causes of colpitis Colpitis (or vaginitis) is one of the mostwidespread gynecological diseases in women. As statistics show, every third woman has had colpitis at least once in her life. In view of the wide prevalence of such diseases of the vaginal mucosa, every woman needs to know what colpitis is, what causes the disease, what are the risk factors, signs, what is dangerous inflammation, triggering, untimely detection and, finally, how to treat colpitis so that the disease does not become chronic. Such information is extremely important and requires in-depth consideration.

Causes of the disease

Kolpita symptoms are quite pronounced inwomen. This disease is caused by pathogens, for example, trichomonads, pinworms and gonococci that enter the vagina due to non-compliance with hygiene rules (dirty clothes, unwashed hands), mechanical irritation of the mucous membrane with rings and spirals, wearing of underwear from synthetic tissues, infections that are transmitted sexually. Sometimes girls 5-12 years old also show signs of illness. Kolplyta causes in this case is measles, influenza or scarlet fever, the infection from which falls into the vagina with a blood flow. Such a disease can be picked up by women with diseases of the genitourinary system, leading a promiscuous sex life, or women who use intrauterine contraceptives. Isolate and senile colpitis, arising from the dryness and wrinkling of the mucous membrane of the vaginal tissues. But the vast majority of medical personnel colpitis in women are considered as a venereal disease, directly related to sexual activity and fertile fertile age. Colpitis, caused by sexual diseases, is especially dangerous. If it is not identified in the early stages, it can spread to neighboring organs, which can lead to serious consequences for the entire reproductive system. Colpitis rarely becomes the cause of infertility, this is possible only in especially neglected cases, but it is not worth risking one's health in any case. diagnosis of the disease

Diagnosis of the disease

Colpitis in women is characterized by the followingsymptoms: inflammation and swelling of the mucous membrane, sometimes extending to the buttocks and thighs. In women suffering from colpitis, increased allocation of leucorrhoea, for chronic colpitis, impurities of pus and blood are likely. Allocations in colpitis in women can have an unpleasant smell, like a rotten fish. Most often, women with colpitis complain of burning and itching of the genitals, aching pains in the lower abdomen. Often, colpitis is accompanied by abnormalities of the menstrual cycle, painful urination and unpleasant sensations during intercourse. The acute form of colpitis is characterized by an elevated temperature. Diagnosis of colpitis in women involves going to the doctor. The treating specialist will perform an external examination of the genital organs, take mucosal and urethral masks, which are used for laboratory examination. Sowing helps to determine the sensitivity of microorganisms to different types of antibiotics. The most effective and informative method for the study and detection of colpitis in women is the study of DNA. Such a method allows not only to guarantee the specific causative agent of the colpitis, but also to make the program of the disease treatment as efficiently as possible, to select an antibiotic or antifungal drug, to correct local therapy. Kolpita treatment is all the more effective the earlier the patient consulted a doctor. Therefore, with the slightest signs, like discomfort, itching, burning, pain, unpleasant odor or unusual discharge, it is necessary to pay a visit to the gynecologist. analysis

Ways to get rid of the disease

Treatment colpitis directly depends on the causesits causes. Treatment of the disease should be based on all possible functional disorders and concomitant diseases. Sometimes colpitis treatment means the restoration of normal hormonal metabolism and correction of ovarian activity. Therefore, effective treatment implies a comprehensive examination and diagnosis of the body. Treatment Colpitis puts a ban for at least 2 weeks for all forms of sexual contact. Sexual rest is very important, otherwise the patient is threatened with chronic colpitis, which is much more difficult to treat. At this stage, it is important to adhere to all the doctor's recommendations. If he recommends prolonging sexual abstinence, do not disregard such advice. All partners should be treated for colpitis, and the treatment can differ for a man and a woman and even for same-sex partners, because the organism, microflora and immunity of each person are unique. Colpitis is treated differently, depending on the pathogen, the form and stage of the disease. Depending on all the cumulative factors, the doctor selects the optimal antibiotic that destroys the infection. If colpitis is caused by a fungal infection, then antifungal agents are prescribed by a specialist. Regardless of the nature of the pathogen, to cure colpitis, the doctor will prescribe antibacterial drugs and funds for the normalization and recovery of the microflora of the vaginal mucosa. However, the gynecologist usually prescribes and local treatment: sedentary baths with medicinal herbs, antimicrobial candles and ointments, douching, washing, the introduction of medical tampons. Colpitis with the help of local therapy is treated first of all by thorough hygiene of the genitals. As an addition to therapy, it is possible to take fortifying agents, vitamins, phytopreparations and immunomodulators. Remember that colpitis is a sexually transmitted disease, so it can be treated only on the advice of specialists. Self-medication is unacceptable, otherwise the likelihood of complications and even the transition of colpitis to chronic is high. This stage of the disease is fraught with serious complications and consequences, so it is not worth admitting it. methods of treatment of colpitis

General recommendations

Colpitis is treated not only by medicamentousdrugs, but also a special diet. To be surprised it is not necessary, after all even on such intimate illnesses the food has direct influence. The colpitis responds best to a sparing, milky herbal diet, without sour, sharp, smoked, sweet and salty foods. The fact is that the colpitis irritates the walls of the uterus and the vagina, causes them to swell and increase, causing painful sensations. Adjusted diet can reduce pain and promote recovery. Colpitis does not imply the appointment of a large amount of fluid, because the latter increases the swollen tissue of the mucosa. To neutralize colpitis, you should try to drink as little fluid as possible. It is better to give preference to sour-milk products that favorably influence the microflora of the body. Colpitis is often treated and phytotherapy, which is an addition to the main therapy. However, the harmlessness of herbal preparations in this case remains in question, therefore any plant and broth should be approved by a gynecologist. Take, for example, an ordinary and loved by many chamomile. It would seem that a harmless anti-inflammatory decoction. However, colpitis, he can not always cure. For example, in a woman with normal microflora, the second half of the menstrual cycle is accompanied by abundant secretions. If you insure yourself and spend syringing with herbal decoction, then you can destroy the defensive stick elementary. But with pathology, which is sometimes colpitis, chamomile is simply irreplaceable. Reception of any medicinal or folk remedies is best coordinated with a medical specialist. Colpitis is most often treated with a weakly acid solution for douching and ablution. For example, unusually good and fast results to cure colpitis, shows a solution of lemon juice or vinegar. In the first case, you need 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water, necessarily boiled and warm. In the second case, to cure colpitis, you need to take a 6-9% solution of vinegar. At 2 liters of water, you need 3 tablespoons of vinegar. Such washing will strengthen the protection of the mucosa and help overcome colpitis from within by the body's own forces. If the treatment is not effective enough, the body has a tendency to relapse or ovarian hypofunction is pronounced, the doctor, in order to cure colpitis, may prescribe topical application of estrogen hormones, most often in the form of emulsions. Folk remedies are designed to remove inflammation and itching, they can not cure colpitis on their own. As agreed with the doctor, you can lubricate the mucous sea-buckthorn oil for the night against dryness. Broth of dogrose will help with burning and itching.

Prevention of disease

Colpitis can complicate our lives, sological is the adoption of the maximum package of measures to protect themselves from the disease. The very first rule, in order not to catch a colpitis, is a careful observance of personal hygiene. However, there is no need to overdo it with the procedures, since especially frequent ablutions, especially with the use of fragrance products with perfume, can disrupt the microflora and cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, to observe personal hygiene is important, but without fanaticism. Sensibly refer to the rules of hygiene of intimate life. Following simple recommendations will help to avoid many venereal diseases, such as colpitis. Be protected during sexual intercourse. A condom is the guarantee of protection not only from pregnancy, but also from sexually transmitted diseases. It is also worthwhile to approach the choice of a sexual partner. Colpitis is easy to pick up with promiscuous sexual intercourse or unreliable partners. Therefore, in these matters it is necessary to be choosy and circumspect. Colpitis can also develop from an allergic reaction to flavored personal care products (tampons, pads). Such things are better to be excluded from everyday use, giving preference to non-flavored products. Avoiding colpitis will help and properly selected underwear. It is better to stop your choice on natural, rather than synthetic fabrics. Take care of the healthy microflora of your body: colpitis is difficult to take root in patients who lead a healthy lifestyle and who eat right. Useful for microflora will be fermented milk products, but sweet and desserts are better limited. Colpitis can occur due to mechanical, thermal, chemical damage to the vagina, with somatic infectious diseases, in violation of the anatomical and physiological organization of the vagina, with a decrease in the endocrine glands function of internal secretion. Causes colpitis and irrational use of antibiotics. Therefore, at least once a year visit the gynecologist, preventive examination will help to avoid many troubles, such as colpitis and other diseases.