napkin flowers by one's own hands Who would have thought that ordinary papernapkins are able to become comfortable, plastic and, most importantly, "docile" material for making flowers, if you put this material into skilful hands? Flowers made from napkins are so simple that even children are taught this at handicraft lessons in kindergarten and in elementary school. But since we have already come out of this blessed age, we will have to master this technique, so to speak, after. But it's never too late to learn and nobody is ashamed. Therefore, we learn to make original and simple flowers from napkins with our own hands.

Buds of roses from single-layer napkins

For the production of pink buds we will needusual single-layer napkins of bright color (red, burgundy, orange - on flowers, green - on leaves), threads and toothpicks. The work is carried out in several stages:

  • Cut the napkin (red or burgundy) into four parts along the fold lines and get four square blanks. For one bud, one or two napkins will suffice (depends on the size of the bud).
  • One square is folded in half, combiningopposite sides, and a few millimeters bend the upper edge (fold line). Then turn the workpiece by the opposite side and twist it into the tube along the length of the rectangle.
  • In the lower edge of the tube insert a toothpick(half in a napkin, half outside) and fix with a thread (like a candy wrapper). Slightly bend the edge of the napkin (the short side of the rectangular billet), simulating the petal of the rose.
  • We take the second workpiece and add it diagonally, combining the bottom and top corner. We obtain a two-layered triangular workpiece and also bend its upper edge by several millimeters.
  • We flip the triangular workpiece (anglelooks down) and we put a middle-tube on it, combining the upper edge of the tube with the edge of the bottom billet. Шиши Cшиши д C C C C д C C C Cшишишиши Cши д C C Cши C C C C Cши C C C C Cши C C д C C Cши Cши C C C C C Cши д C C C + Ши дши Cши д C Cши Cши Cши д C Cши C Cши д C C C Cши C C д C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C Cши C C д C C C C C C C C C C Cши C C C C C Cши C Cши C C C C Cши C C Cши C C Cши C Cшиши Cшиши C C C C C д C C C C Cши C C C C C C
  • The same is done with three or four triangular blanks to get the bud of the right size. We cut off the thread.
  • We take a green napkin and also cut it into four parts. We put two small squares on each other: the bottom one is straight, and the top one is unfolded with a diamond.
  • In the center of the folded blanks, we make an incision and string the green "sepals" onto the bud.
  • That's all, a pink bud of napkins is ready. By the way, for such buds you can use napkins of two colors (pink and red, orange and burgundy) and make a middle of napkins of the same color, and the remaining "petals" from the other. beautiful flowers of napkins with their own hands

    Dandelions from three-layer napkins

    These flowers we will be out of doing yellowthree-layer napkins. By the way, you can make not only dandelions by your own hands and this method, but, for example, carnations. Only for this purpose it is necessary to take napkins of other color (although not necessarily) and use more layers. So, we need: three-layer napkins, scissors, a stapler.

  • We take a three-layer napkin and divide it into layers - so the flowers will turn out to be more voluminous and more fluffy.
  • Two layers of napkins again fold and fold four times: in half and again in half. We get an eight-layered box.
  • Now all the layers are stapled together (in the middle, crosswise) and cut out a circle from the square, cutting off its corners and edges. Further along the circumference from the edge to the center we make cuts (approximately in centimeters).
  • We start to lift all the layers one by one, gently squeezing the napkin at the center and spreading the flower. We get a magnificent yellow dandelion.
  • To make a carnation, use all three layers of the napkin and do not cut along the circumference, or make them very short, but frequent (fringed).

    Roses from napkins

    To make paper roses of your own hands "likereal ", we need napkins red (white, pink, orange, etc.) - for petals and green - for the stem and leaves, scissors, wire for the stem and a thin needle to twist the petals. So, we proceed.

  • Napkin (for example, red) for a flower cuton four squares. From the green napkin, we cut bands about a half centimeter wide and small rectangles with sides of 6 and 4 centimeters.
  • Fold the red box almost in half: the edge of the lower layer will protrude from under the upper one. We begin to twist the edge of the napkin along the fold line, imitating the rose petal: the upper part (not up to the ends), the corners, the sides. So we prepare four petals of the future flower.
  • We take one more napkin and from its fourth part we cut four more squares. Turn one square into a tight ball and attach it to the wire.
  • The second square is covered and wrapped around the ball, and the extra edges of the napkin are wound around the wire.
  • A strip of green napkin is wound around the wire in a spiral, making a green stalk and hiding the metal beneath it and the red napkin already wound on the wire.
  • Now turn the petals one by one. Each next petal is wrapped less tightly than the previous one, and the bottom of the napkin is fixed around the wire with glue or threads.
  • We twist from the green squares dense thin tubes, thorns and leaves. The leaves are made by twisting the edges of the paper rectangle and giving it the shape of a sheet.
  • We glue the spikes at the base of the flower, mask it all with a green napkin and attach the leaves to the stem. Roses are ready.
  • Of such flowers made from napkins its ownhands, you can make a tree of happiness (topiary). You can use them to make souvenirs (for example, valentines). Colors of paper napkins can be decorated with a festive table or a sweet bouquet. Yes, you never know why you might need artificial flowers! The very process of creating them will give you a lot of pleasure. And if you involve children in this creative process, their enthusiasm will not be limited! With your hands, from ordinary napkins - almost real flowers! And believe me, the creation of flowers from napkins will help you master the skills of two handcrafts at once: paper plastics and floristry. And if you are going to do your own flowers for a sweet bouquet, then master the sweat design (the art of composing compositions from sweets). But this is already a topic for a separate conversation. We advise you to read: