Natural Shower Gel Today, more and more fashionable is eco-philosophy- philosophy of ecological balance. Her followers pay special attention to nature and try to live in harmony with the surrounding world. Realizing the condition of our planet, such people try to choose products that are made in accordance with environmental standards: it can be clothing made from organic fabrics, farm dairy products or, for example, cosmetics made from natural ingredients. In addition, the adherents of this concept try to follow the rule of the three R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, which can be translated as "reduce consumption," "reuse" and "recycle." This means that you should try to buy only those products that are really needed, and look for ways to reuse materials. The rule arose after scientists calculated that with such intensity of consumption for the population of the Earth, the resources of three planets will be needed for survival, whereas we have so far only one. Eco-philosophy influences the choice of cosmetics - women are increasingly preferring the means with natural bio-ingredients grown in ecologically clean corners of the Earth. If you are close to the concept of living in harmony with nature and looking for internal balance, we recommend you to try NIVEA Pure & Natural cream-gel shower gel with natural oils. Two natural components formed the basis of his formula: bio-aloe vera and bio-argan oil, which make the skin silky and moisturized. Cream shower gel, enriched with vitamin E, actively cares for the skin, and its delicate aroma gives a harmonious mood. The formula does not contain parabens, dyes, silicones and mineral oils.