Parents-drivers from the end of last year were frightenednew amendments to the rules of transportation of children. Ostensibly from January 1, 2017, small passengers can be carried exclusively in car seats, no booster and hard pillows, and about all sorts of "lotion" for seat belts in general will have to be forgotten once and for all. But the amendments to the action never entered. And the other day the Supreme Court decided that car seats for a child are not a necessary condition to go on a trip. Like, do not spend extra money, security is different. We'll figure out how the parents-drivers really should act.Photo:Getty ImagesSo, the story began in Yekaterinburg almost a year ago. On April 30, 2016, a local resident was fined three thousand rubles for transporting his son without a car seat. The man assured that he acted according to the law, and instead of a car seat he used a universal child restraint along with a seat belt. Neither the traffic police inspectors, nor the district, nor the regional court agreed with the Pope. Fine - and no nails. But the parent was not going to give up and went all the way to the Supreme Court. There, the child restraint was recognized as complying with the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of wheeled vehicles", and, therefore, allowed for use when transporting children. The fine was canceled, the stubborn Yekaterinburg resident was acquitted. The judge referred to paragraph 22.9 of the road traffic rules: "Transportation of children under 12 years of age <...> must be carried out using child restraints appropriate for the weight and height of the child, or other means that allow you to fasten the child using seat belts." By "other means" we mean any elastic pillow, thanks to which the baby will reach the belt, and it will tighten not on his neck, but around the body. Anyone can you imagine? So, you no longer need to spend money on boosters and other devices? Can you limit yourself to the usual decorative pillow from your own sofa? ”The Supreme Court clarified that if the driver used safety measures when transporting his child, but did not use a classic car seat, he cannot be found guilty. It turns out that if the traffic police inspector stopped you and fills out the protocol, then you can refer to the decision of the Supreme Court of February 16, 2017 under the number 45-AD17-1. Lawyer, member of the council of the St. Petersburg Bar Association and the public organization "Road Patrol" Vladimir Garnin: Vladimir Garnin- We do not have a case law in Russia, butanalogies in business work. Although not always. If you are stopped and make up a record, reflect in it a reference to the decision of the Supreme Court. Even better, if you point out the witnesses who confirm that you did not just put the child in the car, but took all the necessary security measures. Children still have to settle on devices that have a certificate and they meet the standards. Copies of documents and a printed decision of the Supreme Court carry with them and, if necessary, present to the inspector who stopped you. Record the video.

The language of the law

According to GOST R 41.44-2005, item 2.1.3, child restraints may be of two designs: one-piece (car seats) and non-targeted, "including a partial restraint that when used in conjunction with an adult safety belt running around the child's torso or the child restraint device, forms a child restraint system in the kit. "The partial holding device, in accordance with paragraph, may be an" additional cushion ". And in paragraph, it is clarified that this is an "elastic cushion that can be used with any adult safety belt".