non-hormonal contraceptives Today it is no secret that from the right andtimely use of contraceptives depends largely on the health of women and their future children. The choice of means of protection from an unwanted pregnancy is quite large these days. Many drugs in addition to their direct use have additional actions, for example, protection from infections, normalization of the cycle, the solution of cosmetological skin problems and so on. In addition to hormonal contraception, known to our mothers, there were non-hormonal birth control pills - this is a new generation drug. Such protective equipment is barrier (topical application) and belongs to the group of spermicides. These contraceptive pills are designed for women who do not have regular sex life or for some medical reasons can not use oral or intrauterine contraceptives. Means of oral contraception have a number of side effects and contraindications that stop many women, and force them to look for new ways to protect themselves from unwanted consequences of sexual intercourse. Barrier means of protection in the form of non-hormonal drugs and tablets are indicated for use in women of reproductive age in the following cases:

  • the presence of contraindications to the use of oral tablets and intrauterine spirals. (spermicides can be used in the presence of uterine fibroids);
  • with infrequent sexual contacts, as a means of episodic protection from unnecessary pregnancy;
  • after childbirth and during lactation, as the drug, like other contraceptives, does not enter the mother's milk;
  • in the period of the onset of menopause;
  • some time after the abortion;
  • when there was an unplanned break in taking oral contraceptives;
  • for preventive purposes are appointed by a doctor to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

contraceptive selection

The way spermicide affects the female body

Despite the fact that non-hormonal drugscalled tablets, they are not applied inside like all other contraceptive oral medications. These are topical preparations that are injected directly into the vagina and are released in the form of candles, creams, gels, tampons. The means of barrier contraception, which include the contraceptives under consideration, knowingly received their name. The fact is that the active chemical compounds included in their composition, contribute to the thickening of mucus in the cervix, which creates a certain barrier. A film appears on the walls of the vaginal mucosa, which protects against infection. The composition of modern tablets from the spermicides group includes active substances nonoxynol or benzalkonium chloride. These components adversely affect the spermatozoa, gradually destroying the flagellar membrane, and then the head of the male cell. Thus, spermatozoa, rendered harmless in just a few seconds, can not overcome the dense barrier of thickened mucus and die.

How correctly to use barrier preparations?

From the ability to correctly use barriercontraceptive depends on the degree of protection from unwanted pregnancy. The substance is administered intravaginally (in the vagina) as deep as possible in a prone position. The action of the active substances of the contraceptive begins 5-10 minutes after the administration and lasts from 3 to 24 hours, depending on the name of the tablets. It must be remembered that during the application of nonhormonal drugs, that is, within 3-5 hours, it is impossible to perform douching and deep bathing of the genital organs. Water and soap can wash away the protective film and disrupt the chemical protection from pregnancy. Toilet after sexual intercourse is necessary, but without getting water inside the female genitalia. One tablet is only able to act once. If ejaculation is repeated several times, you will need to use new products from the package. A woman should take care in advance so that the treasured capsule with contraceptives is always at hand. various contraceptive brands

Trademarks of non-hormonal drugs

Pharmatex is the most common and popularcontraceptive topical preparation. Produced in the form of tablets, candles, tampons, vaginal balls and creams. In addition to the contraceptive effect, the drug prevents infection with chlamydia, is effective against trichomonads, candida, herpes, gonococcus and fungi. Before direct use, the pill should be moistened with water. The period of activity of tablets is up to 3 hours, vaginal suppositories - up to 4 hours, tampons - 24 hours. Cream pharmatex begins to act immediately after the introduction of a special device and the necessary dose and sets the protection for 10 hours. Each subsequent intercourse requires the introduction of a new dose of contraceptives. Gynecotex by the method of action is similar to the pharmatex - the representative of the generation of spermicides, which have an antiseptic effect. Validity period - 4 hours. Gynecothex has contraindications: inflammation of the vagina (colpitis), irritation of the mucous uterus and vagina. Patentex Oval is available in the form of cylindrical white suppositories (candles), which are convenient for women. You can apply the drug for a long time. Contraindications include anomalies in the development of genital organs, erosion of the cervix and individual intolerance of the components of the drug. If the sexual intercourse lasts more than 1 hour, additional injection of the next candle will be required. Conceptrotrol is made in the form of vaginal candles in packages of 10 pieces. It is a contraceptive with bactericidal activity. It can not be used by women suffering from erosion, salpingo-oophoritis, vaginitis, colpitis and anomalies that hamper the administration of the suppository. There may be side effects, such as burning and itching, dermatitis. The active substance of nonoxynol lasts for 6 hours. Traceptin is one of the effective contraceptive spermicides, which are non-hormonal methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies. Like other similar drugs, traceptin has a disinfecting effect. It is not used for colpitis and erosion of the cervix. May cause unpleasant burning or severe itching of the vagina, penis. Pasta gramicidinovaya continues to list the names of the chemical means of the contraceptive group. Unlike other tablets, suppositories and creams based on nonoxynol or benzalkonium, the active substance of gramicidin paste is the antibiotic gramicidin. It has an effective bactericidal and spermicidal effect. This drug is prescribed for women who suffer from inflammatory processes and diseases of the cervix and vagina. The names of the main representatives of the contraceptive group, which refer to non-hormonal contraception of the local action, are listed above. Among the variety of presented forms, each lady will be able to choose suitable tablets for herself. To do this, you need to contact a gynecologist who will help you choose the optimal solution, because each drug has its own peculiarities in use and methods of influence. The decision in the selection of a contraceptive for the individual should only be taken by a gynecologist. contraception

Advantages and disadvantages of spermicidal topical agents

To the indisputable merits in the use of non-hormonal drugs of the new generation can be attributed the following:

  • You can use it without any age restriction.
  • They have a minimum of contraindications and almost complete absence of side effects.
  • Do not harm health.
  • No need to take tablets every day.
  • Protect from infection.
  • A good solution for women who have an irregular sexual life.


  • It is important to use 5-10 minutes before the sexual intercourse.
  • With each new intercourse, a repeated tablet administration is necessary.
  • Water procedures will have to be postponed for a certain period of time.
  • In case of individual intolerance, it can cause irritation of the vaginal walls.
  • With very frequent use is possible dysbacteriosis (violation of the microflora) of the vagina.

Before using such drugs it is better to consult a doctor.