"Ball of robots" in "Weavers"

robot tespianRobot Tespian knows how to laugh and cryPhoto: Archive of the “Ball of Robots” exhibition On January 2, the most famous robots of the world will arrive in St. Petersburg: the English humanoid robot Tespian, who can copy gestures, sing, dance, laugh, cry and even recite Shakespeare. Due to this, the robot has repeatedly played in modern theatrical productions. And in March of this year, Tespian opened the CelBit exhibition in 2014 in Hannover along with the heads of state - Angela Merkel and David Cameron. He led from the stage a solemn opening ceremony. Also among the guests is a French robot Nao, who can read fairy tales, and an American robot Baxter, who in just a few minutes is able to learn how to recognize new objects and perform new tasks. Russia will be represented by an anthropomorphic robot Pushkin from Zelenograd, which has a unique portrait resemblance to a poet. When: all days, starting from January 2, Where: the creative space “Weavers”, nab. Bypass channel, 60 (m. "Bypass channel") Ticket price: from 290 rubles. (6+)