biscuit cake with apples Do you know how to bake a biscuit? Do you like apple pie? Have you ever tried a biscuit pie with apples? However, positive or negative answers to these questions do not matter. Because we offer you to cook an amazingly delicious, tender, light and fragrant biscuit with apples. The recipe for such a pie, of course, is in the notebook of almost every mistress. But try to make an apple pie based on a classic biscuit and offer you a very rare biscuit recipe on wine. You are ready? Then let's begin!

Pie with apples from classic biscuit

In essence, the recipe for a biscuit pie withapples is a recipe for all known charlottes. However, most housewives bake a charlotte of biscuit on soda. We suggest you make a classic biscuit dough for this pie. Ingredients:

  • Egg of chicken - 6 pieces;
  • Wheat flour - 1 cup;
  • Sugar sand - 1 glass;
  • Vanillin is a pinch;
  • Salt - a pinch;
  • Fresh apples - 5-6 pieces;
  • Cinnamon - 1 tablespoon;
  • Sugar powder - 1 tablespoon.

Preparation: Eggs must first be cooled, and then divided into yolks and proteins. Proteins we clean in the refrigerator, and mix the yolks with sugar and whisk the mixer. The more homogeneous the mass, the more magnificent the pie will be. Ideally, grains of sugar should completely dissolve in the yolks. Now in the egg-sugar mass we pour out the flour (necessarily sifted!), Add a pinch of vanillin and knead the dough. It will turn out thick and viscous. But do not let this frighten you - we have whipped whites on our turn. Now turn on the oven - it should warm up to 170-180 degrees. We bake the baking mold with vegetable oil and sprinkle with flour. My apples, peel and remove from them a hard center with seeds. Cut all the apples with thin slices and beautifully spread them on the bottom of the mold. But after that we get out of the refrigerator egg whites. Pour them into a saucepan, add a pinch of salt and whisk the mixer at maximum speed. As a result, we should get a thick and fluffy foam, and the protein volume will increase four times. Foam can be tested in two ways. Try putting the fork vertically in the center of the pan with foam. If the fork does not fall, then the proteins are well-beaten. And the persistent protein foam does not fall out of the pan, if you turn it upside down! Whipped proteins for one tablespoon we introduce into the dough, each time it is very gently stirring. Important! Mix the proteins with the dough is not just neat, but very gentle - from the bottom up. Then the squirrels will not settle, but they will mix well with the dough. Ready dough should turn out to be quite liquid, but magnificent - as if breathing. Now pour it into the mold on top of the layer of apples and send our cake to the oven, where we bake a biscuit for about thirty to forty minutes. Ready to test the sample on a dry toothpick. The browned pirozhok is taken out of the oven, let it cool down a bit and turn the form with a pie on a dish. The bottom of the pie should be his top! When our apple pie is cooled, sprinkle it with a mixture of cinnamon and powdered sugar. biscuit cake with apples

Apple pie from biscuit on wine

Another very interesting biscuit recipe on wine. From this biscuit you can make a cake with any berry stuffing and even use it as a cake cake. But the apple pie from such a dough turns out simply delicious! Ingredients:

  • Wine white (dry or semisweet) - half a glass;
  • Sugar sand - half a glass;
  • Egg chicken - 2 pieces;
  • Vegetable oil (without taste and smell) - half a glass;
  • Baking powder for dough - 1 sachet;
  • Vanilla sugar - 1 packet;
  • Wheat flour - 1 glass (may need a little more);
  • Fresh apples - 3-4 pieces;
  • Lemon juice.

Preparation: In advance, turn on the oven and let it warm up to 180-200 degrees. Form for baking is also prepared in advance, having greased it with vegetable oil and powdered with flour. My apples, peeled and cut out a hard core with seeds. We cut apples with thin slices, put them into a bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice. Now make the dough. Eggs are broken into a bowl, mixed with sugar and vanilla sugar and ground white. Pour into the egg-sugar mixture wine, vegetable oil and mix everything thoroughly. Then we pour out the sifted flour and mix a homogeneous dough of the density of sour cream. At the very end, add the baking powder and once again mix the dough well. Pour the dough into the mold, and put the apples on top. Apple lobules stacked in a circle, in several rows, vertically - convex edge up. Each bit is slightly drowned in the test, (about two-thirds). Form with a pie put in the oven and leave it for about thirty or forty minutes. Ready biscuit check the sample on a dry toothpick. Ready to put the patty on the dish and completely cool it. If desired, sprinkle apple cake with cinnamon, sugar powder or cinnamon sugar. And how did you like the biscuit recipe with apples? Note that a biscuit pie with apples is a kind of classic of the genre, but not every mistress gets a splendid biscuit. And any recipe from the above guarantees you a successful and magnificent biscuit cake. Try it! Prepare with pleasure and pleasant appetite to you!