decorating a kindergarten with their own hands The design of kindergarten groups is part ofeducational work. After all, in what atmosphere and situation kids will spend time, their overall emotional state depends. Both the educators and the head of the pre-school know perfectly well that in the first place it is necessary to carefully select furniture for groups. Interior should be not only beautiful and modern, but also meet all the requirements of sanitary standards.

  • Furniture should be light, made of materials that can easily be sanitized with the use of disinfectants;
  • All parts must have a reliable fixation;
  • No sharp corners and bulging bolts - all this can cause injuries.

In any case, special documents are drawn up,which prescribe from what material the furniture for the kindergarten should be made. In addition, the size of the backs of chairs for different age groups, the height of the legs and the width of the seat are taken into account. Of course, the funding of all preschools must come from the federal or local budget. However, the allocated money is not always enough for various trifles, which play not the least role in the arrangement of the premises for toddlers. That's why every educator tries to arrange a group in the kindergarten with their own hands and to attract children to this work. During such activities, kids learn to make appliqués and small crafts, combine colors and recognize materials. In general, they are engaged in interesting and useful work.

Game corner for the nursery group

To issue a nursery group in kindergartenquite difficult. After all, very small children are gathered here, which they just "took away" from my mother. Therefore, the educator needs to do his best to keep the kids distracted. The most successful decision in the design of such groups will be drawing a picture on the walls. The image should be large and bright. For example, a train with big eyes, butterflies and caterpillars, bright flowers and grass, heroes of fairy tales. This image is applied exclusively with paints that do not release toxic substances into the air. After all, taking care of the health of babies comes first! Given that kids are not able to play complex designers and modern electronic toys, we need to think up other entertainments for them. Toys can be sewn by hand, for example - a big sun, dolls and even rugs for playing fairy tales. And for the development of fine motor fingers, you can make special "checkers". For this, there is no need to buy expensive materials - use ordinary plastic covers from PET bottles, and the inscriptions on them can simply be painted over with nail polish. In order to make something more voluminous (for example, a house for dolls or a garage for cars), use the building material gypsum board. But here, of course, you can not do without the help of your parents. And do not forget to fill out the news corner, in which all the achievements of the children will be published and their handicrafts exhibited. Such a corner is useful not only for the educator, but also for parents who want to always be aware of the events taking place in the group. In general, the design of the kindergarten group will not be very difficult. The main thing is to show a little imagination, to involve parents and, if possible, all the kids. design of the group in the kindergarten with their own hands

We design a group for older children

Decoration of groups for older children - occupation of moremore interesting and exciting. After all, the guys can already take part in the work directly involved. Ask them to make colorful appliqués for the walls, sew their own toys from favorite cartoons or even create a real puppet theater, where the usual stitching-stick can play the role of any fairy-tale character. Let the popes of the inmates build a strong screen with their own hands, and the children will glue it with bright paper, draw windows, doors. Moms can make toys for presentations. And the children let them produce some additional details for fairy tales: a broom for a woman Yaga, a staff for an old man, a hat for a fairy gnome. Pre-school children will like the idea of ​​installing a miniature rocket or a small steamer in the kindergarten, because this is a great place for fantasy games! Products are made from the same drywall, then every detail is carefully fixed (not without the help of dads and moms) in the right place. And already the finished structure is painted with colors or pasted by drawings created by children. If the design of groups suggests a certain direction, then it is necessary to select appropriate decorations. For example, the group was named "Rocket", "Sun" or "Bell". So, draw it with the necessary symbols: arrange a corner for parents in the form of a spacesuit, hang bouquets of paper bells on the walls of the room, "settle" the sun on the ceiling, walls and curtains of the group. design of a kindergarten group with their own hands

Festive decoration of the group

And on the eve of the holiday, the design of the site will become even more fascinating!

  • For the New Year

Let the children make their own snowflakes,lanterns, garlands - in kindergarten without such decorations can not do. In addition, you can decorate the wall with drawings depicting Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. And from the old yarn (thread) make funny snowmen and arrange in the corners of the group;

  • For the autumn ball

Painted and carved leaves children canpaste on the walls and hang on the curtains. From the gifts of nature, produce handicrafts and herbariums - this original design of the group will please both parents and children themselves;

  • On the verge of spring?

Bright applications and artificialtwigs with buds of flowers and young leaves. Ask the children to bring home the seeds of onion, parsley and other greens. Put them in pots and place them on the windowsill. You will have a mini-garden! Be sure to distribute watch between the children: everyone should know when it's his turn to care for seedlings. For groups of different ages (in small gardens this is the practice), it is necessary to design the room so that it is interesting to everyone - it may be necessary to divide into zones. For children's creativity there are no boundaries. The main thing is to be able to interest the kids, make them happy to meet any time of the year and find a job for themselves.

How to apply for a plot on a playground

The design of the kindergarten does not includeonly the decoration of groups - it is necessary to take care of the condition of the homestead territory. Kids have enough time on the street, so the elements of developing games should be present here. Not enough swings and sandboxes? Urgently involve your parents, especially the popes. After all, their children will be on this site, which means they will help you to translate your ideas into reality. Also, the design of a street site in a kindergarten provides for the creation of cheerful flower beds: ladybirds from basins, chairs from painted penechkov, figures from sand. All this can be done with your own hands, attracting children to work. Someone from mothers can draw beautifully? So, it's time to turn the sad walls of the summer-house into fairy-tale cities. And the children let them make bright flags of colorful paper - everyone will like this piece of jewelry. Remember, the design of the kindergarten group (as well as the site for street games) should bring only a good mood, because there is nothing more beautiful than the joy on the face of the child participating in this creative "disgrace"! We advise you to read: