Mount Rushmore This lake is located on the border of California andNevada. The Tajo in the United States is considered the second lake in depth. Attractions of the United States would be very much lost, not having in its list such a beautiful lake. On Lake Tahoe in the summer, you can have a good time, doing water sports, and in winter the surrounding slopes are an excellent place for skiing sports. The southern shore of the lake has long turned into a kind of capital of gambling business, and if visitors want to play for money, then it's better not to find places for the game. The most popular casino is "Caesars Tahoe". On the north bank is the city of Tahoe City.

The beautiful nature of Lake Tahoe

In the area of ​​the lake there is a lotnational parks, which are very popular with tourists. Among them, "DL Bliss" is a national park, famous for its many six-mile "Rubicon" hiking trail and picturesque beaches that are located on the shores of the Emerald Bay. On the shores of the lake there is also a large number of boarding houses, where you can relax with all the amenities. Also on the lake there are all conditions for fishing. A large fishing fleet was built there for this purpose. Thanks to the rivers Traki and Yuyuba, which flow into the Tagus, the lake has many different types of fish, both peaceful and predatory. This lake is an important object among the sights of America. Washington Monument

Great Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert is located in the southwestern United States, withIt occupies most of southern California, southwest of Utah, south of Nevada and northwest of Arizona. The total area of ​​the desert is more than 35,000 sq. M. km. In the north-east the desert borders on the large mountain range Tehachapi, and in the southern part - with the ridges of San Gabriel and Bernardino. The boundaries of the ranges there are clearly marked, since they form two geological faults - San Andreas and Garlock. In the northern part of the desert is the Great Basin, and in the southern part - the hot desert of Sonora. It is worth noting that in this desert can be found more than 2000 plant species. On the territory of Mojave there is a national reserve with the same name, Joshua Tree National Park and the lowest and hottest place in the whole of North America - the Death Valley, which is a national park. In the Valley of Death in July and August, the temperature often rises to 50 ºС. On the border of the desert, Utah and the Great Basin is the Zion National Park. In the Mojave Desert a very arid climate, but at the same time on its land for a long time grown a large number of alfalfa. The desert was irrigated with the help of groundwater and the Californian aqueduct. In addition, in Mojave you can find "ghost towns", which are depopulated because of the construction of new highways bypassing these cities. Niagara Falls

Tablets of Georgia

Tablets of Georgia - monuments that have long beenare called American Stonehenge. This name leads to confusion due to the fact that in another part of America there is a tourist attraction with the same name. This monument is located in the state of Georgia, and it is decorated with a long inscription made in eight languages. This inscription includes the ten commandments of life. If you bypass buildings, starting from the south in a clockwise direction, then first the inscriptions will be located in Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew, and then Hindi, Swahili, Spanish, English. At the top of the Tablet of Georgia, you can read inscriptions that are made in four ancient languages: Sanskrit, Ancient Egyptian, classical Akkadian and Greek. Six granite slabs of the monument weigh more than 100 tons, while their height is six meters. All plates of the monument were exhibited according to astronomical events. To the side of the main monument on the ground lies a tablet of stone, on which it is written about the origin and appointment of Tablets. The central plate has a hole that allows you to see the polar star at any time of the year. Another hole in the "roof" of the monument is arranged for solstice and equinox. Every day a ray of sun penetrates through this hole and exactly at noon indicates the current day of the year on the central plate. The Statue of Liberty

Niagara Falls

This waterfall got its name from the riverNiagara, on which he is located. Niagara Falls is between the fresh water lakes of Erie and Ontario. These are two lakes from the famous Great Five Great Lakes of the United States of America. The waterfall captures the two countries, partially located in Canada and the United States. In the middle it is divided by Goat Island. Niagara Falls has combined three separate waterfalls - the Horseshoe Falls, the Fata Falls and the American Falls. Niagara Falls is low, but the amount of running water and its width is impressive. The height of the American waterfall is 51 m, and the width is 330 m, the height of the Horseshoe falls is 49 m, the width is -790 m. The Fata waterfall is rather narrow compared to the first two waterfalls, it resembles a wedding dress and is located close to the American waterfall. These waterfalls are shared by a small island, which got the name Silver. In this case, the main waterfalls are American and Horseshoe Falls. After the famous world of the Victoria Falls, located in southern Africa, Niagara Falls is the second largest in the world. The fifth part of fresh water reserves is concentrated in four Great Lakes - Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, as well as Erie and Upper Lake. It is the waters of these lakes that create the Niagara Falls. These lakes are the most visited sights of the world. Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Strait reunites the GulfSan Francisco and the Pacific, and you can cross this pond through the Golden Gate Bridge. More recently, this bridge was considered the most grandiose structure. By listing the US sights, this bridge can be placed on a par with the Statue of Liberty. The name Golden Gate Bridge was received back in 1937, when its construction was completed. The length of the Golden Gate is 2737 m and the width is 27 m. The bridge is made of three parts, while the length of the longest of them is 1280 m. The creators of the structure came up with a really suitable name for it, since this bridge is a truly important "artery" of the city . In the morning, when the entire population of the city is somewhere in a hurry, only wide car lanes in several rows contribute to a successful journey without traffic jams and long expectations. If you believe the statistics, about 100 thousand vehicles pass through the bridge within 24 hours. Initially, the bridge was painted brick red, but due to high humidity and salty air, its colors very quickly begin to fade. About 40 painters constantly care that the Golden Gate always looks good, because thousands of tourists come to the United States every year to see them.