cleansing the face of a cosmetologist Acne, blackheads, black dots and other defects in ourtime is no longer accepted to cover with thick layers of foundation, powder, hide behind scarves and high collars. Now girls who follow themselves and their appearance prefer to use special creams, ointments, and also constantly go for cleaning. It's no secret that you have to pay for the beauty, sometimes not only money, but your own health, so before you decide to visit a cosmetologist, ask how he plans to rid you of your skin problems. To date, there are quite a lot of cosmetology and medical methods, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Mechanical impact: pros and cons

Classical face cleaning is quite old andA simple way that our mothers used, only slightly modernized. So, at first the specialist should take off all make-up and wash the client well, so that no particles of dust and dirt remain, as this can lead to serious irritation or even infection. Then, after the skin has broken up, the beautician wraps the fingers with special napkins (sterile and bactericidal) and proceeds to the procedure itself. Additionally, tools such as Una spoon, Vidal's needle, etc. can be used. Upon termination, a special mask is applied to the face of the client to narrow the pores. Thus, the risk of irritation, redness, and rash is reduced. The downside in this case is that such a face cleaning is rather painful and dangerous, especially if the person who is engaged in this business is inexperienced or does his job after sleeves. Visiting the cosmetologist's office, pay attention to the cleanliness and sterility of the institution. If everywhere there are dirty napkins, cotton swabs, and the master did not wash his hands before the procedure, immediately escape from this salon. Also do not forget to ask what means your skin will be processed. On average, the procedure should last no more than twenty minutes, but if during this time the doctor did not manage to cope with the task, you will have to repeat everything again. The plus of this cleansing is that almost all defects are eliminated when treating the skin, since the specialist does everything manually, without missing a single problematic site. But do not think that one visit to the salon will be enough to forget about the problem once and for all. After the face cleaning is over, the master will examine your skin and tell you when next time you have to come to him. The first few days you will need to use a special makeup that not only cleans but also disinfects. For the next twelve hours you will have to give up carcasses, powder, tonal basis, etc., so as not to clog pores. As for contraindications, the doctor may refuse to perform the procedure if the client has too thin and delicate skin, can see vessels, high fat content. It is not recommended to go on procedure after you have had been ill with a virus disease if recently you had a fungus. About any problems with skin and health, you must warn the beautician beforehand so that he will pick up suitable cosmetic means for opening the pores of the face. The same applies if you are hypersensitive or allergic to certain drugs or cosmetic products. hair removal facial cleanser

Broasing (brashing): the pros and cons of the procedure

Despite a fairly large number of differentmeans for peeling, few of the girls use them constantly. As a result, on the upper layers of the epidermis are formed horny particles that are flaky, interfere with the regeneration of cells, and also prevent creams and masks from penetrating the skin. The procedure itself is quite simple, almost painless and does not take much time (from five to ten minutes). First, the master should steam out the skin with a usual warm compress, then the remaining water is removed with a napkin, a scrub is applied, after which brushing begins. You can resort to this method no more than twice a week. A huge disadvantage in this case is that the procedure is contraindicated for girls who have serious defects (scars, scratches, inflammations, couperose), as well as very sensitive individuals. A specialist will not conduct a session if your goal is to eliminate more serious problems. If the client has a lot of facial or age wrinkles, cleaning the face in this case will not help get rid of them. Otherwise, there are no restrictions. A huge and fatty plus is that you can do the procedures at any time of the year, while the cost of the services of a beautician is not significant. After the expert works with your skin, it will become soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. No additional means for care, except those that you used earlier, you will not need. Also, you can not limit yourself to such pleasures as visiting a gym, swimming pool, baths, saunas, etc. institutions. It is recommended to do brashing with other procedures.

Vacuum nozzle: indications and contraindications

Vacuum cleaning is one of the most sparing andsafe ways, which are resorted to by girls with problem skin. The principle of the device is quite simple: in a special nozzle, which massages the face, the air circulates in such a way that all contaminants are drawn from the pores. The first stage is the cleansing of the face with the help of foams, gels, antibacterial agents. The next step is to expand the pores with steam to achieve greater efficiency. However, in some cases, experts use masks and lotions for this. Before the beginning the master should wash out the nozzle with which he will work, also he is obliged from time to time to rinse it during the procedure itself. After the face is cleaned with vacuum, the peeling agent is applied to remove the cornified particles, and at the end a mask is made to narrow the pores. On average, you have to spend ten to twenty minutes on the main part, plus half an hour to prepare and complete the process. This method should be resorted to once a month. Despite the superficial effect on the skin, it is contraindicated to do a vacuum cleaning for those who have acute and serious inflammation, a large number of deep acne, acne, couperose, etc. Before you decide on the procedure, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. Also, do not forget to ask to provide you with documents and permits confirming the serviceability and safety of the device. If such certificates are not available, it is not recommended to use the services of this cosmetician. To resort to vacuum cleaning is recommended for those who have oily or combination skin. Remember that with mechanical action on such areas the sebaceous glands begin to work several times faster, which leads to increased fat content. This device, acting on the principle of a sucker, not only removes dirt from the pores, but also stimulates blood flow, so that the skin becomes smooth, supple. Vacuum cleaning of the face is recommended to girls as an auxiliary procedure for getting rid of problems with pimples and acne. ultrasonic face cleansing from a cosmetologist

Ultrasound: what it is and what it eats

Such a service as ultrasonic face cleaning,appeared in beauty salons relatively recently, but already had time to fall in love with many of the fair sex. High-frequency sound vibrations, which are published by the device, penetrate inside, remove excess sebum, remove particles of cornified skin and do tissue massage. Thanks to such manipulations, cells begin to update faster, quick regeneration occurs, all visible defects are eliminated. Ultrasonic cleaning will help to cope even with deep eels, but only in the event that there was no serious exacerbation. Preparing for the procedure occurs in the same way as in the previous cases: first - removing makeup, cleansing of contaminants and the last step - applying special tools that increase the effectiveness of ultrasound. The master, when starting the process, completely disinfects the nozzle in a special solution, then carries the tip of the apparatus to the problem areas, and then removes the dirt removed from the pores. On average, the cleaning takes about twenty minutes, not less. To visit a cosmetologist's office in this case it is possible to begin with fourteen years, when hormonal changes begin. However, as in any other method, there are also many contraindications. For example, you can not go to a cosmetology salon if you have such diseases as eczema, swelling, paralysis or inflammation of the facial nerve, and if you have recently had a serious infectious or viral illness, you had facial surgeries. It is better to abandon the procedure if you have recently done chemical peeling, since the skin has not yet fully recovered from the previous exposure. It is not recommended to clean the face of pregnant and lactating mothers. In order to achieve visible positive results, you will have to go through four to eight sessions of complex cleaning. At first, you will need to visit a cosmetologist once every two weeks, then - at most twice a month for express procedures. This method - an excellent option for those who want to always look at all the hundred, but it is very afraid of pain. The only thing that can embarrass you is a rather high cost, which not everyone can afford. But if you decide to ultrasound cleaning, you will get a smooth skin without rashes, acne, large pores and other similar problems.

Dry cleaning: dangerous or safe

In fact, if you do the procedures inspecialized institutions where real professionals work, there will be no negative consequences after dry cleaning. At the moment, you can offer in the beauty salons a preparation (for oily skin) or enzymatic cleansing (for dry skin), which are equally useful and effective. In the first case, the composition of the agent includes oleic, malic, lactic, glycolic acids, which penetrate the pores and dissolve the sebaceous stem. The second method is based on the use of enzymes bromelain and papain. After the procedure, a special soothing mask is applied to the face, which prevents irritation, itching, redness, etc. Chemical cleanings are completely contraindicated in acne, scratches, bruises and sensitive skin. In no case is it worthwhile to perform the procedure yourself at home, since the body's response to non-professional remedies, which could also be stored incorrectly, is not predictable. So, for example, if you apply the drug to the delicate areas of the skin around the eyes, you will get a 100% burn. Also, you may not notice some problems that can only worsen after the procedure. In the salon, the master, before starting work, examines the face of his client, and also conducts several tests to determine whether he has some allergy medications. Speaking about dry cleaning, we can not fail to mention the unconditional advantages that for many ladies play a dominant role in choosing the appropriate method. Firstly, after visiting a specialist, you will look excellent during the first ten days. Secondly, you do not have to provide any special skin care, buy expensive products and masks. You will need to come to the salon on average three times a month, while the cost of the procedure is unlikely to embarrass you. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe several additional sessions, especially if you have oily skin. dry cleaning of the face of a cosmetologist

General information about procedures

If you have eczema, herpes, epilepsy, you immediatelyshould warn the beautician, as in these cases to carry out any, even the most sparing and safe cleaning is strictly forbidden, otherwise there may be an exacerbation of the disease. Even if you trust your face with a real professional, consult your dermatologist and your doctor beforehand. Do not forget that for high-quality work and a good result will have to pay, so do not take risks and do not use the services of underground salons. If you decide to call a master at home, pay attention to his appearance, make sure that he washed his hands and his apparatus in a special solution. As for the frequency of such procedures, in this case everything depends on the condition of your skin. Those who are heavily polluted pores, will have to visit a specialist once a week and a half, at least, and all the rest - once or twice a month. Too often, cleaning is not recommended, since the upper layers of the epidermis do not have time to recover, which leads to serious disturbances. After all the manipulations, do not forget to apply suitable masks for your skin type, use creams, tonics and other cleansers. You should tell the master about what can and can not be done in the next twenty-four hours.