skin care after 30 years A woman is indecent to ask about her age. This is a common truth, and arguing with it is more expensive. The only thing that tells about years of eloquence of a passport is a mirror. After all, before him, the girl appears not only in full parade, but also in the early morning, sleepy, without make-up and hairstyles. Only the mirror knows how many wrinkles you managed to count before you made up. But after all, you want to look good, even if gifts after the 30th anniversary have already been disassembled, and the biological clock is starting to count the fourth ten. True? That's why after 30 years, facial skin care becomes almost more expensive than the favorite series, and showcases become not an informant for new clothes, but a critic - whether everything is fine with makeup and hair. How to look after yourself to look younger? Let's figure it out. facial skin care in 30 years

Face care after 30 years

Remember how you behaved when you were young? Cocktails until the morning, a sea of ​​carbonated drinks and dancing until I fall, after which not only to wash off the makeup, but also to undress did not have the strength. The next morning (sleeping only 3-4 hours), hastily washing, you looked like your mother after a two-week holiday. Familiar? Only now this number will not work. After 30 years, your face will react very sharply to every hour that you have not slept, for every cup of tea you drank before going to bed, and every stressful situation you had to endure. Therefore, you have to make a lot of effort in order to look as fresh and young as before. You must follow all the rules of care:

  • Daily facial skin care should be full and regular. Remember the basic ingredients of beautiful skin?
  • Cleansing
  • Humidification
  • Food
  • Protection
  • It is on these "four pillars" that the femaleattractiveness. And God forbid you fall asleep, without washing off the make-up from your face! Now you must remove it with special care. As for the protection of the skin, it will be better if you start using a nutritious cream with collagen. It is with him that your skin care will be full.

    • The correct mode of the day Now many readersthink that we will offer them a diet. Well, you are partly right; but we will not limit you in the amount of food you eat, but we'll pay more attention to the quality of the food eaten and drunk during the day. After all, even the most competent facial care will not save you from wrinkles, if you drink 4 cups of coffee a day and have lunch with fast food. And then even the fact is, how old are you. The whole danger lies in the unimaginable caloric content of dishes served in fast food restaurants. Plus cholesterol. Do you know how often sunflower oil changes in the pots for french fries? It may well be that your portion is 1000th, which was fried with this oil. Now imagine the state of your vessels after a similar dinner. And after 30 such lunches? Is it not easier to buy flakes and milk? We are sure that your skin will say thank you for such a dinner. As you already understood, facial skin care includes a lot of inhibitions. One of them - do not drink anything for 2 hours before sleep, otherwise the next morning you will admire the picturesque bags under your eyes. And do not say that you used to drink a glass of beer before going to sleep earlier, and the next morning your face was as good as new. After 30 years, the body does not have time to remove the liquid from the body in such a short time, and your tea will cause swelling. By the way, about tea. It is also worth talking about him separately. Doctors and cosmetologists recommend drinking herbal and green teas. Such broths help a woman to stay healthy, and this is the first pledge of beauty.
    • Refuse bad habits And again aboutprohibitions. Proper skin care for a woman after 30 years should be comprehensive. And this means that about cigarettes, alcohol and ... ultraviolet will have to be forgotten. Were they surprised? Of course, everyone has heard about the harm of nicotine and alcoholic beverages, but few know about the negative impact on the skin of sun rays. And yet it is so. Frequent exposure to the sun is aging the skin, so when going to the sea, do not forget to buy a hat with wide margins. Well, what to do with a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of your favorite wine, we think, you yourself know.
    • Regular massage But for the sake of this conditiona woman will have to visit a cosmetologist (by the way, according to the rules you should meet with him once a month, at least). To ensure that the skin of the face after 30 years of rejuvenated elasticity, you need to periodically pamper it with massages. At least 2 times a year. But that's not all. Include self-massage in your daily skin care, and you will not face premature aging. Apply the cream on your face before going to bed? Slap the skin with light fingertips. Take a shower? Direct a warm jet for a few seconds on your face and let the water massage your skin. Just do not overdo it. Often women after 30 years are so addicted to a facial massage that stretch the skin. And what appears on this face? Correctly. Wrinkles.
    • Eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but the verya fast indicator of the age of a person. It is around the eyes that wrinkles appear first. And it is there from them the most difficult to get rid of. But do not rush to buy a special cream. First, consult a specialist because the skin is different, and where one cream works wonders, the other will bring nothing but problems. It can be said that facial skin care is much easier than daily cleansing of the area around the eyes. Apply too much cream? Stretch the skin. Will you apply a lot of cream? Moisten the skin. Will you pity the cosmetic? There will be no effect.
    • Facial skin care, of course, is important Only inpursuit of youth should not forget about the neck and arms. It is they who give out the woman's true age before she can see her passport (we already spoke about the eyes). So do not regret the cream and other parts of the body. By the way, to help maintain the smoothness of the neck and arms will help all the same beautician. Therefore, when recording on a facial massage, do not forget about the manicure and mask for the neck.
    • Avoid stress After 30 years is very importanttake care of your nerves. And it's not even the preservation of fading beauty. Stress ruins health. And sick people, as you know, do not shine with beauty. So do not be nervous. Sign up for yoga classes, go to the pool or sauna, drink a glass of your favorite wine (we remember the prohibition of alcohol, but you will limit yourself to one portion, right?). All this will help to restore strength after a busy day and will make facial skin care easier and more pleasant.

    proper skin care after 30 years Take age for granted. This is perhaps the most important rule. Since the mass of women after 30 years resigned to their aging and completely throws skin care in favor of a career. Or for the sake of children. It seems to them that beauty will not return, and they themselves "went into circulation". It is understandable. Men no longer turn after, do not date, do not give flowers. And how can you turn around if a stooped woman with dull eyes in shapeless clothes passed by you (this is another invariable attribute of the aging ladies)? Would you like yourself in this guise? That's the same. So stop burying yourself ahead of time. After 30, life is just beginning, and in your life there will still be so many bouquets that you will have to buy a new vase for them. We promise you.