serum for face Serum for the face is one of suchcosmetic products, which came into use of cosmetology relatively recently. If even ten years ago, the serum for the face could only be used in professional beauty salons, today it can be bought without any problems at almost any cosmetics store. Do not think that it can be used only in strictly defined proportions and cases, since it is necessary to know the numerous factors that influence the degree of its action and on what means the serum can be applied. It is for these reasons, when choosing a serum for the face, there are many factors to consider. Serum for the face is significantly different not only from the usual creams (night, day, evening, etc.), but also from tonics and lotions. With us you can easily understand the variety of options of this cosmetic product and in what means for you will be optimal. If you only need the best serum for your face, then with our help you can easily select it. Despite the fact that there is no universal formula for whey, there are those cosmetic products that can claim the role of ideal. As already mentioned above, the serum is different, which is why it is impossible to use it illegibly. Especially in the case when it comes to the skin of the face. After all, it is this part of the woman's body that attracts attention most of all. And if you are ready to look young for many years, then prepare yourself for our talk with you today about the numerous sera of different companies. Serum for the face today is produced by many large cosmetological holdings. Moreover, it can vary considerably in such parameters as packing capacity, cost, shelf life, conditions of use, time of application and application to the skin of the face, interaction with other agents, the conditions under which it can be used and much more. Since today, special attention is required by the serum for the face: the application must be strictly verified.


It is important for every woman to know how touse all those cosmetics that are in her arsenal. It is especially important to know how to use serum for the face. There are certain rules that will help you quickly decide which serum is most suitable for you. Thus, it becomes clear that it is simply not possible to use the same serum in all cases of life. The way of using the serum for the face is significantly different from all those means that we are accustomed to using. It is worth learning that the serum can be used in two versions - as an independent tool, and a means that will allow you to take care of the skin of the face, neck and décolletage. The methods of using serum for the face depend not so much on the quality and quality of it, but on what kind of effect you want to achieve. It is also important that for what age and type of skin you decide to use serum. When starting the use of serum, it should also be taken into account when it was released, how long it can be used, and under what conditions it can be stored. In addition to all this, do not buy the serum, which is packed in a very large bottle. The reasons can be a little - the first, it is rather inconvenient in the event that you have to go somewhere, and cosmetic (usual to you) means will have to take with you. Second - the more you use a cosmetic product, the more likely it is that bacteria can settle in it, some microorganisms can live, etc. Only after you completely determine the type of serum and how to use the serum for the face, you will be able to achieve the desired effect and the result of its action.

The best serums for the face: an overview

Serum for face reviewsToday, practical all cosmetics companiescan claim that they produce the best serum for the face, using the latest production technology and innovative ingredients. In addition, companies are ready to give advice on how to use serum for the face. It should be noted that all companies are truthful in that serum is really, then a remedy that no other cosmetic means can match. Serum contains a lot more silicone and moisturizer than any cream. In addition, as noted by numerous researchers, in the serum can contain much more tonic substances and vitamins, which are necessary for the skin for long-term preservation of youth and freshness. As you know, this cosmetic product can be a rejuvenating clarifying serum for the face, moisturizing serum for the face, anti-aging serum for the face, whey for the face. Many serums for the face are distributed on the territory of our country: they can be found not only on women's forums and websites, but also on the websites of those cosmetology companies that are engaged in production. As a rule, all serums can be conditionally divided into those that should be used only when reaching a certain age, and those that should be used to achieve a certain effect (for example, moisturizing, bleaching, eliminating pigment spots, etc.). We will talk about serum for the face: the use of its different types depends on the components that enter it and the age of the woman. Buy should not be at random at the serum for the face: feedback and recommendations for use will allow you to avoid numerous mistakes.

The most famous products from the serum series

  • Cosmovit

Serum for the face Cosmovitis created on the basis ofmedicinal herbs, common on the territory of the central strip of Russia. This company produces serum to eliminate pigment spots, restore and smooth its tone and in order to restore the water balance of the skin, which is tired of the city's heavy air. In addition, this serum retains skin moisture for a long time. Serum for the face Cosmovit is created on the basis of the latest European technologies and using only perfumed fragrances and cosmetic supplements (with the help of tests conducted in the laboratory).

  • Avon

Serum for the face avon is presented in differentscale. It is not only rejuvenating (by the way, the most common form of whey), but also a whitening cosmetic product, which is quite convenient and practical, since it is packaged in packages of different nominal volumes. This serum contains hyaluronic acid, elements of vegetable nutrient oils. It prinikaet quite easily in the upper and middle layers of the skin, forcing it to work in an updated mode. This serum reduces wrinkles, can significantly reduce the traces of small scars and reduce the level of color transition from one skin color to another. Serum for the face avon you will certainly be satisfied.

  • Estee Lauder

Despite the fact that the serum for the face of EsteLauder appeared on the cosmetic market relatively recently. It contains polysaccharides that are able to turn flabby skin into a younger one. It is this serum that makes it possible to smooth out the sagging parts of the skin without problems, to restore the contours of the face oval. In addition, the serum for face Este Lauder can be used to restore the face skin after stress (diet, disease, etc.). This effect can be achieved due to the fact that it contains extracts of papaya, pineapple, soy, ginseng, oak bark and other natural substances.

  • Lancome

Serum for face Lankom used as amoisturizing serum for the face, and as an anti-aging serum for the face. As a rule, in such serum the warmth and comfort of calm home beauty and cosiness are combined at the same time. Since this serum is contained in a special vial with a pipette, skin care becomes akin to the tea ritual, which is directed not so much to external beauty as to the state of mind and body. In the serum for the face Lankom contains a special complex Dermo-Cohesion Complex. It, when applied, turns into a mesh that acts as a supporting support for the skin. It includes extract from yeast and seaweed. This combination of components fights with flabbiness of the skin. Comfort and softness gives a gentle peach flavor.

  • Chanel

Serum for face Chanel contains firmingLipopeptide for correction of existing signs of aging. In this serum there is a special complex Aglycal. It not only restores the vital activity of cells, but also contains vitamin E. The mother-of-pearl serum is enclosed in an elegant vial with a dispenser. This serum allows you to restore the youth of your skin and it will come with an extraordinary glow. With the serum for Chanel's face, you do not have to wait long for the desired result, as you can notice the improvement of the skin within a day.

  • Loreal

Serum for the face Loreal became originala breakthrough in the field of beauty industry. It contains numerous extracts of herbs - camellia extract, mulberry root, green tea, malic acid and many other components. In addition, it has hydrolyzed elastin, D-panthenol, as well as all known hyaluronic acid. With Loreal serum, your skin will always be provided with the necessary vitality to restore the ability to regulate vitality and strength. Your skin will be provided with the moisture and strength of the collagen extract. You will notice improvements on the second day.

  • Guerlain

Serum for Gerlen's face contains strengthnumerous active plant components. The most common of them (and accordingly - the most acceptable human body, which lives in the middle zone of Russia) - this is grapes, oats, wheat, sunflower. Since the serum contains ceramides, the skin not only becomes elastic and lively, but with this, even aligning its color. It is the Serum for the face of Guerlain recommended to use when the first signs of aging and fatigue of the skin. Serum is a lightweight silicone gel with substances that remove numerous free radicals from the upper and deep layers of the skin. In the line of cosmetics Guerlain, one of the best options is the serum for the face whitening.

  • Natura Siberica

Serum for face -Restoring serum with sea extracts and extracts from algae. It is from the Nature of the Siberian serum that the serum for the face is able to quickly restore the elasticity of the skin and emphasize the oval of the face. Perhaps the appearance of a feeling of tightness of the skin and its stickiness. But it lasts for seven minutes.

  • Clinique

The serum for the face is specially designed forIn order to fight wrinkles and reduce the pigmentation of the skin of the face. It successfully protects and restores the skin with the help of new technology, the essence of which is to support skin functions due to powerful natural antioxidants. The Clinic serum for the face contains yeast extract, ultrasome, pentapeptide. The advantage of this serum is that it can be used not so much when reaching a certain age, how many, if desired, to correct the appearance of the skin. With all this, the serum can be used not constantly, but only when it is required to quickly restore the vitality of your skin.

  • Vichy

Vichy serum for the face belongs to those speciescosmetics, which can be attributed not so much to decorative, as to medical cosmetics. In Vichy, serum for the face contains, extract of honeysuckle, Ruscus extract, synthetic elements, which by their nature and the level of exposure to the body are natural. This serum stimulates cell renewal and improves intracellular metabolism. It is recommended as a daily remedy for women of about 30 years, although it can be used to quickly restore balance and skin color. This cosmetic product can be considered as a rejuvenating clarifying serum for the face. It should be borne in mind that the question of which brand and how to use serum for a person depends largely on the individuality and on the tolerability of the components of a particular serum. The ideal serum for the face has not yet been invented: you can find feedback on each of them on the websites of cosmetic and medical companies. We advise you to read: