carrot cake Multivarka is a kitchen appliance with programmatic control, which has a lot of functions, designed for automatic cooking of various dishes.

A little bit about multivarkas

Multivarkas are in great demand andare irreplaceable for true cooks, since they allow you to easily perform several functions with just one household appliance. It allows you to stew, fry, cook, bake, warm up the cooled dishes and does not need constant supervision. Thanks to such features and multifunctionality, the multivarker easily replaces the oven, microwave oven, bakery, steamer and other kitchen appliances. carrot pie recipe

Carrots - it's tasty and useful

It's no secret that many do not like carrots,and carrot cake is no exception. But the carrot pie in the multivarquet will have to taste even the most picky culinary critic. Many neglect carrots, while it contains a large amount of substances necessary for the normal development of the body (carotene, enzymes, essential oils) and vitamins (B, D, C. E). The peculiarity of the orange root crop is also that after heat treatment it does not lose its properties and becomes even more useful. As you understand, boiled carrots are a useful food, but not for everyone. Thanks to an interesting recipe, you can prepare a delicious and very useful dessert. The recipe for the dish stretches back to the Middle Ages, but, thanks to modern progress, the process of cooking it has become much easier. simple carrot pie recipe in a multivark

Baking in the multivariate

The number of ingredients is calculated on the volume2-liter pots of multivark. If your kitchen appliance has more spaciousness, boldly prepare a one and a half portion. For a pie with carrots we need:

  • 2-3 carrots;
  • flour 250 g;
  • butter 100 g;
  • chicken eggs 2 pieces;
  • baking powder 10 g;
  • walnuts ½ cup;
  • raisins ½ cup;
  • cinnamon 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • salt.

Cooking process:

  • First you need to melt the butter. Select the "HEATING" mode and place the oil in a saucepan. Due to the fact that the oil will slowly be heated in a pan of a multivark, you do not have to pre-lubricate it.
  • Washed and peeled carrots finely rubbed.
  • Using a whisk, beat the eggs tothe formation of foam on the surface, then add sugar. Beat until a thick mass is formed. Thoroughly beaten eggs - the pledge of an airy, lush and soft pie.
  • To the beaten egg mass should be added melted butter, cinnamon, salt, carrots and mix everything thoroughly.
  • Next, add flour, but do not forget itpre-sift. The flour should be mixed with a baking powder and slowly poured into the mass, diligently stirring it. The dough should be homogeneous and without lumps. At this stage, you can add raisins, as well as nuts.
  • Ready dough can safely pour into the multivark.
  • The pie is baked in the "BAKERY" mode, necessarybaking time - 60-65 minutes. After the time has elapsed, the cake should remain in the multicast for a while, and do not open the lid. Finally, the cake can cool on a grate or a wooden board.
  • Thanks to baking in this way, the pieis obtained by air and high. Accordingly, you have the opportunity to cut it into several cakes and smear with your branded cream. You can decorate with marzipan flowers and chocolate icing.
  • The pie cooked in the multivarquet is no worse than in the oven. You can add your favorite ingredients and express your imagination in decorating such a dessert. Bon Appetit!