quick recipe for cold borsch Russian cuisine is famous for its varied dishes,which have a tonic effect on the human body, contain many vitamins and are very healthy. In hot weather, you can prepare a cold borscht, the recipe of which is offered to your attention in this article. Cold beetroot is the best meal in the summer. In people, cold borsch is better known as beetroot soup. This dish is considered very nutritious and vitamin. The main ingredient is beet. Prepare such a cold soup simply. First of all, you need to stock up on the right products. So, for cooking you will need:

  • beet, which must be boiled in advance - 5-6 pcs.,
  • fresh cucumber - 2 pcs.,
  • sausage boiled or boiled beef - 400 gr.,
  • eggs of chicken - 4 pcs.,
  • onion green - 1 bunch,
  • citric acid - pinch,
  • salt - a pinch,
  • mayonnaise for refueling.
  • boiled water or beef broth.

In order to make the dish not onlytasty, but also beautiful, pay attention to special cutting of all ingredients. Beets can be cut into cubes, sausage and cucumber - straw. Eggs, onions and greens should be crumbled finely. All the ingredients must be thoroughly mixed and poured with either water or broth to your taste. Season the soup with salt and citric acid to taste. After that, put the soup in the refrigerator. When serving, add mayonnaise. The dish turns out very tasty. cold borsch with sour cream

Cold borscht from baked root

The main component of the dish - beets, bakedin the oven. To bake a vegetable, it must be carefully washed beforehand. Bake in the peel. After preparation, the peel needs to be removed. There are several ways to bake a sweet root:

  • Baking in foil. It is prepared at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. Baking time is one hour.
  • Using a sleeve for baking. It is prepared at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. Baking time - an hour and a half.
  • Ingredients for the dish:

    • potatoes boiled - 3 pcs.,
    • baked beets - 3 pcs.,
    • fresh cucumbers - 2 pcs.,
    • sugar - tsp.,
    • sour cream for refueling,
    • eggs of chicken - 4 pcs.,
    • onion green, parsley, dill - along the beam,
    • table vinegar,
    • salt - a pinch,
    • potato broth.

    All products must be crushed, add salt and sugar, season with vinegar and pour cold potato decoction. Before serving, add sour cream.

    Cold borscht from sorrel

    Sorrel is prized by a high content of vitamins andexcellent taste properties. When preparing cold borsch, it can be added instead of citric acid or vinegar. The main ingredients for cold borsch with sorrel:

    • beet cooked - 3 pcs.,
    • carrots cooked - 2 pcs.,
    • potatoes cooked - 3 pieces.,
    • sorrel - a bunch,
    • eggs of chicken - 3 pcs.,
    • fresh cucumber - 1 pc.,
    • onion green - bunch,
    • dill - a bunch,
    • sour cream or mayonnaise for refueling.
    • pepper and salt.

    All products cut, season with salt, pepper, pour boiled water. When serving in each plate add sour cream or mayonnaise. cold borsch of sweet root

    Cold borscht from pickled sweet vegetable

    Marinated vegetable along with marinade will give the dish an unforgettable taste and aroma. To prepare this dish you will need the following products:

    • onion green - bunch,
    • dill - a bunch,
    • sausage boiled - 300 gr.,
    • potatoes boiled - 2 pcs.,
    • eggs of chicken - 4 pcs.,
    • fresh cucumber - 2 pcs.,
    • boiled water,
    • sour cream or mayonnaise,
    • beet is pickled.

    Recipe: how to pickle the vegetable To pickle the beets, you have to cut it with straws, dip it in a colander for five minutes in boiling water, add a teaspoon of sugar, a pinch of salt and pour the vinegar solution. To sustain within a day. For the preparation of cold borsch, all the above products are finely chopped, add the pickled root and pour everything with water. In the dish when serving, put sour cream or mayonnaise. You can use ready-made pickled beets from the store. To improve the taste in the dish you can crumble radish, and boiled sausage to replace the boiled beef. Cold beetroot from a pickled red vegetable turns out very tasty! cold beetroot soup

    Cold beetroot from the tops

    This recipe basically contains a beetroot top. For cooking, you will need the following products:

    • beet tops,
    • young boiled beets - 3 pcs.,
    • eggs of chicken - 3 pcs.,
    • fresh cucumber - 2 pcs.,
    • onion green - bunch,
    • parsley and dill - along a beam,
    • salt - a pinch,
    • vinegar - to taste,
    • water boiled.

    All products must be cut, seasoned with vinegar,salt and pour water. When serving on the table, season with sour cream. In Russian cuisine you can find a recipe for cold beetroot soup with kefir or whey. The way of preparation is not distinguished by a set of products, but instead of water or broth all the ingredients are filled with kefir or whey. Another good tip: it is necessary to prepare it from the evening, as it must be infused. You can give your taste preferences to this or that recipe by trying to cook them yourself. Bon Appetit!