Colored nail polishes Nail polish is a means of self-expression for any fashionista. The correctly chosen color of the varnish in the formation of the full image will add the final accent, being the visiting card of the woman.

The choice of nail polish for the example of Essie

The choice of the color of nail polish depends on severalfactors - for example, the color of your outfit, the color of your hair and skin, and what kind of event you are going to go. It is believed that if your skin is golden or peach tinge, then you will surely use warm varnish colors. In the event that your skin has a pinkish tinge, then It is necessary to choose in the range from red topink. Cold shades are more suitable for owners of olive or pale skin. However, these recommendations are rather approximate, because the color of your nails is, first of all, the result of your creativity.

How to apply lacquer - for example, China Glaze

Before applying the nail polish directly to the nailsmasters of manicure advise to wipe them with a special degreaser. After that, the lacquer is applied in 1-2 layers, both on the outside of the nail and on the protruding part from the inside. When the substrate has dried, it is possible to apply a color , if necessary also in 1-2 layers. After the varnish dries, it is covered with a fixer, which is capable of imparting strength and additional shine. High-quality lacquer on the hands lasts from 5 to 14 days. In the event that this does not happen, it means that either you bought a poor-quality product, or you incorrectly apply it, or careless about the manicure - for example, do housework without gloves.

Types of nail polish

According to the texture of the coating varnishes are divided into matte,ordinary, pearly. Manufacturers do not stop at this, releasing more and more new combinations: with a 3D effect, glowing in neon light, with sparkles, chameleons. Which is better to choose a varnish and how to apply it, you can find out by visiting a professional manicure courses. From such a rich variety, matte and classic colors are best chosen for regular use (for example, for work). Other colors are suitable for any informal situation. It is necessary to pay attention that in spite of the fact that many kinds of varnishes are presented by manufacturers, as quick-drying, complete drying of all layers is carried out within 20-40 minutes. Therefore, it is not recommended immediately after applying the varnish to do the work with your hands, because you can damage your manicure.

Allergy to nail polish

Recently, the frequency of appearanceallergic diseases due to the proliferation of a variety of chemicals that we come into contact with every day. We used to just hear that the allergy is due to the use of certain products or creams that we put on the skin. However, few people know about the possibility of an allergic reaction to normal nail polish. Recognize that the allergy is due to nail polish is quite difficult. An allergic reaction does not appear on the nails, but on the skin, the areas with which the fingernails touch. To establish the cause of the allergy is possible only after passing the examination, which includes provocative and skin tests and various tests. Be healthy and remember that first and foremost beautiful nails are a reflection of the health of the whole body, which is skilfully emphasized by properly chosen quality care products and color. Let your nails be always in all its glory!