Organza flowers by own hands More recently, organza was considered a signluxury and cost the fabulous money. Today, this material has not lost its external refinement, but at the same time it has become affordable and cheap. Organza is very fond of interior designers and widely use this fabric when decorating windows. Organza also enjoys great popularity with wedding fashion designers and serves as a material for tailoring dresses and accessories for the bride. And from the organza are obtained wonderful artificial flowers, which you can decorate and decorate, and for wedding or evening dress to pin, and a hair clip with them to do and in general ... Any accessory that suggests the presence of artificial flowers can be supplemented with flowers from organza made own hands. By the way, organza is not just a cheap and effective material for artificial flowers. Make your own flowers from organza, it turns out, very simple! This fabric keeps the shape well and is easily erased, and the flowers made of it turn out to be magnificent and "weightless". Even novice needlewomen are able to master this skill. Shall we try?

Flower with melted edges

One of the most common ways of processingedges of pieces of organza, from which flowers are made - singing. If you remember the lessons of home economics (technology) in school, then there girls were taught to determine the degree of naturalness of tissues, by burning strings pulled from these tissues. So all synthetic fabrics do not burn, but melt, as a result of which their edges are firmly baked and do not allow the material to fall off. It is this ability of organza that is used in this technique of making artificial flowers. For this we need:

  • organza of the required color
  • needle and thread
  • candle or lighter
  • scissors
  • beads for decoration

First, cut out the paper or paperboard template bythe shape of the petals of the future flower. If the petals are cut according to the pattern, they will be the same and even, and the flower will be neat. The shape of the petals is determined by yourself, and their number depends on how lush you are going to make a flower. The more petals, the more magnificent the decoration will be. On average, five or six petals come from this organza. Now you need to cut the petals from the fabric and alternately singe each petal over the candle flame. They should be burned along the contour, as a result of which the edges of the petals slightly "shrink", curl inward and become volumetric. Next, we collect petals in a flower, stringing down their bottom base, pulling and fixing the middle with a few stitches and a knot. Now we decorate the center of the flower with beads and straighten the petals. Organza flower made by own hands, ready! beautiful flowers from organza by own hands

Flower - bow

The size of the bow will depend on the size of the piecesthe fabrics that you use to make such a flower. A similar flower can decorate the hair or use it as an accessory to a dress or bag. To make such a flower we will need:

  • organza;
  • organza ribbon
  • nylon thread
  • sewing needle
  • Round cardboard templates with a diameter of 9 and 12 centimeters
  • candle or lighter
  • scissors

To begin with, make patterns from the organza, usingfor this template. We cut out five circles with a diameter of nine centimeters and five details with a diameter of twelve centimeters. We melt each detail along the contour above the flame of the candle. Now take one piece, fold it in half (inside out) and, after stepping back from the edge of three millimeters, sweep halves with stitches no longer than five millimeters. The seam is laid only along the arc, without touching the bend. After that, carefully pull the thread to the fabric on it gathered, and the workpiece turned into a petal of the future flower. We fasten the thread carefully and cut it. In this way we process all other details. Now we take five petals of the same size, string them on a nylon thread and close it in a ring. We fix the ring, passing the thread again through the first petal. We also collect five petals of a different size. We put the smaller part on top of the ring of large petals, we combine the middle parts of both parts and sew on the inner edge of the petals, connecting the details and fastening the bow. The middle of the flower is decorated with a large bead or artificial stone in a frame, or a cabochon, or a brooch, or something else. Ribbon from organza cut into small pieces (centimeters to twenty-five), we burn the edges of sections and tie a knot between tiers of a flower. While tying the ribbons, adjust the length of their ends to your own discretion, but it will be more interesting to look at a flower with ribbons of different lengths. The flower is almost ready. If you are going to use it as a bow for a hairstyle, then sew a hair elastic on the back of the flower. If you want to make the resulting flower a removable brooch, then sew an English pin to it. By the way, for such a bow it is possible to take an organza of two colors, making the lower and upper tier of a flower and ribbon multicolored. Lush flowers from organza by own hands

Lush flower

Another very simple way that you can make lush flowers from organza yourself. For such a flower we will need:

  • flaps of organza
  • scissors
  • base (round piece of skin)
  • rhinestones
  • glue (glue gun)
  • candle

First we cut out from the scraps of organzablanks-flowers of any shape and size: the lower tier of the flower should be the largest, the upper - the smallest. And all such tiers will need from three to six. Such flowers can be five or four petals. The longer you cut the petals on the blanks, the stronger they twist after melting, and the more "curly" the flower will turn out. After this, we melt each preform along the contour above the flame of the candle and collect the flower. Alternately glue all the blanks on the leather base for the flower, starting the largest part and ending with the smallest piece. We adorn the middle of the flower with rhinestones and admire our creation. As you can see, flowers from organza are very easy to make. Sometimes this requires a minimum of time and effort. Organza itself is so airy and elegant that you will not need any additional tricks for making refined jewelry. And the ability of this fabric to melt and "curl" under the influence of fire simplifies the process of making to elementary actions: cut out the template, melted the edges, collected the flower. Few material can give such an effect, but an organza can! So, take in your hands cloth and scissors, light a candle and make airy, soaring, transparent and such elegant flowers from organza. We advise you to read: