The child is small - cares big Before the baby is born, waiting for himparents and their relatives will have to prepare not only morally, but also to read a bunch of books on child care. However, some questions can still remain, for example, to ensure that the baby was comfortable in them. This task is very important to solve correctly, the result will depend on the comfort and calm sleep of the child, and hence the sleep of his parents. So, how to choose the diapers correctly? In fact, the size is not difficult to pick up - for the newborn are provided the smallest diapers from 2 to 3 kg. If this option is not suitable for your baby (the smallest diaper size is intended for children of premature babies), then buy the size "up to 5 kg" boldly. Typically, diapers for a newborn can be found on the inscription "NB" or "new born". Such products differ not only in size, but also in construction - in the absorbent pad and in the umbilical zone (to avoid injury, there is a cutout or soft insert in the front part of the diaper). Do not buy just a lot of packs for a newborn - the baby is growing fast and gaining weight, so he very quickly will need a completely different size, a pair of packs of which you should buy immediately. So, we figured out which diapers to buy, if you still have doubts about the size, you can dispel them by consulting with the seller. In addition to diapers, the child will need a bunch of everything. Therefore it is more convenient to make a list of the necessary: a bottle with a pacifier, pacifiers, etc. The list can be very long, including large purchases like a baby crib and a stroller. And every name on the list must be taken with all responsibility, because when buying things for a child, you should know that there are no trifles here. However, to buy a baby food heater, bottles, diapers, first toys and much more, you do not need to go to the store - all this can be bought without leaving home, through the Internet, which is very convenient for the parents of a young child. In addition, in the Internet shop you can buy goods of the same manufacturer as in a regular store, but at a more affordable price - this advantage will save you money, which means you will be able to buy everything you need. Parents are not easy to be - this is a huge responsibility, but also an enormous happiness. Make your child happy!