1 In the autumn and spring, the weather changes very often. A sunny day gives way to a rainy day, and vice versa. At the same time, bright and comfortable and a jacket for a boy - probably the bestvariants of outer clothing for such a changeable weather. It not only protects well from wind, rain, but also does not constrain movements, since it has a comfortable style. In the jacket you can walk around with your parents leisurely, go to school or run around the playground. Many different models made in different colors, with interesting finishes, pockets and a hood can now be found in children's clothing stores. Of course, when buying, you need to pay close attention to the fact that the thing was made of quality material - a light and durable fabric that does not lose its attractive appearance after long wear and frequent washes. Considering that most children are very active, there is always work for a washing machine in the house. To the jacket, we advise you to choose suitable trousers, and this may not be necessarily jeans. This outfit for walks will suit both boys and girls. Perhaps the biggest problem when buying clothes for children is how quickly they grow from it. Modern manufacturers create a variety of interesting styles that allow you to wear a thing longer. Cuffs and lapels - and now the sleeves or trousers become longer or shorter, depending on what effect you want to get. Do not forget, however, that you need to try to pick up the child things by size. Now there is no such shortage of clothes for children to buy a lot of pants, shirts, sweaters, dresses and jackets outfits. In too much of a thing the child will feel uncomfortable, so this should be avoided. Comfortable and light children's windbreakers are an excellent variant of the top demi-season clothing for the city and for trips to nature. Though, probably, it is not necessary to send in a hike or on a picnic in the same jacket in which the child usually goes to school or a kindergarten. But here is the windbreaker, in which your son or daughter is walking, is very useful for this purpose. Do not forget that for a country trip to nature it will be necessary to pick up the appropriate footwear for the child, in which he will not get wet feet and which will reliably protect the foot. What will it be - sneakers, sports shoes or sandals, depends on where you are going and what the weather is expected.