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Teenagers, smartphoneThe phone shouldn't become a means of self-affirmationfor a student Photo: Getty Images Many parents believe that if you buy a mobile, then expensive, beautiful, in general, the best. This opinion can often be found on women's forums, where mothers discuss which phone to choose for a child - the simplest push-button or sophisticated smartphone. An expensive mobile phone is bought most often so that the child does not feel deprived in comparison with his peers. And children can ask for a specific model. As a result, parents buy what they want, sometimes even to the detriment of the family budget. But is it worth it to follow the lead of your complexes? Appetites can grow with new models, and can you keep up with them? A telephone for a first grader is just a means of communication with relatives. A gadget for middle and high school students is surfing the Internet and virtual communication. But at the same time, any technique should not be a means of self-affirmation. All stories about the fact that without a phone of the latest model the child will be in the collective "black sheep" are far-fetched. If a child gives in to his peers, then even the most sophisticated gadget does not raise his reputation for a long time. But the leader will have no problems with even the simplest phone.

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Girl by smartphoneIf you do not release the phone from the hands, babywill do the same. Photo: Getty ImagesMost of us were greeted by the appearance of mobile communication as adults, so she didn’t provide any problem for the psyche. In addition, we used the usual "dialers", and besides, very moderately: mobile communication was not cheap. The telephone was exclusively a means of communication. Our children need not so much the function of the call and SMS, as the camera, instant messengers, games and the Internet. Writing on a social network is easier than meeting in person, and downloading a new application is more interesting than reading something in the textbook. The same mothers who asked on the forums what mobile phone to buy for a child, then scribble in the topics: “The son does not break away from the smartphone, what to do?” The dependence on the phone arises mainly for two reasons: parental inattention and too much free time. Children often copy the behavior of their parents, and if the child sees that the mother, instead of paying attention to him, is immersed in correspondence, and the father plays “tanchiki” until the morning, then he will behave in the same way with a clear conscience. Therefore, before blaming the gadgets for everything, think about what example you are setting for your child. If the student has nothing to do except to spend time with the phone in his hands, find an interesting occupation for him, a hobby.