Choosing a school and a first teacher Choosing a school for your child is a serious step in which you need to pay attention to some points. Of these, two most important are:

  • the child goes for the first time to school - in the first class
  • the child is already at school, but you for some reason decided to change the school

First teacher

For example, when choosing an educational institution foryour first-grader, you need to pay attention not only to the choice of the school, but also to carefully consider the choice of the first teacher. After all, the first teacher plays an important role in the life of a first-grader. Babies going to first grade are not yet independent enough, they need constant attention and care. And since next to him there will be no parents and educators, there will be no one to look after. From the fact that the teacher will have a child at the beginning of the school path - a lot depends on his adult life started. In order for the child to adapt in new conditions and become accustomed to school, he became independent, the first teacher is of great importance. Primary school should not be too different for a child from visiting a kindergarten. And the first teacher, it's kind of the same educator, only with more responsibilities and responsibility: a nanny, a teacher, and a teacher, all rolled into one. Teacher for his wards becomes not only a teacher and educator, for the duration of classes, he must be a great authority for first-graders. Much, no doubt, depends on the choice of the school, which program, which teachers are taught in this school, is the school administration strong, what sports sections and circles exist in the school and much more. Even if you are lucky with the school, and you will choose a good enough school - this does not mean that everything is fine. If the teacher can not interest your child and find a common language with him, then all the good data of this school will not count. The main role is still assigned to the first teacher. Keep in mind that when choosing a school, you must first pay attention to the teacher, to which your student will fall. Choose a strong and responsible teacher, sufficiently attentive to first-graders. If the teacher can interest children, then the study will be interesting and informative. He will take children to play on the changes, and will also live with his pets with their interests and their lives. Then you and your child will not have any problems in school life. A first-grader will be interested in school, and he will be happy to attend an educational institution where he has many friends, and most importantly, there is a beloved teacher in school who tells a lot of interesting things. If your child goes to high school, then everything is different there. After all, he is already an experienced student, he is already used to school, he knows what is required of him. The schoolboy has his hobbies and interests. A high school student is serious about studying, because the choice of a profession is ahead of him.

School Change

If for some reason you do not have an elementary schoolthen it makes sense to think: is it worth continuing study in it? Or maybe better to change to a better school, which gives a lot more knowledge, necessary for further admission to the university. Here it is necessary to make the right choice of the school with the study of foreign languages ​​or in-depth study of some important subjects. Try to find out about the prospects that this school gives for admission to universities. Perhaps the school that you are interested in has bosses. Currently, there is a practice of sponsoring higher education institutions over schools. Universities in sponsored schools conduct various electives, as well as preparatory courses and olympiads. All these activities contribute to entering the university. When choosing a school, be sure to listen to the opinion of the child, because he will have to study at this school.