Ice Age Live !, AnniversaryIce Age Live !, AnniversaryIce Age Live !, Anniversary1 / 3 Photo: PMI Corporation Photo:PMI Corporation Photo: PMI Corporation The creator of all the characters in the show, world-renowned theater designer Michael Curry, told Woman's Day which of the heroes has the most complex costume and what the mammoth skin is made of. From the audience, all the heroes of the ice fairy tale seem soft and fluffy. And what, in fact, are their "fur coats" made of?1Yes, viewers see fur costumes, but this is not the wholetrue. In addition to fur, they consist of carbon fiber, aluminum, stainless steel and fiberglass. And in our costumes there are additional electronic engines that work as facial muscles and allow you to change the expression of the "face" of each of the heroes. Are the suits heavy? How difficult is it for artists to move around in them? 1We try to make costumes as much as and light, however, weight ranges from 3 to 100 kg - in the case of mammoth costumes. And it’s pretty hard for artists to do that. Although there are women among them - the proportions of costumes allow it. Moreover, we found out that if a woman actress has enough strength to bear the weight of a suit, then she will move better than many men in it. Perhaps the actors need to train for a long time to get used to such "clothes"? And how to breathe in it?1It usually takes about 5 weeks to train. Actors breathe through special vents that are located throughout the costume. Each costume exists in a single copy? And if something happens to him?1We try to make spare costumes for each character, but to be honest, we have one mammoth costumes one by one.