fashionable female haircuts for short hair Currently, among women of different agesshort haircuts are especially popular. The following schemes of their execution will help to make the haircut correctly. A woman with short hair always looks well-groomed, modern and dynamic. In addition to the fact that short haircuts are convenient and practical, they allow a woman to quickly change her image, and the technology of their performance is very simple. However, it should be borne in mind that short haircuts are not for everyone. Of course, if a woman has an impeccable oval face shape, healthy skin, then a short haircut will suit her perfectly. Otherwise, the choice of haircuts should be approached very carefully and scrupulously. For example, it is desirable for women with large and large females to avoid such haircuts, because this only emphasizes their angularity and massiveness. To very tall and thin girls such a hairstyle does not suit either, since she is unlikely to add proportionality to them. But the flexible, slim, graceful women short haircuts will be very to the point. They successfully emphasize the chiselled shoulders, the slender figure, the expressiveness of the eyes and the swan neck. However, some "deviations" from ideality can be disguised by properly selecting a haircut. For example, a round face lengthens the hairstyle with a high crown. If, however, the face, on the contrary, is too elongated, then it is necessary to choose a haircut "for a boy" with voluminous sides. Pear-shaped face shape is corrected by means of a short "bean" with a voluminous crown and long torn front strands. stylish ragged women's haircuts

Scheme of universal short haircut

This haircut, like any other, is performedonly on clean, damp hair. From the forehead in the center of the head to the highest point, it is necessary to comb a small strand of hair, approximately 1-1.5 cm. If the hair is too thick, the width is allowed to be reduced to 0.5 cm. This will be the control strand. Remaining hair is punctured so that they do not interfere with the work. The selected strand should be kept vertically and cut, gradually reducing the length from the forehead to the back of the head. After that, the next strands are selected parallel to the control, moving first to one side of the parietal zone, and then to the other. The technology of this haircut is called "strand after strand", that is, each new strand is cut at the same level as the previous one. A small problem is the haircut of the temples. It is desirable to have some skill to confidently and calmly keep a comb, scissors and short hair at the same time. However, you can quickly adapt to this. The length of temporal striae is determined by parietal striae, they should be the same. Cut this part is necessary, moving along the entire circumference of the head from one temple to another. After the temples, you can proceed to the lower occipital part. The benchmark here is already trimmed short pieces. Small strands need to be combed by vertical parting, gradually reducing the total length of the hair to the line of their growth on the neck. If desired, hair on the back of the head can be made much shorter. To do this, perform a tushevka. After the hair of all zones have been cut, they need to be combed at an angle of 45 degrees and cut off short hairs that disrupt the overall appearance of the haircut. Everything, the main work is behind us. Now you need to make a fringing. To do this, all hair in the direction of growth is combed over the face and scissors line the line. The final stage will be the milling of the hair throughout the head. It is carried out with special scissors. Depth of thinning should not be more than 3 cm. A more modern kind of haircut will be given by a new filing technique called "pointing". super short female haircuts

Scheme of performance of a super short female haircut

The technology of doing this haircut is a bit likeon the universal. Slightly damp clean hair combs in the direction of their growth. Then determine the highest point of the head. It's easier to make an ordinary comb. At the highest point, the comb lies horizontally. Around this point a strand with a diameter of about 5 cm is separated, if the hair is very thick, then a little less. Then the hair is twisted and cut. The height of this cut must be about 1.5 cm higher than the desired length of the haircut. After that, the cut off part of the hair is combed and pulled up, clamping between the middle and index fingers. Then the technique of hair removal on fingers is applied. With its help, align the slice. This will be the control strand. In the future, the haircut is performed on the radial zones. The hair needs to be divided by pro-radii into zones. If they interfere, they can be stabbed, and if not, then just follow the prescribed pattern mentally. Strands of hair take the same width as can be held between the middle and index fingers. They should be combed vertically, slightly pulling towards the control. Already cut hair pulls and, focusing on them, cut new strands. For this, a punctuation technique is used. Having finished the haircut, they make a thinning with a special razor. The bangs are pruned with straight scissors. Also for this purpose a slipping technique is suitable.

Scheme of a short youth female haircut with a torn edging

This haircut is suitable for those women who wantvisually extend the face. The technology of a hairstyle and an original fringing will demand from the master of experience, therefore beginners to undertake for it it is undesirable. First, as in the previous schemes, zoning is carried out. Cutting begins with temporo-lateral zones. A small strand is combed by horizontal parting. After you need to set the length. To do this, you can use the pointing device. The technology of this haircut implies that the line of cutting the hair will pass slightly above the earlobe. The strands are combed with a width of 1-1.5 cm, the haircut is done by strand-string method. Reaching the back of the head on one side, they pass to the other side and perform the same actions. After the hair is dried and proceeds to the processing of the occipital zone. Strands raise the comb and cut off the hair with the tips of the scissors. At the beginning, the central part of the occiput is being processed, and then they pass to the lateral sides. Then a unifying cut of the upper and third occipital zones is performed. For this, too, the technique of cutting hair with a comb is used. A more qualitative type of haircut can be given by treating short trimmed strands by the method of slicing. The final touch of the head is made by edging. The entire area comb comb in the direction of growth, excess hairs that violate the cutting line, cut. After doing a shallow thinning with straight scissors. Now they start to cut the front-parietal zone. On the face, parallel to the growth of the hair line, comb the strand width of 1-2 cm, determine the length. Cutting starts to do, moving first from the center in one direction, and then - on the other side to the center. All this zone is cut using the "strand on a strand," a brace does not need to be done. The bangs are machined along the fringing line by the method of punctuation. Next, the vertical slice cuts the transition from the temples to the back of the head. This stage is also called connective, since a joint contour of the temporal-occipital zone is being worked out. However, in order to give the haircut a more modern look, it will be necessary to process it in the technique of non-joining, that is, the edging line should be torn and should not have a smooth transition. You can make steps on the temples. This emphasizes the dynamism of the style.

The technology of performing a short square with an open back

The peculiarity of this haircut is to combinea very short lower occipital zone with a lush mass of hair in front and at the top of the nape. The main silhouette line will pass slightly above the hair growth line. The technology of cutting includes two stages. First make a horizontal parting from the ear to the ear and process the back of the head. The lower part of it can be cut in different ways. For example, cut the strands from the comb, moving it from the bottom up. The comb is kept horizontally, gradually moving upwards, the angle between it and the head is increased. Also, for the treatment of this zone, the "strand by strand" method is suitable. In this case, the protrusions should be vertical, and the cut line should pass at an acute angle with a brace of 90 degrees. The length of strands at the top is 2-3 cm, at the bottom - no more than 1 cm. The second stage is the execution of the square. At the level of the upper part of the ears, a horizontal stripe is separated by a strand about 1 cm wide. It is cut at a level that will determine the line of the square. Then comb the temporal strands and continue the smooth line of the square. The delay does not. Thinning in this haircut is done from all sides: behind, in front, from the sides, along the bangs. Scheme of haircuts for short hair: technology of performance