what to make of old jeans Probably, simply there is no such house where notthe old jeans would be covered. These pants are surprisingly strong. But, the trouble is, they are out of fashion, then we grow from size. And sometimes jeans just tear (yes so unexpected!) In the most inappropriate places. And what do we do with them? At best, we take it deeper and further into the closet, or we give it to men in the garage for rags. At worst, we simply throw it away. And, I must say, in vain we do it. It turns out that old jeans can find a second life. Folk craftsmen, masters and craftsmen, quickly realized that these pants can easily be put to work, attaching their skillful hands to them. And we let's take their ideas and experience into service and find out what to make of old jeans. Even if we fail to achieve an excellent result from the first time ... Well, there will always be one more (and one more, and one more) jeans with which you can experiment.

For children

What can be done from old jeans for children? Immediately make a reservation that if you are not friends with a needle and thread, then you should not start. In order to make new children's clothes from old jeans, one must own at least skills of tailoring art. Although, learn about the possibilities of denim reincarnation will not hurt. For children's clothes you will need, above all, trousers. These trousers need to be cut off from the pants, wash, iron and start making. What exactly? Sarafan. For a little girl, there is enough even one leg, which you almost do not have to rip out. Just lay out your trousers on the table, draw a pattern from one side of the sarafan, on the other - a pattern of the back. You sew up your hangers, process the neck and armholes, decorate your dress with appliqué, embroidery or pockets. Everything, the child is fresh, and you have a satisfied sense of self-sufficiency. By the same principle, you can sew a skirt, and a fashionable kerchief with a visor (or without a visor), and summer panamku, and shorts. And you can also make a denim bag for change shoes in school, a soft case, a phone case and a lot of other useful things. Think, consult with the child. But what if some idea comes to him? what to make of old jeans

For animals

Naturally, if you have a cat or a dog, thenafter your child you think about it. And if there are no children, then the desire to think about this member of the family even in the first place (who else will think about it?) Is quite understandable. Therefore, for your pet, you can also build something from old jeans. If you dress your four-footed wonder in different clothes, then make clothes from denim. Cut off the trousers. Straighten them, wash them, iron them and, armed with a pattern, scissors and a sewing machine, make it new. And you can sostrotit jeans cover for a mattress on a dog's bench or change the upholstery on a soft house for a cat. By the way, jeans fabric is strong enough to become a harness, collar or leash.

For the interior

Here, too, the possibilities of denim reincarnation -field is not plowed. And to plow it, it's enough to get old jeans from the closet and arm yourself with suitable tools (scissors, iron, sewing machine, crochet hook, etc.) and suitable ideas. And if you probably have jeans and tools, we'll give you some ideas. First, sheaths. Covers that can be put on kitchen benches or even on upholstered furniture, and which will become excellent pillowcase cushions. Especially there is no need to philosophize here: any housewife will be able to rip off her pants and make some straight lines on the sewing machine. Special chic with such covers and pillowcases will give all sorts of decorations: appliqués, embroideries, relief stitching. Secondly, capes and blankets. Here you need a mastery of quilting. You just need to cut the denim fabric into all kinds of diamonds, triangles and squares, come up with a pattern and make a canvas of the right size and shape. By the way, what is convenient in this case denim fabric, so this is because a similar patchwork will look great both from the front and from the wrong side. If the seams are so creative to break the seams, then the blanket will look even more spectacular than from the face. By the way, the flaps can also not be stitched, and tie them with a hook and hook it into the whole canvas. Thirdly, mats and carpets. They are made on the same principle as the veil, only from the wrong side, the base lining is also sewn to them. By the way, such rugs can be bedded not only in the hallway or in the toilet. If you make efforts (mental and physical), you will get an excellent and, notice, exclusive carpet for the front room. And some craftsmen cut jeans on ribbons and knit these tapes with the same carpets and rugs. Knit crochet - knitting needles are not very suitable for this. And, finally, all kinds of wall panels. If you have the gift of an artist and a tailor at the same time, you can do it. Dare!

For myself

For a loved one, nothing is a pity! Neither old jeans nor wasted time. And what can you spend on these jeans and time? On the same sarafans and shorts, skirts and vests. And also for slippers and slippers, for handbags and cosmetic bags, for phone cases and pencil cases, for bracelets and kulonchiki, for aprons and hats. In addition, a denim fabric can be wrapped around your favorite jewelry box or for make-up, make a cover for books or for a reader, sew a laptop bag. And you want - update the kitchen textiles - also because for yourself. Tablecloths, napkins, potholders, pads for kitchen stools, cloaks (upholstery) for the kitchen sofa. Or make a surprise to your man and sew him in the car jeans covers on the seats. However, why the man? If your car, it will also be your favorite! In a word, urgently unearth the old jeans in the closet and proceed to the denim reincarnation. Only the gods can bestow a second life. Are not we goddesses? We advise you to read: