correct selection of hair color Probably, any woman in the modern world, at leastonce faced with such a cosmetic problem as the selection of hair color. Some endlessly experiment and find for themselves the best option by trial and error, and someone would like to know in advance what will suit them, and not miscalculate with the choice.

Do I need to change the color of the strands?

Not everyone knows that the pigment thatdetermines the color of your strands - melanin, - affects the shade of the skin. It is impossible not to notice the fact that there is interaction between the tone of the skin and the hair. Psychologists have long noted the persistent connection between the temperament of a person and the natural shades of his skin and hair. In no case can this balance be broken. Do not forget that the choice of a different tone of hair will entail the renovation of the wardrobe and make-up. Therefore, it is worthwhile to listen to yourself and preserve your naturalness. If you still have a desire to step back a little from the natural harmony, then it should not be changed drastically. In some cases it will be enough to slightly intensify the color or make coloring, so that in your appearance new features appear. However, everyone acts as he sees fit, based on his preferences. cold or warm range

Cold and warm scales

Any person corresponds to a certain type. For example, if he has a light or matt skin tone, then he is closer to a warmer range, and the color of the strands may have a golden hue. If he has pink skin, then the tones with ash dusting will work well. It happens that when very light skin, its semitone can have a tendency to yellow or pink tint, then in this case it is possible to choose between a cold and warm scale. Many, probably, paid attention to the fact that different people have the same natural tone have different saturation. Modifying the color of strands, while retaining their natural expression, is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. A woman, if nature has awarded her with bright and vivid colors in her hair, will lose a lot if she chooses an even shade for her curls. At the same time, saturated colors can "overload" a colorless face. What is contrast? The contrast type can not be attributed to those girls who have blond curls, tanned skin and light brown eyes. A classic embodiment of this type will be women with white skin and black locks. Contrast will become even more pronounced if you add blue eyes to it. When you try to change the color of the curls and paint them in platinum, it will approach the solid. In this case, the dynamism of the face will disappear, the contrast will disappear, and the blue eyes on the general background will give the impression of colorless. If the black curls with matte skin painted in a platinum tone, the changes though will be radical, but "depersonalization" does not happen. self-coloring hair

Classic color combinations

Here are the main examples of a combination of shades,harmoniously approaching to different color types of appearance. But some deviations are possible, because, as you know, there can be exceptions to each rule. If the natural color of hair - light, golden or blond, you should just slightly intensify the natural tone, any other shades will look unnatural and vulgar. Possessing light brown, light blond curls and a matte or golden shade of leather suitable golden glare and strands. If there is a desire to lighten, you should pay attention to the blond or light blond shade. For those who would just like to emphasize their natural beauty, fair-haired or golden fair-haired will do. Women who have a light or frosted, cold face (such, as a rule, badly sunbathe) and blond with an ashy shade of curls, platinum glare will be good. To emphasize its color, it is sufficient to intensify it, and to lighten it, it is colored in platinum - with light skin, and in blond - with matte. Those who have light brown hair with a touch of ashen shade and light or matt, cold skin tone, bright or reddish strands will do. You can paint them in a light brown shade, in order to lighten, and in light brown, reddish-brown or create a bright glare in order to emphasize. Those girls who have light or matte, golden and freckled skin and blond or red hair, sunny strands and glare will do. If there is a desire to lighten a little, it will be good to choose a Venetian blond paint, and to emphasize - dark blond or light blond golden. If you have dark-blond golden curls, and the face has a light or matte color of warm or cold scales, then you are shown fiery-red strands and glare. Choose a copper-brown paint to emphasize your naturalness, and to lighten it - into a fiery red with light skin, in a dark blond - with a matte finish. On those who have curls - from dark-blond to black, and the face - light or matte, the red gleams, "salt with pepper" will look great. To emphasize the natural shade, it will be enough to intensify it, or to recolor it in black, and to lighten it - into dark-blond or reddish. Elderly women, who already have gray hair, should choose the tones that are close to the natural, but a little lighter. Dark, bright red and black strands only emphasize age and wrinkles, so avoid such shades. The new tone of your strands should be combined with the appearance, style and look appropriate. For example, a girl of oriental type with almond-shaped eyes and dark skin is hardly suitable blond curls. In order not to make a mistake in choosing a color, before using this or that hair dye, try a coloring spray. It can be easily and without special effort removed from the strands with the first wash of the head, or try on the wig of the shade that interests you.