arms, shoulder girdle, shins and so on. In a word, you need to move from the center to the periphery - then your body will develop evenly and find a slender, smart appearance. And do not go deep into strength exercises alone, or, conversely, into cardio-operations. It is best, according to the singer, to combine both, and the other alternately. And do not say that you are a busy person and you have absolutely no time for sports. Start with the morning exercise - so you not only wake up faster, but also get a positive charge of energy for the whole day. It does not matter at what time of day you decide to study - the main thing is to do it daily. Let it first be five minutes a day, then ten, fifteen. After a very short time you will not be able to imagine your life without physical exertion, and your waist and press will become much more slender and fit.

Secret number four: makeup

Successful make-up - a pledge of attractiveness andsexuality of every woman. Vera Brezhnev is very responsible about the rules for applying make-up and gives valuable advice to all the girls who want to look irresistible. The singer constantly consults with her make-up artist and gives recommendations, which in no case can be done while applying make-up:

  • Never apply makeup on untreated skinperson, it looks not only untidy, but also creates a lot of problems for skin health. If you have not washed away tonal remedy in the evening, and in the morning, apply another layer, the makeup will lie unevenly, and the skin will become clogged and stop breathing. As a result - a hideous complexion and inflamed points in the form of pimples.
  • Applying makeup in the morning, do not forget about it forday. No matter how much you are busy, find fifteen minutes to correct your makeup. Imagine: in the afternoon your powder was showered, the shadows in the eyes turned into sloppy strips, and the arrow on one eye was completely erased. Even worse is the "eaten" lipstick, when only the uneven, untidy contour remains from the morning layer. Pick up the mirror and tidy up the makeup. If you can not do it, then do not make a make-up at all.
  • If you use a lip pencil, thenchoose too dark a shade, otherwise you will look slightly vulgar. In extreme cases, as follows, shade the tips of your fingers with a pencil line - so your lips will look more volume and natural.
  • If you prefer a bright lipstick, thenBefore using it, apply a tonal on your face. The fact is that any bright spot attracts special attention to the face, and then all the small skin imperfections are clearly visible: pimples, red blood vessels, pigment spots. Better apply a thin tone of the masking agent so that your skin does not lose next to a bright accent.
  • Be wary of using pearlescent shadows ina lot - this can do you a disservice. First, this image gives a touch of vulgarity, and secondly, with an abundance of mother-of-pearl, you will look much older than your years before your eyes.
  • Another valuable advice from Vera Brezhneva -less sad and smile more often. After all, even the most artfully applied makeup will not save you from wrinkles on the forehead and nose, and also from ugly lowered corners of the lips. Therefore, a cheerful smile and a good mood, according to the singer, is the guarantee of the beauty and attractiveness of any woman ...

    Secret number five: hair care

    Vera Brezhnev is perhaps the most famousblonde in the domestic show business, would never have become a model of beauty, if not caring for her hair. First of all, she never combs wet hair, giving them the opportunity to dry and unravel. If there is no time for natural drying, then she uses a hair dryer in a cold mode. Before you begin the hot installation, Brezhnev necessarily uses thermal protection for hair. We present to your attention a nourishing hair mask from Vera Brezhneva. It can be cooked at home, because all the ingredients are at each hostess at hand. So, we need a handful of cranberries, one chicken egg, two tablespoons of buckwheat flour (you can make it yourself by grinding the buckwheat in a coffee grinder) and a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients and apply to the unwashed head over the entire length of the hair. After that, we put on the head a polyethylene hat and cover with a thick towel to create a thermal effect. After half an hour you can wash off the mask, using a shampoo for your hair type and a balm rinse. This mask creates real wonders with hair: after the first application your curls will become shiny, smooth and well-groomed. Being beautiful is not so easy as it seems. And in order to drive millions of fans around the world - even more so. And, nevertheless, the main secret of Brezhnev's beauty is her self-discipline and the desire to reach new heights. You need to love yourself, to be present in every minute of your life, to smile, even if there are not any special reasons for joy. But the main thing is to see in oneself all the good things, and to be able to turn small disadvantages into virtues. We advise you to read: