needlework for home Needlework for home has always been considered indispensablea sign of a real woman. It dealt with representatives of wealthy classes, and women from poor families. Ideas and secrets were inherited, perfected and multiplied. Many of them, unfortunately, are forgotten, but handicrafts to this day not only live and well, but it is becoming more popular. Products made by themselves: stitched from pieces of cloth blankets, homespun woven or woven from colored rag rugs, embroidered curtains and bedspreads can be seen in many village houses. More and more fashionable, these products are also in urban dwellings. Of course, they can be purchased at the store, but the thing created by their own hands delivers much more pleasure. First, own ideas are always unique, and secondly, the process of creating such a thing is extremely pleasant, because he has the most direct relation to this work. So, the needlewoman, creating an exclusive design, can give full play to her imagination.

Variety of needlework

Needlework these days is called a fashionable wordHand-Maid, which implies a variety of ideas. This includes making new things by hand (for example, knitting and embroidery), and reworking old ones. The main thing is a rich imagination and the desire to experiment. And then the needlework will turn into a real art, and the ideas embodied with it will become masterpieces. And, even if the fantasy is running out of resources, you can create incredible things with the help of any magazines. An essential plus of needlework is also that it helps to calm nerves, forget for a while about problems and worries. And this is so important in our impetuous, time-consuming situations! Ideas for needlework are varied. You can knit sweaters, embroider pictures, decorate with handbags, make exclusive bookmarks for books, create collages, sculpt. Which of these ways to choose, the question is purely individual. The main thing is that handicrafts deliver maximum pleasure and bring peace and joy. home handicrafts

Salt dough molding

Today we will talk about the popular methodcreate masterpieces with your own hands - about modeling of salted dough. Technology is somewhat like working with clay. However, clay products require special skill, roasting, the availability of quality material. But the dough for every mistress is at hand. Why are these products not spoiled and retain their appearance for so long? The secret is in the composition. The composition of the salted dough The basis of any test is flour. It is known that it is white and fluffy, and sometimes it is peeling, with impregnations of residues from the grain and their husks. For decorative products, there is no fundamental difference. The only nuance is that the components of peeling flour will not make the surface of the future figure smooth. Salt is the second component. It's no secret that salt is a preservative, which means that the dough can be stored for a very long time. In addition, salt extracts the liquid, thereby drying the product, making it hard. Well, and, of course, you can not do without water. She will put all the ingredients together. Stir this dough is not easy - it is tight and naughty. Salt and flour should be taken in equal proportions. And it is better if the salt is very shallow. For example: 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of salt and 1 glass of water. Of this amount will be a decent amount, but this should not be frightened. After all, it can be stored in the refrigerator for more than a month. Thus, having made a dough once, you can occupy yourself and children with creativity for a whole month. And for the money it will not be at all expensive. At least, cheaper than plasticine and safer to use. Mixing the ingredients, we proceed to kneading. We press and press the dough until we get the elastic substance. A little secret to facilitate the work - mix the salt with water and wait a little for the dissolution process to go on, then it will be easier to squeeze out. The process of making fakes Of the finished dough, you can mold almost anything. Figures can be flat and bulky, large and small, it all depends on the imagination and purpose of use. Consider the process of making products from salted dough with their own hands on the example of flat figures of animals.

  • First, we prepare the template. We cut out from a usual cardboard a workpiece, and also small elements;
  • In our case it is a fish - it is one-piece. Separately, the eye is a bead (you do not need to make a template for it). Or the muzzle of a cat with ears. Small details - eyes, nose, tongue;
  • We connect details, thus it is not necessary to strongly press and deform the dough, it is enough just to moisten the place of gluing, it is better to use PVA;
  • Some parts are simply printed. So fish scales can be squeezed out with a spoon, lightly touching its tip, leaving a trail.

You can make products yourselfhomogeneous dough, and pre-dyed. For coloring, the dough is pre-divided into portions and added to them any paint, for example, gouache. Then once again, knead. In this case, the figures and details turn out to be colored. Drying products You can dry products in many ways - it depends on their composition. Pre-painted figures are best dried in fresh air, with sufficient sunlight. This process can take from two to seven days. The same ones that remained in the original color can be dried in the oven at 30-degree temperature, which is much faster. In this case, fakes are placed in a preheated oven and are waiting for full preparation. Once they become solid - everything is ready. Do not be afraid that drying will not be completed completely, time will correct this nuance. The main thing was a quality workpiece for further processing. Sometimes the product needs to dry quickly or give it a special pattern - glazing. For example, you can make our cat Siamese. To do this, put the figure in a cold oven and gradually bring the temperature to 180 degrees. Glazing takes place very quickly. To our cat got "fried" in the right places, we moisten them periodically with water. After 15 minutes of the mustache, the ears will turn brown, and the head itself will remain light. Painting and varnishing Painting ready-made figures can be done in any color. For this, acrylics, watercolors or gouache are suitable. We will make the fish golden. To do this, paint it with orange-yellow paint and walk along the edges with a nearly dry brush with white paint. The cat can be painted in peach color. In combination with tan marks, this design will look great. Finish the work and keep the product from the external impact of varnish. Any suitable for breathable products: parquet, wood, acrylic or artistic. The main thing that he was on a water basis. After lacquering, drying occurs naturally. You can use these figures anywhere. Small ones can become part of a bracelet, a hair clip or a rim. Those that are slightly larger, are used in the house as an interior decoration. Volumetric ones will look like a real work of art. Having fashioned several seals and fish, you can decorate the interior of the kitchen, namely the ceramic kitchen apron. The figurines are attached to any glue. It is better, of course, to use rubber, as it holds tightly in a damp environment. And when dismantled, its residues are easily removed with acetone. Ideas for home handicrafts are a chance to prove yourself from the best side. In addition, you are given the opportunity to spend time with the child, because after all the problems and concerns, attention to the children goes to the background. Look for hidden talents in yourself, do not be afraid of experiments, decorate the house with things created by your own hands. And then your home will become truly cozy, comfortable and soulful.