Learn to cook

How to take a child on vacation in AstrakhanA photo: Shokoladnitsa official website in Astrakhan. Under the guidance of the coffeehouse chefs, the children will learn how to cook delicious dishes. It can be delicious cocktails, sweet pancake rolls or cakes. When: November 1 at 10.00. Where: Coffee Shop "Chocolate Girl" on the street. Babeuf, 2. Record is required by phone. 77-69-69. Cost: 300 rubles. Age restrictions: 6+

Make a gift to mom

How to take a child on vacation in AstrakhanPhoto: press service gallery them. DogadinaOn the holidays picture gallery to them. Dogadina holds a museum event "Mom, sweet mom ...". During the tour, the guys will get acquainted with the paintings of Russian artists, which depicted the image of the mother. The Candlestick Master Class will complete everything. When: From November 1 to November 9, every day, except Monday, from 10.00 to 18.00, Thursday from 13.00 to 21.00. Where: st. Sverdlov, 81, tel. 51-52-32. Record by phone: 51-51-32. Ticket: 80 rubles. Age restrictions: 6+