leeches for weight loss Any modern and eager to be beautifula woman worried about her figure. Therefore, in the focus of her attention there are always various ways of adjusting nutrition and keeping the body in shape. A truly intelligent girl who wants to look perfect, listens to the recommendations of doctors, advises friends and acquaintances, watches the diets of show business stars and fitness programs of female athletes. For this reason, we want to talk about another method - about hirudotherapy; leeches for weight loss are popular indeed from time immemorial. So what kind of method is it and how effective is it? Can hirudotherapy be a real alternative to debilitating diets or taking drugs with side effects? How expensive is this method, is it safe and does it have any contraindications? We will answer all these questions within the framework of this article - let's talk about the fight against excess weight with the help of leeches.

Hirudotherapy: general description

This is one of the oldest methods of treatment andstrengthening the strength of the body, used for centuries in China, Thailand, Taiwan. Moreover, hirudotherapy has a rich Russian history, which began in the 17th century. This method has been actively used since its inception, so it is not surprising that even today in the Russian Federation there are medical institutions that train specialists in this area. The essence of hirudotherapy consists in placing leeches on biologically active points of the body. In case of struggle against excess weight in quantity of 2-3 pieces put in the field of a sacrum and behind ears, that is in areas of mastoid processes. Sucking blood, leeches secret secret, normalizing metabolism. Standard course hirudotherapy in the fight against obesity is 10-14 days. In this case, bloodsuckers should be put 1-2 times a day. Naturally, in parallel it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, not to abuse alcohol and smoking (it is better to abandon these bad habits at all), to follow the balance in the diet. Remember, for the normalization of metabolism, the digestive processes must be activated.

What are the secrets of the effectiveness and convenience of hirudotherapy?

  • Leeches put in areas that are best reactingon point-like effects - they have zonal or with a projection on the key organs, joints, nerve nodes. In fact, this is a kind of response to acupuncture, giving the same high results.
  • The secrets given out by the hiruds are complexinfluence on the body: they not only help improve metabolic processes, but also contribute to the restoration of the hormonal background, the purification of blood, the normalization of pressure.
  • When leeches are used,healthy weight loss with increased activity of the brain - this is facilitated by a constant oxygen make-up. Plus, the body itself better absorbs all the nutrients obtained in the process of eating. In addition, the complex effect of the secret secreted by the hiruds provides an influx of energy and a cheerful mood - as a result, even weakened people easily tolerate a diet in conditions of combating excess weight.
  • In this case, the procedure of treatment with leechesharmless and painless - there will be no serious discomfort. So you can safely drop all your fears, fears, prejudices and sign up for a course of herdotherapy.
  • By the way, losing weight with leeches more thanpopular with stars: many singers or actresses are not shy and do not hide the fact that they use this method. The most striking examples are Demi Moore and Jessica Simpson. The latter is not at all tired of praising herdotherapy and recommending it to all her friends, colleagues, acquaintances. The position of Simpson is quite understandable: the plump figure of the singer for several months was a favorite topic for discussions in the press. In this connection, Jessica decided on the extreme measures she said: she began to lose weight with the help of leeches. This method was recommended to her by her friend Victoria Beckham, who has been using the services of small bloodsuckers since the days of Spice Girls. Jessica, from her own experience, was convinced that all the stories about the amazing properties of the saliva of leeches are true. As we have already said, it contains effective enzymes, numbering more than 150, accelerating the metabolism, perfectly eliminating inflammatory processes, strengthening immunity. After the course of hirudotherapy, Simpson took care of her health and defended herself against cellulite. Let's say more, literally in a month Jessica managed to regain harmony - in the photo from all parties she looked just fine. Treatment with leeches really helped the star, so this method can be safely taken on board to combat excess weight. leeches weight loss

    How safe is hirudotherapy?

    Many girls, to put it mildly, are negativeto leeches and even afraid of them. But all the fears are completely groundless: modern medicine has proved that such a method of recovery is 100% safe. Of course, there is one thing: the course of treatment should be conducted under the strict control of a hirudotherapist - then the patient will receive a number of guarantees:

  • Full protection from HIV, hepatitisand any other diseases transmitted through the lymph. During the course in any medical institution, only disposable medical leeches are used, which are disposed of immediately after the session - as you understand, such giruds simply can not be carriers of viruses, bacteria, or genes.
  • The safety of launching self-regulation mechanisms andmetabolism - enzymes of leeches have complex, but at the same time soft influence on the body. Normalization of pressure, activation of brain activity and other processes take place without side effects - everything is based on natural effects, fully controlled by an experienced girudo-therapist.
  • Painless and effective resorptionkelloidov, scars and even stitches - leeches are widely used and for cosmetic purposes. Enzymes, excreted by leeches, improve the tone and color of the skin, and also make it more taut, that is, provide a natural lifting. Today there is even a separate direction of cosmetology, popular and actively developing - hirudoplasty.
  • Are there any contraindications to treatment with leeches?

    Of course, hirudotherapy is not a panacea forall and everyone - someone just can not be appointed. By the way, this is another reason why a girl who wants to undergo a course of treatment with leeches, without fail, must first contact a doctor: a specialist will determine whether it is possible to put bloodsuckers at all. The main contraindications are:

    • Hemophilia, that is, bad or zeroblood coagulability. In such cases, after removing leeches, bleeding wounds may remain, and it will be very difficult to cope with them even for specialists. In a situation where any cut may lead to the most serious consequences, do not take risks, putting 2 or 3 giraud 2 times for 10-14 days.
    • Hemorrhagic diathesis, that is, frequent spontaneous(or resulting from trauma) bleeding and hemorrhage. In such cases, there is also no need to risk, especially since this disease is often a companion or a harbinger of hemophilia.
    • Anemia (anemia), that is, a low concentrationerythrocytes. With such a disease, even minimal loss of capillary blood carried with lymph can lead to serious consequences and worsening of a woman's condition, therefore it is better to refrain from geradotherapy.
    • Allergies to leeches, more precisely, to one of thetransferred by them enzymes. However, everything depends on the specific type - the patient can not be approached only by Chinese or exclusively European types of bloodsuckers.
    • Poorly amenable to treatment hirudofobia, that is panic fear of the treated annelids. In such cases, it is worth looking for another option to combat overweight.
    • Pregnancy - in most cases it is also a contraindication: a future mother should always consult with a doctor about this.

    As you can see, the main "prohibitions" are not so many- In general, hirudotherapy is available and open to modern Russians. This is not only an effective, painless and fast, but also relatively inexpensive way to combat overweight. The course of healing leeches can go without fear - you just need to get the consent of the attending physician and turn to a good hirudotherapist. We advise you to read: