salad with shrimp The highlight of any festive table will bedelicious Caesar salad with shrimps. This dish is a masterpiece of Italian cooking and a variation of Caesar salad that has long been loved by everyone. Thanks to a recipe using shrimps, this version of the salad enchants with the richness and tenderness of its taste. Each hostess has his own recipes, secrets and features of cooking this dish. We offer a recipe for Caesar salad using shrimps, which requires a minimum of effort and time. This article contains useful tips for making Caesar salad. salad preparation

For the preparation of "Caesar" according to the recipe, we need such ingredients

  • shrimps large unpurified - 700 gr.,
  • fresh loaf or baguette - 200 gr. (you can replace a pack of crackers),
  • quail eggs - 10 pcs., or 3-4 chicken eggs,
  • cherry tomatoes - 9-10 pcs., or 2-3 medium-sized tomatoes,
  • half a lemon,
  • a bunch of green salad or a mix of salads,
  • Parmesan cheese or any other hard cheese - 200 gr.,
  • refined sunflower oil - 150 ml.,
  • olive oil - 50 ml.,
  • 1 clove of garlic (for cooking suhariki),
  • mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, salt, spices, herbs (for sauce).

delicious Caesar salad

Preparation of salad

  • Baton cut into small cubes (not thicker than 1.5cm) and evenly spread out in one layer on a baking sheet. Lightly pour with sunflower oil and sprinkle finely chopped garlic. We put everything in the preheated oven, not forgetting to mix the croutons from time to time. Bake in the oven at an average temperature of 10-15 minutes, until the crackers are browned and crunchy. The main thing is to look at the croutons so that they do not burn. Pull out the baking tray and set aside to cool. Also crackers can be fried in oil and garlic in a conventional frying pan. Roast on medium heat for about 3-5 minutes until golden brown, stirring constantly. If you do not have time to prepare toast, you can buy in the store ordinary white crackers with the taste of sour cream or garlic. Since we cook not ordinary "Caesar", but with the addition of shrimps, it is advisable to add crackers with a taste of seafood or shrimp.
  • To prepare a dish according to this recipeit is advisable to use royal or tiger shrimps, smaller species have a less succulent and rich taste. Shrimp should be completely unfrozen beforehand. Next, fry the shrimps in sunflower oil on a heavily heated pan for 5-7 minutes, stirring constantly. They are also very tasty when cooked on the grill. We draw shrimps from the oil, cool, clean and marinate in lemon juice with the addition of spices, salt, pepper and other condiments to taste. We set aside for half an hour, so that the prawns are properly mashed.
  • Well mine and boil quail eggs insalted water until ready and leave to cool. Clean and cut them in half. If necessary, quail eggs can easily be replaced by ordinary chicken eggs (3-4 pieces). In this case, more aesthetically, they will spread them with cut circles.
  • Lettuce leaves soaked in cold water for 15-20minutes, it will allow it to keep a crisp taste, fresh and attractive appearance longer. Then gently blot the paper with a paper towel and tear it into small pieces. It is very important to tear the salad, as when cutting with a knife leaves lose their taste and quickly lose their appearance.
  • Prepare the sauce. We take 100 gr. mayonnaise and 50 g. sweet (Dijon) mustard, add 100 ml of sunflower or olive oil, pepper, salt, seasonings and whisk in a blender until a thick, uniform consistency. You can also add chopped herbs (dill or parsley) to the sauce. Of course, if time and ability are allowed, it is advisable to prepare the mayonnaise itself, the recipe of which is quite simple (whip the yolk, mustard, sunflower-seed oil and lemon juice).
  • Preparing tomatoes. According to the recipe, for a more delicate taste, they must be scalded with boiling water and peeled. Cherry tomatoes can be replaced with ordinary red tomatoes, cut into cubes.
  • We take a beautiful large dish to serve ourmasterpiece and lay out on it tattered lettuce leaves. At the top, evenly water the salad with half the prepared sauce. Cut the tomatoes into 2 or 4 pieces and lay out on the sauce with a salad. Then spread the shrimp, pouring them on top of the marinade, in which they marinated. Sprinkle all the crackers and spread the quail eggs. Pour all the remaining half of the cooked sauce. From the top, sprinkle everything with grated Parmesan cheese or any other hard cheese.
  • According to the recipe, Caesar salad can beadd the layered layers, and mix directly before serving. If the guests are few, you can put the salad personally to each guest in a separate plate. The dish turns out to be delicate, unusual and very tasty. In addition, in addition to taste, the salad has a bright and colorful appearance. Ingredients and Caesar salad sauce can be prepared in advance and stored separately in the refrigerator. Spread out the same components in layers it is desirable immediately before the presentation to guests, as crackers after a while razmokayut, become non-crunchy, and the salad loses its refined taste.